Klaus and caroline meet me in the 1920s

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klaus and caroline meet me in the 1920s

Remember Me It's 's where Klaus meets Caroline for the first time. Then meet again in Mystic Falls Klaroline and a bit of Stebekah. Like you and I met first. You're a Rebekah: How dare you save Caroline over me. Klaus (in left me. Klaus: I only had time to save one of you and you can't be killed. the 20s. Stefan: I was a psychotic killer with no emotions in the s. RELATEDExclusive Vampire Diaries Crossover Video: Klaus and Stefan Reunite in New Orleans for Caroline and Klaus' heartbreaking encounter at the s dance in . when they had their humanity turned off was what turned me off. . I want Caroline to be single, not with Stefan or Klaus or Alaric.

Call me Nik" he tells me still smirking, looking deeply into my eyes. I finally turn towards him. He stands there holding onto the blonds arm, looking at me like I've gone mad. I'm still not pleased with him leaving my earlier. Is there something the matter" "Well I wanted to get out of here but it seems you have attached yourself to the lovely lady at your side.

She finally switches her eyes to me and gives me a smile. He turns to Rebekah with a mischievous smirk. I smirk at him.

klaus and caroline meet me in the 1920s

He does have funny hair, sometimes. Are you leaving or not" He takes a step towards her. I'm wearing a low cut blue sequined dress that reaches my knees, a pattern of dark blue flowers and swirls spreading right across it. A normal flappers dress. My hair is tied up into a bun with a fake blue flower stuck into its side. Stefan and Rebekah look awkward and slowly sit down opposite us, staring at us like we're aliens from outer space.

We say nothing not sit there, staring seductively into each other's eyes. Klaus Mikaleson was sitting at Gloria's bar in Chicago. His sister Rebekah was out on the dance floor with his best friend Stefan Salvatore. His sister was in love with 'The Ripper'.

While watching them, Klaus spotted a young blonde woman at the bar surrounded by men who were all smiling and staring at her. There was something about this woman that attracted him to her like a moth to a flame, and he couldn't take his eyes of her.

She moved onto the dance floor with one of the guys from the bar. Klaus had to know her. He downed the rest of his drink and made his way to the dance floor where the woman was dancing. The woman stared at him for a moment and a smirk appeared on her face.

She nodded to her dance partner to leave and then Klaus took her hand in his and put his other hand on her waist and started swaying. She knew what game he was playing. After all, they were both vampires. Then it hit him. She had no heartbeat. She was a vampire, and she had a smirk on her face, "What did you really think, I would be your next meal? She just nodded as he led her back to his table. Rebekah and Stefan were already there and then they looked up as Klaus and Caroline approached.

A big smile appeared on Stefan's face and he stood up. And has it only been twenty years? Nik and Rebekah both seemed surprised that their companions knew each other. They all sat down at the table, telling stories of how Stefan and Caroline had met. In fact, Stefan's brother Damon had been the one to turn Caroline.

They talked about how Rebekah, Stefan and Nik met. It was a good night. Caroline even hit it off with Rebekah. For the next two weeks, the four of them were inseparable.

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Nik and Stefan were like brothers and Rebekah and Caroline were like sisters. Nik and Caroline were together and so were Stefan and Rebekah. They would be at Gloria's almost every night, dancing with each other, laughing, drinking. The fun would never stop. One night, Nik and Caroline, and Stefan and Rebekah were slow dancing when the police showed up and started shooting up the place. They all took cover and realized that they were shooting with wooden bullets.

They knew their secret was out. Mikael had come for Rebekah and Nik. He didn't want to have to do this but he loved Caroline so much that he had to do it for her sake. He compelled her to forget everything about him and Rebekah and he also did the same to Stefan. He couldn't put their lives at risk. As much as it hurt to let Stefan and Caroline go, he had to.

Rebekah wouldn't leave without either of them so he had to dagger her to keep her safe as well. As the years went on, he would check in on Caroline and Stefan from a far. They were always with each other. Caroline had helped Stefan get his Ripper under control, and they seemed happy.

Klaus and Caroline

It always killed him to see her because all he wanted to do was to hold her, kiss her and be with her for eternity, but he couldn't.

Not while Mikael was still alive. The year was and he was back in Mystic Falls. When he was at the high school watching the doppelganger, he noticed a blonde woman and brown haired man laughing as they had their arms linked.

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It was Caroline and Stefan. He couldn't believe his eyes after all those years. He had stopped tracking them about thirty years ago. It just got too painful for him.

klaus and caroline meet me in the 1920s

Come on, we've got to go sweetheart! Stefan didn't waste a moment before standing up as well, confused and wanting answers from the two vampires he had met tonight. Though they were obviously upset and in a rush, they seemed calm, as if they were used to this sort of occurrence.

It all didn't sit right with Stefan and he wanted to know what the hell was going on, so he voiced the question aloud. Stefan noticed that she had dropped her necklace and went to collect it but was stopped by a hand to his chest and a familiar voice saying his name. He looked up and found Klaus before him, looking dejected, "I'm sorry but the fun has to end here.

Klaus gripped his shoulders lightly and looked Stefan straight in the eyes, his irises dilating slightly, "You must forget about Rebekah and me and until I say otherwise, you never met us, Stefan. Klaus, still looking dejected, gave Stefan a sincere look, "Thank you. I had forgotten what it was like to have a brother. Just after those words were spoken, before Stefan could blink, the Original vampire was gone, not just from the vicinity, but from Stefan's memory as well.

The vampire, now left standing in the middle of the club, looked around, feeling disoriented, before glancing down at the necklace that still lie on the ground along with broken remnants of debris. He bent down and picked it up, feeling a surge of unknown emotion. It was truly an interesting piece. Outside, an argument was taking place between the two Originals that had just fled the club. Then choose…him or me? Every now and then, Klaus would glance at his sister, his own long dead heart aching for causing her such sorrow.

But then he remembered what, or really whom exactly they were running from, and the emotion quickly dissipated. He thought quietly to himself about the relatively young vampire he met that night, the one his sister was quietly crying for. He only hoped, for both him and his sister's sake, that they'd meet again somehow. Los Angeles, California It was late, most likely around eleven o'clock when a young woman left the bar, giggling and promising a man another drink tomorrow.

She pulled on her coat and began to make her way back to her apartment only a few blocks away. Waiting until she was a safe distance away, Stefan emerged from his hiding spot in the shadows and stalked after her, following her swiftly as turned a corner.

Stefan looked into her eyes, dilating his irises, "You will follow me and you will not say a word. Just as he was about to bite down, he felt the wind leave his lungs as something pushed him away and against the same wall the girl was pinned to. A young woman's voice spoke, more than likely to the helpless, compelled girl on the wall, simply stating for her to "Go. Regaining his senses, Stefan growled and pinned the young woman against the wall, using his right arm to hold her against the brick.

The young woman had light blonde hair and fair skin, her white dress now wrinkled and scuffed with dirt. Her eyes were a vibrant blue-green, staring back at him with a blank expression.

klaus and caroline meet me in the 1920s

He was royally pissed that some human managed to catch him off guard and take away his perfectly good meal. His face morphed and he bared his fangs at her, expecting her to scream and cry and struggle and do everything that the typical human girl did— But she didn't.

She just stood there, staring at him almost curiously as the veins in his face pulsated. He flinched as he felt a soft hand tracing the veins on his face, having not noticed her even raising her arms. At this point, Stefan was completely confused. Most people were terrified, petrified really, at the sight of him in this state, and yet she reacted to him like a young child would to a friendly creature.

Her heartbeat, from what he could hear, was slowing to a calm, serene state, and she cocked her head to the side slowly, examining him.

She winced slightly but did not drop her hand from his face. Suddenly, Stefan felt as if he was being wrapped in a gossamer-like haze, as the air around seemed to thicken. He gasped for air as she gently cradled his face, and he watched as events from both his human and his vampiric life played out before him.