How did paul nassif and adrienne maloof meet the press

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Adrienne Maloof on Her Current Relationship with Paul Nassif: "It's Adrienne currently lives in L.A. and has a number of projects on her That I can be creative, that I can come up with an idea and then see it push [through]. Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif have legally separated and appear on the verge of Meet the Real Housewives of Miami season two cast. An interview with Adrienne Maloof and her husband Dr. Paul Nassif to discuss their new It was an intimate crowd of friends and press brought together to celebrate the Adrienne Maloof is a stunningly beautiful petite three-quarter I first met Paul and Adrienne at Adrienne's shoe launch at Lord & Taylor.

So I think actually together it makes for a great product. Does it help to be with each other a little bit more since your schedules are so crazy?

And you guys are currently filming the third season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills right? We will have our moments where he thinks one way, I think another way. I can see things from another perspective, as can he. We combine our knowledge and I think it makes for an amazing product.

These will be available in our offices.

how did paul nassif and adrienne maloof meet the press

But were also doing heavy retail. I believe the first place it will be available is at Belk in the southeast. And then were talking with numerous retails outlets about which is the best place to carry the products. And what else do we have here? I see something lighting up in your hand there. Well let me tell you, this is what people are going crazy over. You will see different prototypes. I thought of this about a month ago and my partner is the man that created sillybandz. It has an LED light in it; you press a button it lights up.

And then I thought oh my gosh, lets put the two together. You will see it in stores very soon. So you will see them everywhere. As successful entrepreneur you guys always promote ownership and being hands on in your various business endeavors. What is some advice you have out there for young entrepreneurs? The first thing is you have to have passion.

You have to believe in your product. Once you have passion, its hard work. If you have that dream, go out and do what you believe in.

Most peoples work ethnic tends to be OK, but not fantastic. To make any endeavor successful, you have to put that time and energy into something and work long hard days. It's been in different countries, so they have an amazing marketing power.

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Would you ever consider a full-time return to the cast? Well, not at this time, but stranger things have happened. Obviously you're a working mom, how are your children? What's it been like since we last saw Christian, Gavin, and Colin?

Adrienne Maloof on Her Current Relationship with Paul Nassif: "It's a Process"

How are they doing? It's a process and a lot of my time with my children — they are my priority and it's learning how to manage your time. Scheduling is very important, but they always come first in my life.

how did paul nassif and adrienne maloof meet the press

It's constantly changing and [we're] working on co-parenting and being better parents. But it's a process. What advice then do you have for other parents who aren't together and who are also trying to find that balance and co-parent? You really have to find solutions. You've got to find answers. You have to be able to seek help if you need it.

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And in our case, we both needed to have a third party to help us through and guide us through this process. What are you most excited for at the moment? Of course, we have our hangover supplement [Never Too Hungover].

It's in over 17, stores and over two million bottles sold; and it's growing rapidly. I'm excited about that. And, of course, my jewelry line.

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Talk a little bit about the hangover product and why you wanted to expand your empire to include something like that. It's a niche market. It was originally formulated for our [business] partner's sister who had lupus. And, overall, she started taking it and it started helping to cure her lupus.

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So he approached us to consider this product. I take it everyday as a vitamin supplement. So I'm a believer in it. And when others have tried it, they're having a good time; they're maybe mixing drinks — eventually for some surprising reason, they felt just fine the next morning. The Palms hosted one of Democratic debates in October. Talk a little bit about that experience. My family are Democrats.

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We've known Hillary for a long time and she's been a friend of ours for quite some time, so it was very exciting to be there. At the cnn debate with my brother George and the lovely lenaevans88 demdebate vegas cnn pic. It was very positive.

how did paul nassif and adrienne maloof meet the press

She was very focused. She's an amazing woman. I look forward to possibly having the first female president in [U.