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They say behind every great man there is a great woman, and that's definitely the case with Mufasa and Sarabi. Look at their love. We first meet. Hello everyone, my name is Kevin Doheny and I am designing and making headpiece/ . Nala and Sarabi Lion King Show, Lion King Play, Lion King Art, Lion Mask of Simba Masks and Puppets from the theatrical production of The Lion King. .. Not sure about the green, wouldn't it be more tans and browns for grasses?. The Original Broadway Cast of Disney& The Lion King Mufasa:: Sarabi:: Young I would love to figure out how to do these headpieces. .. World, Meet Gigi!.

Simba looked up to Mufasa in every way, and after being chased by the hyenas, he said he was just trying to be brave like him. Mufasa then teaches Simba the proper conduct in times of danger and as a king, and discourages him from taking foolish risks.

Simba spent all the time he wasn't with Nala with his father, and Mufasa showed him how to be a good ruler. When his father was killed in the wildebeest stampede caused by the hyenas under Scar 's signal, he was grief-stricken, believing it to be his own fault.

It was Mufasa's spiritual guidance that eventually convinced Simba years later to reclaim the throne stolen from him by his diabolical brother. In the second film, it is shown that Simba desires to live up to his father's legacy. Several of Simba's actions are based on what he thinks his father would've approved of and done.

Sarabi Adult Simba with his mother Sarabi. Simba's mother, as well as the queen of Pride Rock and the mate of Mufasa, Sarabi and Simba have a loving mother-son relationship. She was proud of her son, and like Mufasa, tried to teach him proper conduct and groomed him for his future as the king.

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She was also protective of him, ensuring that Simba didn't run off to where he could get himself into trouble. When Scar claimed that Simba died alongside Mufasa in the wildebeest stampede, she was heartbroken. Years later, when Simba arrived to save his home, he watched in horror as Scar berated his mother. When Scar struck her down in a fit of rage, Simba immediately came to her defense and comforted her. After assuming him to be Mufasa at first, she was in disbelief to see her son alive, but very elated.

After Scar was forced to confess that he killed Mufasa, Sarabi fought by Simba's side and they managed to save their home and avenge her murdered mate. She watched proudly as Simba assumed his throne as intended. Scar Simba with Scar. As a cub, Simba loved his uncle, and would always tell him of his adventures, but Scar never seemed to be even remotely interested, due to his jealousy of his nephew's royalty status as next in line for the throne.

After Simba tells Scar about his father showing him the whole kingdom, Scar deliberately told his nephew about the Elephant Graveyard, hoping that Simba would go there and get himself killed even though he covered his mouth and pretended he told him by accident.

Scar sent the hyenas, Shenzi, Banzai, and Edafter Simba to kill him, but this first attempt failed. Later on, Scar led Simba into a deep gorge, and Scar, along with help from the hyenas, caused a stampede of wildebeests in the gorge, intending to kill Simba and his father. He only succeeded in killing Mufasa, his older brother, by throwing him off a high ledge he was clinging on to and into the stampede.

He lied to Simba into believing that it was his fault, and that he should run away and never return.

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Scar then again ordered the hyenas to kill Simba, but they failed once again, unbeknownst to Scar. Years later, Simba is now a young adult, and he went to challenge Scar for the throne. He saw Scar slap Sarabi Simba's mother across the face. Thus, Simba's love for his uncle turned into pure hatred, and he told Scar to either step down or fight. Scar said that he would step down, but he can't since the hyenas thought he was the King. Then, Scar made Simba reveal that he's responsible for Mufasa's death, but Simba insisted that it was an accident and that he's not a murderer.

Just as Scar was about to throw the "murderer" off Pride Rock, he whispered to Simba and told him that he killed Mufasa.

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In his rage at Scar for being a liar and a murderer, Simba jumped back up and pinned his uncle to the ground calling him a murderer and forces him to admit what he really had done to Mufasa to the lionesses. After Simba forces Scar to reveal the truth to the lionesses, a violent fight between the lionesses, Timon, Pumbaa, Rafiki who all appeared to aid Simbaand the hyenas ensued.

Simba then chased Scar up Pride Rock on his own, and soon cornered him in an attempt to overthrow him.

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Scar, knowing he wasn't strong enough to defeat Simba, begged for mercy and even tried to blame his crimes on the hyenas. Simba refused to believe him, pinting out that everything Scar ever told him was a lie. Simba, not wishing to become the monster Scar was, spared him instead of killing him, telling him to run away and never return the same words Scar told Simba when he was a cub. Scar pretended to corporate, but tricked Simba by throwing burning embers at his face, and then a fight between Simba and Scar broke out.

Before Scar could pounce on Simba and kill him, Simba flipped him over the edge and Scar landed down at the bottom of Pride Rock, where he was killed by the hyenas in revenge for his blaming Mufasa's death on them. Though her temper typically remains cool and under control, she does let angry words fly when Scar refuses to take action in order to save his pride.

In her rage, Sarabi reveals herself to be defiant and sharp-tongued, able to expertly hit Scar's weakness by comparing him to Mufasa. Sarabi proves herself to be a fierce fighter, being the second lioness to leap into battle after Scar's admittance to killing Mufasa. A seeker of justice, Sarabi fights for the rightful ruler of the Pride Lands and proudly accepts him as her new king. Appearances The Lion King Sarabi is first seen with the infant Simba, at Simba's presentation, and watches as the sun shine down upon the new prince and illuminates the kingdom.

She later makes an appearance when an excited Simba awakens his parents before dawn. She wryly tells Mufasa that his son is awake, while Mufasa responds that Simba is Sarabi's son before sunrise.

She then watches with a smile on her face as Simba is led to the summit of Pride Rock by his father to be shown his future. She appears to be friends with Sarafina the mother of Nalaas her next appearance is with them, sleeping on a rock when Simba arrives to convince Nala to accompany him to an elephant graveyard that his uncle told him about, but waking up and snatching her son before he can escape from his bath.

She is shown to be quite intuitive. Knowing that her son was possibly up to mischief when Simba and Nala wanted to go to the "waterhole," she sends Zazu along with them to keep watch for any danger.

When Scar informs them of the death of Mufasa and Simba, Sarabi is nothing short of devastated at her status as a widow and losing her only child as Zazu makes a vain attempt to comfort her.

Left destitute, she can do nothing but watch in horror as Scar allows the hyenas to overrun the Pride Lands after giving his oath to protect everyone. In reality, the hyenas serve as Scar's strength as king. I laugh in the face of danger! This is my kingdom. If I don't fight for it, who will? Born a prince in the Pride LandsSimba was destined to succeed his father, Mufasaas king. When Mufasa is killed in an apparent accident, Simba is blamed for the tragedy and abandons his kingdom in guilt, leaving his power-hungry uncle to assume the throne.

With the Pride Lands falling to disarray under Scar's tyranny, Simba is forced to take his rightful place in the Circle of Life by confronting his past and reclaiming his birthright. Upon entering adulthood, Simba marries his childhood best friend, Nalaand has two cubs with her named Kiara and Kion.

Contents Background Personality As a cub, Simba was rather adventurous and impressionable. He highly admired his father, Mufasa, and wished to someday become a ruler as mighty as he, spending much of his time either learning the ways of a king or simply envisioning what life would be like with such power and self-esteem. This inflated his ego, making him arrogant and boastful towards characters such as Zazu and Scar, and additionally led to troublesome situations, as his viewpoint on Mufasa led him to believe being a king meant being fearless and looking for unnecessary danger, just to prove how mighty one could be.

This would fall perfectly in line with the schemes of Scar, who plotted to kill Simba to increase his chances of becoming ruler of the Pride Lands. Nevertheless, Simba was able to learn from his mistakes in the end, as his negative actions were primarily driven out of admiration for his father. As a young adult, Simba's personality takes a shift, becoming melodramatic and fearful - a direct result of Mufasa's death.

Because he believed his father's demise was ultimately his fault, Simba felt unworthy of ruling the throne, hinting at signs of insecurity and low self-esteem, in addition to becoming reluctant to ever face his past. It wasn't until he met and obtained guidance from the wise mandrill, Rafikithat Simba would learn that the past is important, and should be looked to as a means to learn from mistakes, but never as a reason to prevent one's self from moving on in life.

In spite of this, Simba was also willing to partake in more easy-going hobbies, such as loafing around with Timon and Pumbaa. Now as a full grown adult and King of the Pride Lands, with a loving family, including a daughter, Simba is no longer overly adventurous and outgoing, instead of becoming humble and rather soft-spoken, even in the face of his family and closest friends.