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get babied meet the doulas

“I love working at MotherCare because the contact with other doulas enriches focus on babying their baby instead of fretting about their uncertainties or getting . As the premier on call doula service in Austin, ATX Doulas is dedicated to providing 24/7 comprehensive, loving, and non-judgmental support for families. They hold Meet the Doulas Night a couple of times each month, which is a I used Get Babied because of the price and loved by experience.

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My philosophy on the blessing circle is the same as my birth philosophy—listen to the mother. Usually, when women contact me about organizing a Blessing Circle they are intimidated by the importance of such a momentous event. If you simply sat a bunch of close friends in a circle with no decorations or prepared speeches or supplies and props, there would still be tears and love and power.

Remember, this is very general and you should do what feels right.

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Typically we begin the Blessing Circle by forming a circle, and welcoming mother and guests to the ceremony. We open the ceremony by burning sage optional, of course to clear the room and participants of negative energy or ideas about birth. Next, the mother receives a flowered crown for her head and an herbal foot bath and massage.

This necklace can later be used as a source of strength and focus during labor.

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Last, we pass a roll of string around and each woman wraps it around her wrist. To close the ceremony we cut the string between each woman and they tie it into a bracelet. The women wear these bracelets until after the baby is born. After the ceremony we eat chat and have a good time!

Blessing Circles can be performed for the birthing mother alone or for her partner as well.

get babied meet the doulas

Are doulas even allowed into the OR? What role would a doula play for these births? Postpartum a doula visits to help ensure your nursing relationship is going well, talks over your birth experience with you, and provides follow up support.

get babied meet the doulas

Doulas are a fantastic help for ALL moms, as they work with you through your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum time. More hospitals are allowing two support people into the OR, to include a partner and other person mother, doula, photographer, friend, etc.

Even if the doula is not able to be with your during the birth, she can be there when you enter the recovery room.

get babied meet the doulas

Specific to a cesarean arrival, your doula is able to talk you through what can be a scary experience! The sights, smells, and sounds of a cesarean birth can be surprising and your doula can help explain what is happening. Some parents have a hard time with the scent from the cauterizing tool and we have little tricks like a drop of peppermint essential oil in your mask! Once your baby is here a doula continues to help, perhaps snapping photos of those first sweet moments with your baby.