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MTV's Catfish: The TV Show has had its fair share of eccentric characters over its four-season run, but few were more memorable than Season. Catfish: season 4, episode 13 recap: "Falesha and Jacqueline" - TV Feature at Nonetheless, she was still keen to meet the girl who made her. Then Jacqueline disappeared and she thought it was done. it from Jacqueline to her name then started adding friends and parents from her school. The guys make it to Falesha's house and meet her mom Christy.

There's no nice way of saying this: Falesha was a little bit cuckoo. Nev was unsetlled and recounted the phone call to Falesha, who thought she sounded a bit scary. Nonetheless, she was still keen to meet the girl who made her teenage years so awful. The catch Tracey had already owned up to the fake profile, so what else was there to see? A whole load of wrong, that was what. Tracey turned about to be a tween stuck in a year-old's body, complete with annoying Valley Girl accent, hair twirling, "Oh my gooood"s and "whatever"s.

She was absolutely stoked to have Nev and Max on her doorstep, but not so much Falesha. Peering over Nev's shoulder, she looked like a toddler confronted with broccoli for the first time as she said of Falesha, "I don't like her. She stole all of Jacqueline Linkwood's friends".

Falesha and Tracey were the same age, but light years apart in personality. Falesha remained cool and collected as Tracey remained relatively chipper and declared she was proud of what she had done. Max's bullshit detector went into overdrive, prompting him to ask "Is this all an act right now? She should not be working with children. Tracey claimed she had created the fake profiles after being bullied herself, and was inspired by Miley Cyrus's alter-ego Hannah Montana into living another life online; by day, crazy Tracey, by night evil fucking cow Jacqueline.

She bullied people back who bullied her for calling her out as a fake. Seriously, bitch be cray-cray. When Nev told her that lots of people were still distrustful of Falesha because of Tracey's actions, she shrugged nonchalantly and said she deserved it because she was popular already and then ruined her fake profile. In what was probably the best moment on Catfish history even more than the Dad Killer episodeMax asked "Are you on drugs?

But did he mean illegal highs, or that Tracey may have been off her anti-psychotic meds? Tracey was clearly thrilled to be on camera and finally have a platform to air her skewed personality; there was no way Nev and co were going to make her feel remorse for what she had done.

As they backed out of the house slowly while she giggled incessantly, Tracey declared in her best baby voice that this was "the most fun EVER! Max wonders how many other fake accounts this person may have made and worries that someone this mystery person cyber bullied hurt themselves. Max says this is not their usual story and calls it a copy catfish.

She says she would post things about having STDs and having sex with a lot of guys. She says she would invite guys over to have sex with her. Falesha says she started asking people what was going on and she says they told her that she was cursing them out online.

She says people called her the attention whore. Falesha says she even had suicidal thoughts. She says then it went away out of nowhere. She says then she reported the profile and was able to get it taken down very quickly. Max asks what she would say to this person and she says she wants to know why and why her.

Nev says cyber bullying is a terrible thing and they may be able to stop her before something terrible happens. She shows them some posts of comments of other people that made comments about terrible things to other people. One said the Jacqueline used to date a guy from her high school and then drove him out of school with her harassment. Nev says they have to stop this person once and for all. Max and Nev get to work.

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They start looking at all the message Falesha got from other people that Jacqueline was terrorizing. They start with Danielle, the girl who mentioned that she dated a guy at her school. Then they find another girl Jennifer who had some contact. They get a Face Time call from Danielle. She says she has a friend named Koree and he was dating this girl online named Jacqueline Linkwood.

She says he was using Koree to start shit with a lot of people at their school and then Koree ended up dropping out because of all the harassment by the girl. Now they get a call from Jennifer in North Carolina.


She says she got a friend request from Jacqueline and says she would go through and make nasty comments on her photos. She says then people started telling her she was fake. She says she wanted to trap her and made a fake guy profile and started flirting with her.

She says she asked her for her log in and she gave it to her. She says she got into her account and figured out her real name is Tracey. She says she changed all the settings on the account then closed it. They call Jennifer a cyber vigilante for catfishing the catfish. They also get a phone number.

They agree to meet with Falesha to fill her in tomorrow. The guys call Falesha and make a plan to meet up with her and some of her friends. They meet Randi and Tori who were around when this all went down. Tori says she found her in the bathroom bawling her eyes out. Nev tells them about Jennifer and Danielle that they talked to yesterday. Nev says they need to make contact with her.

Nev goes to call Tracey. Nev asks to meet up with her. He says her profile has affected a lot of people. He asks if he can meet her. Nev, not that reassuringly, says that's not something he'd want to happen either, though he makes no promises that it won't. Before hanging up, Tracey adds, "Tomorrow's my birthday.

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His characterization of Tracey's manner causes Falesha to remark, "That's scary," and for once, Nev hasn't oversold it. Falesha's nervous to meet Tracey in real life considering how "repulsive" she is in real life, but she's committed to do it. The Confrontation So is Tracey the Tracey we're expecting?

Right away, we can see Tracey is having the best birthday ever: She stole all of Jacqueline Linkwood's friends. Nev, who's used to people in Tracey's position being some combination of furtive, embarrassed, and defiant, comments that she's "relatively chipper," and Tracey enthusiastically agrees: That's just my personality.

Are we dealing with an actual dissociative personality disorder? I'm not a psychiatrist so I won't try to diagnose Tracey, but there does seem to be something wrong with her on a clinical level such that some might say MTV is wrong to exploit her by broadcasting this episode if she is maybe not capable of understanding what she was consenting to when she agreed to do it? MTV did broadcast it, so let's get through this together.

Max's first attempt to understand what he's watching right now is to ask Tracey, "Are you putting on an act right now? I'm just really [giggle] energy -- I work with kids, so [shrug] They love me so much.

They're like my best friends -- they're like my little puppies, they're so cute. Nev asks why Tracey did all this shit to Falesha. Nev points out that it's kind of a weird way for her to get revenge -- bullying people who hadn't done anything to her. Tracey replies that they did bully her: She thinks she's a model and she thinks she's all that.

I'm still mad at her. She had all that popularity, and Falesha ruined it. That's why I don't really like her.

Tracey giggles some more. I am going to have to stop mocking your toy camera soon because ever since you came back from your directing break you have been [fire emoji] and I treasure you. Tracey is offended by the question, but the way she phrases her answer -- "I am not on drugs! I never took a drug in my life!

To me, he was asking not "Are you high?