Kso delhi freshers meet the fockers

Imphal Dispatch: KSO Sadar Hills organize Fresher’s Meet cum Felicitation Programme

kso delhi freshers meet the fockers

May 13, cell, sports, freshers meet kiti jouse hi jaolou thei ahikhah jongleh elekhasim parents who were ecucaed in Delhi and elsewhere must try to send . Hiche tohgon hi Kuki Edmundians hon KSO(SB) Freshers'. Meet Sep 8, Freshers Meet cum Felicitation Programme. they want to become well known persons in future they should always keep their parents words. Aug 29, District Candidates Parents. Body of Manipur .. KSO(G) Freshers' Social cum Cultural. Meet .. of what POWs elsewhere received to reach prisoners in their territories. As the war . Ramdev in Delhi khopi kom'a 'world-class.

There has always been the quest to socialize though we were very few. The Zomi Christian Fellowship, Mumbai was already there and we all were part of it, however, the urge to get together in our own tongue and hence the satisfaction.

kso delhi freshers meet the fockers

One of the earliest get together I could recall was the meeting at Gl. It was a get together cum celebration of marriage of Ng. Some of the veterans, working in Mumbai then, I could still recall are like, Gl.

Hemkholal Boilal Lhungdim, P. Oriental Bank of Commerce, Gl. Lalminlen Lhungdim, L Ng. Tongkhopao Paoboi Lhungdim, Jr. Letcha Haokip of Engg. Ronie Ngaipi Haokip, Gl. Anyway, there could still be some names missing. This way, our population slowly grows, new members came in, singles becomes double, while some members left Mumbai.

In these annual meets, we often wish we could have a platform to worship together in our own tongue, in the form of Kuki Worship Service KWSas in other cities.

KSO Sadar Hills organize Fresher’s Meet cum Felicitation Programme

Here are some milestones that merits mention that leads to formation of the KWS M: About 27 members of KWS P came and had fellowship with us on this day. This was the first fellowship in the form of KWS. During the first session of worship, Gl. During the second session, in the social gathering part, with a brief introduction on the felt need for starting a Kuki Worship Service in Mumbai from — Gl.

Ngamkholet Letcha Haokip, Engr. Lamsat Sitlhou, Bible student Gl. All present discussed and expressed their views. In the end, Gl.

kso delhi freshers meet the fockers

Lhungdim sums up the views that emerged in the discussion. He observed that, there were quite a number of us who felt we could start KWS now, but there were also well considered views who felt that we rather, with prayers, explore the possibilities of starting KWS and start with the prayer meetings.

We even did lenkhom then. Esther Sitlhou presented a beautiful number. In the second session, Gl.

Admission season Beginning of a new life By Gangmumei Kamei

The number of people killed or displaced on either side is itself a contentious issue between the two groups. Nearly two decades later, the significance of Black Day now evokes different responses. The Kuki Inpi Manipur KIMthe apex Kuki civil body in Manipur, for instance, believes that observing the day is the least that can be done for the victims in the absence of any redress by the Central or State governments.

The two apex bodies met twice on March 29, and on April 4, On the other hand, a section of the Kuki population including an armed group, the United Kuki Liberation Front UKLFhas demanded that the annual commemoration must stop. In the last few years, the UKLF has publicly stated that the commemoration brings more harm than good to the society.

In a statement released on September 6, the UKLF once again appealed "to the Kuki brethren not to observe September 13 as Kuki Black Day since [this] will only prolong the remembrance of those ugly days and it can affect permanent peace in the society. For instance, the Meitieis, the majority ethnic group of Manipur, observe June 18 every year as "The Great June Uprising of ," to remember the death of 18 people at the hands of security forces for the cause of Manipur's territorial integrity.

Similarly, the Nagas have begun the annual commemoration of the death of two students on May 6,in a clash with Manipur security forces along the Nagaland border during a protest against the Manipur government's refusal to permit NSCN-IM leader Thuingaleng Muivah's plan to visit his home in Somtal village in Ukhrul district.

Though the three incidents are different, the fundamental issue common to all is the question of territory. The Kukis and the Nagas want their own territories carved out of Manipur, which the Meiteis oppose. Since the Central government is engaged with both Kuki and Naga armed groups at different levels, it has the leverage and resources to facilitate such dialogue between the two ethnic groups.

Shambhu Singh, Joint Secretary North EastMinistry of Home Affairs, and in-charge of the Union government's talks with the Kuki armed groups, was the District Commissioner of Tamenglong district during the time of the September 13 violence; he must be well aware of the complexities of the situation.

Black Day is largely a consequence of violent and competing identity politics and overlapping ethnic territorial claims. Addressing one group's problem at the expense of the other's can only exacerbate the conundrum.

kso delhi freshers meet the fockers