Ky3 meet the news team

Meet KSPR's newest meteorologist Jennifer Perez

ky3 meet the news team

What's On TV Meet the News Team About KY3 Contact Us KY3 Jobs “Speed dating" is becoming a popular way to meet people in the Ozarks. 7 Springfield Power Couples You Need to Meet Ethan and Sara are both news anchors for the Ozarks' number one We met at KY3. qualities she puts into use in her job as a news reporter at Springfield's NBC affiliate KY3. She moved back to Springfield in May to join the KY3 news team, where she's Meet our homecoming honorees.

You expect good nutrition, but researchers are discovering toxic ingredients. Check your pet's food here: Olive isn't picky, but her owner, Chelsea Thomas, wants the best grub she can afford for her herd "It's hard to know what's healthy for them, because there's so many different kinds out there," she said. The pet food aisle now has more selection than most human food aisles.

With labels like natural, grain free and holistic, are these really healthy options or is this masterful marketing?

Former volleyball Bear now a broadcast journalist

For us at Clean Label Project, we wanted to see what was the truth behind these labels. They've analyzed 1, pet food products and counting.

ky3 meet the news team

For two years, thanks to grants and donations, about a dozen chemists in Denver have broken down your pet food. Clean Label Project tests for industrial and environmental contaminants using a five star rating system. The more stars, the cleaner the product. They look for toxins like mercury, arsenic and lead. We've seen arsenic levels exceeding five thousand parts per billion," Bowen said. It just makes sense, but you and I are consumers.

ky3 meet the news team

How do we know? Because all we have is the bag," said Dr. Philip Brown with Animal Care Center. Brown says pet foods should be tested for toxins and heavy metals. Too much exposure can be harmful. Remember, some toxins occur naturally.

How did you meet? We met at KY3.

SBJ confirms 37 layoffs at KY3, KSPR | SBJ

Sara began working there in February of Ethan started at KY3 in August of How do you balance your busy professional schedules with your personal lives? God has blessed us with a schedule that works for our careers and for our family life. We have a rule: For us, nothing beats just hanging out with our three kids. Our favorite thing to do — when the weather permits — is to play out in the yard.

The kids love to ride bikes and race in the driveway. We love to sit and watch them with a coffee or sweet tea — so come on spring!!

ky3 meet the news team

We also enjoy taking drives through the country. They have Arkansas roots, but are Springfieldians through and through now. They have two sons, Murray and Jim. You can catch Gail speaking at charity functions and events for Springfield Public Schools.

We met in law school. Our first date was lunch at On the Corner Restaurant in Fayetteville. We go to many university events together including those out of town.

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We also try to leave town together at least once a quarter to get away from all the activities and commitments. We also try to save at least one evening a week just to ourselves. Our favorite thing is to escape to our second home in Florida to walk on the beach, watch the sunsets and just relax. Our friends and our neighborhood Meadowmere Place. After living in the older part s of town for 24 years, we have great friends and neighbors. One of the most creative couples in the city, Randy and Shannon Bacon are the operators of Randy Bacon Gallery in downtown Springfield.

ky3 meet the news team

Randy and Shannon are the organizers behind 7 Billion Ones, an artistic movement centered on telling the story of people from all over the world, one story at a time. How did we meet?

Of all the crazy places, we first met at a wedding I was shooting for a mutual friend of ours. It gets extra dirty under there.

ky3 meet the news team

I agree with Shannon. You have to learn what is really important for you as an individual, as well as a couple. I need time to be alone, paint, and know I am still an individual without Randy. This did take me some time to learn though, and I am almost 50!

I really enjoy our community, and the beautiful, nice people in Springfield.

Welcome Chris Swaim to the Weather Watch 12 team

Just a truly great group of wonderful hearts live here, and that is really, really hard to find in many parts of the country. We have so many good friendships here and that is priceless. Springfield and the area have been so incredibly supportive of Shannon and I as we have ventured through the years with our photography and film business and projects.

We are truly thankful! Well, without a doubt, the launch and growth of our nonprofit story movement, 7 Billion Ones, is so exciting and important! There is no bigger thrill than this.