Family guy meet the quagmires 9 11 photos

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family guy meet the quagmires 9 11 photos

The September 11th Terrorist Attacks, (also referred to as 9/11) is a series of Islamic terrorist attacks on the United States on the It has been played for humor multiple times in Family Guy. A picture of Osama Bin Laden and George W. Bush as friends is shown, joking that "Bush did 9/11". Meet the Quagmires · Edit. See more ideas about Family guy, Griffin family and Peter griffin. Mrs. Crystal Quagmire is the mother of Glenn Quagmire, Brenda Quagmire, Gary Quagmire. "Meet the Quagmires" is the 18th and final episode of the fifth season of the animated comedy series Family Guy. Peter almost gives up but Brian notices Chris, Stewie, and Meg disappearing from a family picture, indicating that they have on top of the World Trade Center to fight him at eight A.M. on September 11,

The deletionists would be too happy to see them. You know, they have the big chins? That song came out inhowever. Goode at the dance in yet the song is not released until Plus there is no need to use the word "however" in the sentence.

I am editing it. Question anyone else recognize the dance sequence by the 3 guys while Brian is singing? It looks so familiar that I am sure it is from an 80's movie or something Massive Rick Astley flood Seth had no right violating rules 1 and 2. Sage goes in the email field on this one, Seth.

Wasn't the feud started when Ernie gave the expired coupon to peter? This probably explains why he gave peter the expired coupon! You can't really decipher whats true and whats not. Since the episode that Ernie the Chicken first appeared involved the destruction of the whole earth, and ended up all being a dream, you can say it never happened. Then it doesn't make sense the Chicekn came back to fight Peter for a second and third time. Your not suppose to think about it, its just for laughs.

We can assume the fight did happen though. Also, the fued didn't start with that punch. The fued started with the coupon. It was just a joke when the guy said "You'll probably never see him again. Who just ruined this article? Here are some links to the policies and guidelines that govern articles about television episodes: You seem bent on enforcing them regardless of their effect on an article's quality.

I would argue that the "Cultural References" section is an essential part of any Family Guy article. The guidelines and policies are established by the community not any kind of "administration", and as such, you are welcome to try to change them.

The place for that discussion is on the talk pages of the individual policies in question. However, until the policies are changed, they stand, and all must abide by them. Family Guy does make copious use of topical humor and that concept can be dealt with within the establised policies and guidelines. We must be watchful however, to avoid just listing things that can be seen by anyone watching the episode. The article should not be a substitute for viewing the show.

Always On - Season 2 of Always On begins September 11th

I urge everyone interested to check out Writing about fiction and Episode to see the type of real world commentary these articles should contain. Also, sourcing is of paramount importance, the episode itself can only be used as a source for things that happen in the episode. Any other claim requires a reliable 3rd-party source to satisfy our requirements for verifiability and original research.

You may not agree, and indeed there are procedures as you mentioned aka more unnecersary red tape that won't be solved easily or professionally because the site's interests prevail over the independent freedom of expression but that's where the problem lies the most. The stuff that should be there should'nt be filtered out with the rest of what should'nt be there.

Prinston University does'nt watch FG for what they can learn in a classroom or here. This decision, endorsed by the administration or who are happy to ensure there happy, was obviously done to give articles related to similer subjects a viewership boost. I'm changing this, to hell if it's changed back, I encourage anyone with any sanity and hope that this site can get it's head out of it's toosh to do the same. The editorial standards that we have to abide by here regarding verifiability and original research are very lax, and quite easy to follow.

I must stress again, that the problem lies not with the information itself, but rather, the way in which it being presented. You have to cite sources, things should be written as prose not a bulleted listand there is no place in the encyclopedia for most trivia trivia, by definition, being unimportant facts. Please thoroughly read WP: WAF to see what episode articles are supposed to look like. It's blatant attempts to control what people contribute.

It's like the very core stone to Family Guy! As Quagmire said, "You take the venom out of a cobra, you got a belt. Bulleted lists are not really suitable for an encyclopedia article unless the article itself is a list and there are well establised editorial criteria and standards of inclusion that must be adhered to by all editors. If you would care to read the article you would see that most of what you are adding is already in there.

NOTand WP: Be mature and don't just delete everything without a clear mind what to do.

family guy meet the quagmires 9 11 photos

I rewrote it and incorporated the infornation in prose form. I don't think you are remotley qualified to handle this article any better than the people you think don't, and I'll see that someone higher up is aware of the vice grip you currently have on it so you are releived of it.

I no more own the article than you do. I will however point out that the edits you are making are are doing harm to the article. The important info is already in the article, the rest you are trying to add is not up to our standards of inclusion for sourcingoriginal researchfiction writingand trivia. I am more than happy to discuss these issues with you but I must insist that you assume good faithmaintain civilityand stop reverting the article to make a point.

You'll have to forgive my heated opinions on this, not to mention I've had tons of Pepsi lately.

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I will be a little more cival now, but I am curious as to why you are not paying attention to the other Family Guy episodes that have the layouts that you have been removing from this paticular article. I hope that your dislike of the policies won't keep you from following them. As for the other FG episodes, some have been cleaned up but it's a constant job and I edit in many other subject areas.

The Simpsons articles have been getting better and so have some of the South Park. Even though you don't like the rules, I do urge you to read through episodeand writing about fiction and also check out featured articles to see what we are striving for. But I know this: The spirit of Wikipedia is to put information in record and make things easier for people to look for.

I hardly believe that scrambling everything in a disordered fashion other than point forms could make things any easier. Give our cultural references back; I believe many of you guys are on our side as well. Speak with one voice.

family guy meet the quagmires 9 11 photos

It was relevant, informative and interesting. It is really annoying when the WikiNazis delete edits that people make cause they're outside the little WikiClique of moderators and long-time users that dominate the site.

And, apart from you, I don't think anyone has had the slightest problem with the manner in which Family Guy articles have been written. Yet you insist a la Dwight Schrute on altering a viable formula that existed long before you even joined the ranks of Wikipedia. The community doesn't seem to be on your side, Homefill; please surrender your crusade to the will of the majority. You are comparing a disagreement over the format of a website article on a television show to the torture and slaughter of millions of innocent human beings.

You should be ashamed of yourself. Secondly, I'll be happy to back down when the article conforms to our long-standing policies and guidelines.

The wishes of a few editors, or even the wishes of an entire wikiproject, just do not trump the editorial standards that have been established here. I'm sorry you don't like it but that's the way it is. If you would like to change the policies to allow the inclusion of unsourced material, original research, and trivia then you are more than welcome to do so.

It has been tried in the past and went absolutley nowhere though.

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Until those policies are changed however, we ALL mus abide by them even if we don't like them. Look as has been pointed out, there are many, many, many outlets for fan expression, trivia, speculation and commentary.

Wikipedia is not one of them. I'm referring to your refusal to deviate from established rules, regardless of the conflicts that result. This wasn't a problem until you made it one. Why are you so adamant about changing something that has worked so well for so long? These are rules that ALL editors must follow. I don't understand the problem here. If you don't like our editorial policies, that's your perogitive, you don't have to edit here.

Thsoe are the places for the trivia and the jokes, not Wikipeida. The same cannot be said for the format currently on the page; "Scientific basis"? How is this supposed to be an improvement over the tried-and-true format that we're all familiar with?

The established format is one that informs and illuminates without being pompous or mind-crushingly boring; I say bring it back. I was just saying that you are too anal-retentive about the content of this article. You guys really are Nazis. The ironic thing is that the people who are in charge of editing a Family Guy article apparently have no sense of humor. For the rest of us, for those who get it. It is great to know you can handily provide all those concise quicklinks to the rules and guidelines you so humbly expect everyone including yourself to abide by, but damned if you grasp the basic underlying concept of this website -- in my own words: Understand this, champ, this is not an article about the declaration of independence or the general theory of relativityit's Family Guy.

Try getting it through your head that the nature of the documentation of TV programs with topical and cultural references dictate that barely anything can be cited here by traditional means, i. Seriosuly, are you that bored? You're in a minority so you may as well quit while you believe you're still sitting on that pedestal. I am not going to continue this dialogue as I've said all that needs be said - and for Christ's sake, get a life.

The article being about a fictional topic is no excuse to contravene long-established editorial policy. Take a look at WP: FA there are many featured articles about fictional subjects.

You will not find trivia, cultural references, or unsourced claims in any of them. Again I must stress the information itself is not the issue, it is the ham-handed manner in which people are trying to add it.

I'm sorry you think you are somehow being censored; I assure you, you are not. If you don't like our editorial policies, then leave, noone is making you edit Wikipedia.

You state "the nature of the documentation of TV programs with topical and cultural references dictate that barely anything can be cited here by traditional means" well you are just wrong. Check out any college's Media Studies department, go look at the Film and Television section of your local library, read the media critics in your local newspaper.

These things are available all around you. If you think television articles can't be sourced, then you need to continue your schooling. If you think television articles shouldn't be sourced then you need to contribute elsewhere as there is no place for you at the encyclopedia.

Anyway, we're not here to set up a conflict or player-hatred, we're here for the article. And what's wiki for?

If you are banning the cultural references of Family Guy, you are also banning all the trivia and cultural references of the Simpsons, American Dad, and so forth. It would be a chaotic move. Please, just quit from the stairs to the left and give us our peaceful article back. This all comes down to one person's clear abuse of power and bullying other editors with this notion of kissing up to management's "preferences". That'd be fine if I swallowed his excuse people are "too busy" to handle every episode of FG with "Cultural References", if this "sturcture" was an insistent mandate, it'd be enforced as vigerously as other terms of editorial violation.

The fact it is not proves it's not a problem, indeed it's been the opposite. Until I see this happen beyond this episode alone, I don't buy this is what the admins want at all, and even if they do, there pretty lax about it. Oh, and Brian is brought along as well.

It's DLAbaoaqu: CARTOON REVIEW: Family Guy, "Meet the Quagmires"

I guess the writers were treating him as a Siamese twin. The trio winds up in and here, the fun begins. Everyone sees the nasally blob as an eighteen-year-old towel boy who works at a country club.

family guy meet the quagmires 9 11 photos

He makes plans with a much younger Cleveland Brown, who in a few decades would get a terrible spin-off of his own before it was killed by the FOX curse. Peter references Hellraiser, a movie that wouldn't come out for three more years; I guess it was done as a joke, but given the historical context I'm left scratching my head.

I'm beginning to think that these references were being tossed in for the sake of establishing that they're in the Eighties. Predictably, Peter turns her down.

Brian's reaction to all this: Of course Peter's so stupid to remember who the American President was during that period for the sole purpose of a Back to the Future reference.

That little bit makes me want to bring up that MacFarlane had booked a flight on one of the planes Al Qaeda hijacked that morning and missed it because he got drunk the night before. He promised never to do a joke about that subject and proceeded to break it several times. Peter makes out with Molly Ringwald.

Brian just so happens to bring up that she's the biggest star in the world right now and asks what she's doing at the bar. If you don't why know by now, you're an idiot. Death decides that they made enough 80's references for the time being and takes Peter and Brian back to We get a joke about fat women and Peter goes to bed. The next morning, we learn that he's married to Molly Ringwald and Judd Nelson stays with them sometimes. It turns out that by not going out with Lois, Fatso altered the timeline and we get a joke about Tom Cruise running from "gay thoughts".

Am I the only one who finds it funny that a pro-gay activist like MacFarlane likes to think in terms of stereotypes? Only eight friggin' minutes in You have restored my mirth. Because this is a cartoon on FOX, of course we need to have embittered left-wing propaganda about how Al Gore would have killed Osama bin Laden hiding out in the audience of MADtv with his bare hands had he been elected in Nah, from what I understand, he'd be running around trying to warn the world about that danger with universal scientific consensus: He is cereal business!

Also, because George W. Bush was never elected we have flying cars that run on vegetable oil. Cue a Jetsons cutaway where George gets into a fight with Jane over her snatching his wallet. The only was back to the past is through Death.

Talk:Meet the Quagmires

Y'know, it's as if they're trying to tell us something. Get this show off the air! It died a year ago! Upon hearing this, Brian the moonbat that he is begs Peter to stay in the new reality, however Peter's never heard of any of them and decides to try to set things right.

When '84 Lois asks to go see Zapped! Geez, I know it was the middle of the decade, but wasn't home video a thing yet? He tries again and fails by cutting muffins. He speaks to '84 Lois again and they make it a date. Then, '84 Cleveland shows up and talks Peter into having a night on the town with him. So they go out to night club and dance to "Axel F".

family guy meet the quagmires 9 11 photos

Are we sure this isn't his personal porn? Gee, um, which decade is this? This would be so much easier to pinpoint if they reminded us every three seconds instead of ten!

Of course, Death has declared that enough is enough and will not give Fatso another do-over and we get a cutaway gag involving Joe Piscapo and weights. I didn't get it. This gives Peter an idea Same song, same patrons. The joke abruptly ends and they go to the dance. They sneak in through the air ducts. Doesn't get the quote and is told that it comes from Die Hard, a movie that hasn't been made at that point.

Peter jokes they could make it. Peter's girth makes the duct give way and they land on the guitarist in the band hired for the party. Brian has to take over the guitar for "Earth Angel" and I had an epiphany: It all makes sense!