How to live in the present a relationship

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how to live in the present a relationship

After Valentines, our regular Those London Chicks contributor Sidra Jafri talks you through HOW TO LIVE FULLY IN THE PRESENT. If you're feeling like that fairy tale ending to your relationship isn't going to happen in the future, don't fret: there's more to do in the present. moment you are together, notice who they are and how they contribute to your life. Prioritize your relationship in your calendar and create space for it in your life. your ex for a reason — so why continue to bring your past into your present?.

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For example, if you are playing at the park with your child while checking websites on your phone or texting your friends, you are not completely present in that precious moment. Allan recommends one activity at a time; disconnecting when you are done and connecting to the next activity will promote living in the present moment.

Breathe Being present in a relationship is easier when things are going well than when you feel angry or irritated with someone you love.

how to live in the present a relationship

Staying present in your relationship increases self-control, decreases aggression and helps you regulate your behavior in a positive manner, according to the article "The Art of Now: This technique is available whenever you need it and can keep you from saying or doing something you will regret later. When you are calm and if you desire to, proceed with the conversation.

how to live in the present a relationship

Benefits Practicing mindfulness -- nonjudgmental acceptance of the present moment -- can improve your mental and physical health, according to HelpGuide. Your intention might be to listen more deeply, let go of blame and With kindness and self-compassion, take responsibility for and release what is preventing you from fully engaging. Without judgment, be mindful of what is happening. For example, if your intention is to deepen your sense of connection with your spouse, start by sensing the situation between the two of you.

how to live in the present a relationship

Have a daily ritual of connection with your partner. With this newfound focus on your feelings and intentions, identify one daily activity or routine with your partner where you would like to be more awake, mindful, and engaged.

Are You Fully Present in Your Relationship or Marriage?

For example, have a stress-reducing conversation where you only talk about stress outside of your relationship. Actively listen and pay close attention to what your partner has to say.

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Whatever your chosen routine or daily activity, commit to giving it your full attention and focus. In addition to these three steps, disengaging from autopilot and leading an awakened life also involves mindfully having compassion for yourself and others, practicing forgiveness, and living with an open heart. Switching off autopilot allows you to see life from a fresh perspective and frees you to make different and more mindful decisions. When your partner or spouse is talking to you, stop whatever else you're doing and give them your undivided attention.

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If your mind starts to wander when your partner or spouse is talking to you, look into their eyes and feel the love you have for them. That will connect you to them in a meaningful way, as opposed to taking them for granted.

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If you find yourself distracted when your partner or spouse needs to talk to you, share that with them so they'll know what's going on with you instead of having to wonder. When we communicate honestly with the people we love, it makes us feel closer, and we understand each other better. If you find yourself not fully present with your partner or spouse, ask yourself where you are.

how to live in the present a relationship

Are you thinking about work, someone else, or what you're going to have for dinner? It's important to know what's taking you out of the present moment, and whether it's worth making it more important than the person you love.