Legolas and aragorn first meet

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legolas and aragorn first meet

Well, according to Tolkien's literature, Aragorn first earned the Of course, Aragorn and Legolas would eventually come to meet, but a bit of a. Their first meeting is anything but how Legolas imagined it would be. A/N - So in movie verse Aragorn is 27 since LoTR takes place roughly. Aragorn then delivers Gollum to King Thranduil of Mirkwood to be Since Legolas is the son of the Elven King it is probable that they met then.

The large caverns were empty and quiet, and the fair-haired elf didn't waste time to go to his room and grab the arrows he had been working on along with a spare tunic, his hunting pack and a skin to carry water.

Although small, his hunting pack had food, medical supplies, and even a small dagger in it, so he was safe for the time being.

Now near the gate, he looked one more time at his home before turning his horse and riding into the forest. Never had he travelled the woods by his own. He always had at least one person with him, so this time Legolas was more alert than usual.

Thankfully, the horse he had taken was one that had belonged to an elf, so he didn't fret when the mysterious noises of the forest met his ears. Since the day had almost passed, Legolas planned to only go on for a little while before setting camp and taking care of the injuries that he had sustained during the battle. The moon was high in the sky when he finally stopped and lit a fire before removing his armour and tunic.

Once his torso was exposed, the elf cringed at the bruising that coloured his usually pale skin. Shallow cuts adorned everywhere, including his arms, but he didn't have to waste bandages wrapping those, as they were already healing. He couldn't reach his back, but some careful twisting provided him a small view. Bruising was very evident, and he could feel blood, but it was from another shallow wound, so the elf redressed before laying down on his bedroll.

He wasn't afraid to sleep, as his thick armour would protect him from any predators that roamed the forest. The next day he woke up at dawn.

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The fire had long since blown out, and only cold ashes remained on the forest floor. His horse was grazing, and Legolas allowed a smile to pass his lips as he petted the beast's neck and took an apple from his pack, slowly eating it while removing all traces that he had been there. There wasn't much, but Legolas wanted to be safe for once in his lifetime. The forest of Mirkwood was known for its danger, and the elf wanted nothing more than to emerge at the end of it and make his way to Rivendell at a much calmer pace.

With that thought he bent forward on his horse, unconsciously flattening himself on the stead's neck before the beast started galloping through the wildlife. He stopped regularly to hunt, and got some injuries every now and then, but they were nothing but mere scratches. At night, he would light a fire, cook whatever game he had captured, lay down and rest. The pattern continued on for the two weeks that it took for the elf to reach the edge of the darkened forest.

He was weary and slightly dishevelled, but his spirit was kindled by the fact that he only had a week to go before reaching the house of Elrond.

He had not seen the elf Lord in years now, and the young prince looked forward for another meeting, albeit he would keep it short as to go on his way. Thankful for his fast stead, Legolas skirted along the edge of Goblin-Town, not up for a fight with the goblins, if they still resided there.

Last he heard, Gandalf had killed their king. Legolas stopped near a stream and allowed his horse to rest while he refilled his skin. Casting an eye around, Legolas quickly stripped his tunic and shirt before bathing his face and neck, relishing the cool water despite the fact that he didn't feel heat.

After resting for a few minutes, the elf mounted the stead and kicked it into a gallop. Legolas allowed a smile to cross his lips as he leaned against the railing. Elrond had taken him in and gave him a good meal along with a real bed to sleep in until he was ready to leave again. Of course, the elf Lord didn't let the young elf leave without making sure that Legolas didn't have any serious wounds, so Legolas had to suffer through a thorough physical examination.

Thankfully Elladan and Elrohir were there to keep his mind occupied when Elrond prodded several ugly looking bruises to make sure no internal bleeding was beneath.

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Meanwhile, several servants were washing and stitching the tears in his tunics while others prepared a well packed bag for him to carry. Of course, Elrond provided him with a variety of herbs that ranged from sedatives to pain-killers and even poison antidotes. After three days, he was ready to continue his path. He had sent a letter to his father, telling him not to worry and that he was fine despite the fact that winter had set in properly and the weather was extremely cold.

Elrond had tried to convince him to say, but the fair-haired elf would have none of it. They move regularly, if I do not pursue them now, I might never find this ranger. I don't know why, it's like a feeling in my soul, that this mere ranger will lead to great things in my life.

The road was supposed to be a calming one, and even though he was practically forcing his horse to gallop the way, Legolas was relaxed and watching his surroundings with a somewhat easy smile. After a week of no attacks or anything, Legolas was nearing Weather-top. It had been a fast journey, as the lands were anything but beautiful and the elf wanted to get to Bree as fast as possible.

However, seeing that his stead was tiring, he slowed it to a trot and used the quiet time to think a little.

That proved to be his mistake. The warg came out of nowhere. A shout of pain escaped the elf as he found himself flying off his horse and landing on the ground with a crash. Pain blossomed in his side, and Legolas winced as he saw the blood that pumped freely from three gaping bite wounds.

Shock flooded his senses, but he willed it away and pulled out his swords, beheading the warg in a single movement. His keen ears picked up more of the wolves nearing him, and knowing he couldn't escape, the elf climbed on the rubble and started to fire arrows with blinding speed until all the creatures were laying dead on the ground. He took a minute to catch his breath before mounting his horse and urging it away. The battle had winded him, and Legolas only rode a few leagues away before dismounting and taking out the medical supplies.

His tunic had thankfully absorbed the blood, leaving his cloak clean, and Legolas quickly lit a fire before settling down to clean and bandage the wound. As night was falling, he didn't bother with stitching it, as it didn't seem to be deep enough to require stitches. The blood had somewhat stopped already, and the elf laid his head down to rest.

Two days later he was in Bree. His side never stopped throbbing, and the elf groaned as a particular rough ache took his breath away. A snowstorm had started as soon as he reached Tom's inn, and Legolas was forced to rent a room while it passed.

In the quietness of the third night, he stitched his stomach, at least closing the gaping wound from one side of his body. Then he just bandaged his wounds firmly and hoped that blood loss wouldn't catch up with him.

The snow had stopped fallen, but Legolas decided to stay another night so that he could start at dawn as per usual. He wasn't far now. He only had four days to get to Hobbiton, then about 1 week to get to the forest. He just hoped that no other wind storms or blizzards would hit. The next day dawned bright and sunny. Legolas allowed a smile to grace his lips as he swung on his horse and coaxed it into galloping away.

The stead was reluctant to gallop through snow, but the elf managed to persuade it into increasing its speed gradually. As he had picked a road that passed through greenery, Legolas was immensely careful to avoid a repeat of past occurrences, as he didn't want any more wounds than he had acquired already. The blond bent low on his stead, urging it forward through the white landscape. It was late in the evening when he stopped, nibbling on some Lembas before laying down to rest.

The pattern continued on for four days before he reached the edge of Hobbiton. It was almost night, and Legolas couldn't help but smile when he saw all the little beings scurry around and the children laughing together. Memories of his own childhood came forth in his mind, and the fair-haired elf allowed himself to reminisce a little before turning his horse around and towards a small inn he had seen before. He would head out for the forest the next day. The next day most of the snow had melted and Legolas felt a small knot of tension settle itself in his stomach.

The thought of how close he was to meeting the mysterious Strider that his father had sent him out to meet crossed his mind a few times. The forest was not far, only a four-day ride, but he didn't know how long it could take him to find Strider, if he did find him after all.

The elf breathed a sigh as he mounted the horse and set to the forest, eyes peeled for danger. Thankfully, he didn't encounter anything on the way, but his senses were on high alert as most had said that weird things happened in the forest. Not many had been able to give him information regarding the Dunedain, and every version varied so much that Legolas felt even more helpless as he neared the green woods. His journey was ending, and Legolas allowed a heavy breath to pass through his parted lips when his horse wouldn't walk past the thick foliage.

Well, he still had to dismount to watch out for any tracks, but it had been a reassurance to have the beast next to him at all times during the night. With a last sigh, the elf gently slipped off his horse, shouldered his pack and sent the stead away. Six days had passed since he first entered the forest. Bruises and cuts decorated his entire being, and his clothing was torn and bloodied in many places.

His wounds ached continuously, hindering the usually agile elf to the point where he had to stop for a few moments in order to just breathe through the pain. Dizziness also stopped him, and the elf suspected that he was running a mild fever.

legolas and aragorn first meet

His food had run out, and he hunted whenever he felt hungry. Only his stubbornness, and the fact that he had found a faint trail after exhausting all his efforts in tracking the rangers, kept him going. The rangers were undeniably good, the signs were few and he only noticed them because of his sharp eye-sight.

There was a dark presence in the forest, as if foul creatures camped there frequently. Legolas shook his head and just caught the sound of a sword being sharpened.

He tensed before deftly climbing a tree, moving from branch to branch and tree to tree until he got to a clearing. Through the leaves he could see a man sitting on the ground, calmly leaning against a tree. Humming reached the elf's ears, and he recognized the song as one usually sung in a bar.

Despite its origins, Legolas enjoyed it and he settled himself on a branch in order to find out if this man was the so called Strider. Despite his best efforts, the blood loss was catching up with him and he wavered, causing the branch to waver and the leaves to rustle before he settled down quietly. The man didn't react to anything and Legolas sighed in relief, listening intently as the man hummed the final notes before succumbing to silence.

For an elf, your change of position in a tree was rather clumsy and clearly a split-second decision. I am merely pointing out what I think. Therefore, you think I am no threat. An unseen one, but still a threat. However, you are injured, so I doubt you would pick a fight. I can smell it from over here. I am surprised the forest is not flooded with orcs already. They usually love elves. I have obtained no wounds during my journey here. His insides were churning as he debated on how to proceed.

legolas and aragorn first meet

Your weapons lie beside you instead of on your belt or back, and you seem to have no sense of how dangerous it is talking to an elf whom you can't even see. Your balance is wavering, but you do not want to sit down properly lest your legs show. You are armed with a bow and arrows, and I would think at least two swords.

You have blood, which I think is yours despite what you say, as it smells fresh, and you have been travelling for days trying to find our camp, or from what I gather, me.

legolas and aragorn first meet

The tree is bending towards you, hiding you from view, so I would think you are a wood-elf, but of that I cannot be sure. You have been travelling through the trees to avoid being seen for quite a while, and you are weary.

An elf can go long without sleep, but even they have their limits. I shall not harm you, you can come down. Just how many mistakes had he been making for a mere human to pick all of that up? I would suggest staying in the tree, it wouldn't do anybody any good if you get injured even more.

legolas and aragorn first meet

An arrow struck the bark a millimetre from Strider's head at the same time that a group of orcs broke through the trees and infiltrated the camp.

The ranger was on his feet and fighting in less than seconds, however, he couldn't help but grin as several arrows flew true with blinding speed. Not many were left when Legolas ran out of arrows and dropped down from the branches. Albeit still a bit dizzy, he took out his twin knives and continued fighting.

The orcs were large in their numbers, but one by one they all fell. A few with a sword in their gut, other decapitated, and some with pierced hearts. Legolas was tiring, and just managed to throw one of his knives in order to murder the orc that was sneaking up on the human before stumbling to his knees. He ignored the sharp sting on his back as a sword cut him, not noticing the orc behind him until he turned again. His breathing was irregular and the world was slowly blurring around the edges, but the elf forced himself to rise and finish the fight.

My name is Legolas. Surprisingly, the hard impact never came as Strider had skilfully leapt to the side and taken hold of the obviously wounded elf. Legolas winced as the warm arms put pressure on his wounds, but he didn't have the strength required to vocally protest against it. With a small sigh, he fell completely unconscious, trusting the ranger to take care of him for the time being. Aragorn stared at the lithe elf in his arms. Shock overrode his senses, but he quickly overcome it when the blonde elf whimpered.

Aragorn gingerly picked him up in a bridal style carry before taking him to a cave nearby where the rangers were currently camping so as to take refuge from the weather.

None of the rangers were there with him, as they were all out hunting for supper. Aragorn was somewhat glad, as that meant he could take care of the elf in peace. Finding a cot was easy enough, so was getting the necessary supplies and a fire going, but what Estel was dreading was the fact that he had to check over the unconscious warrior to see what had caused the powerful being to fall.

Elves were known to be rather private and sensitive on their personal space, and Aragorn inwardly winced as he tugged the tunic off the slender elf. He didn't touch the leggings, as there seemed to be no wounds on Legolas' legs. He hesitated when the elf groaned, but knowing that the wounds would only get worse without care, he tugged up the travelling shirt and tossed it aside before lowering the blond back on the cot.

What greeted him made his jaw drop to the ground.

legolas and aragorn first meet

Slipping from under a loose bandage were ugly bruises, all varying in their colour. They coloured the left side of the elf's body, and snaked around to his back, circling several ugly looking bite wounds.

After a little poking and prodding, the healer discovered two broken ribs, and a frown marred his handsome features. Curiosity got the better of him and Strider turned the elf on his right side to check out his back without putting pressure on his other wounds.

Three other bite wounds oozed blood, and there was a clearly fresh cut from a sword on his shoulder blades. Just as he put a hand near the wound, he became aware of the heat that was radiating off the elf, signalling a mild fever. Aragorn frowned and balanced the elf on his side as the water finally boiled, allowing the ranger to use it to clean the clearly infected bite wounds.

Female characters usually only play a marginal role, if they appear at all. More often than not Gilraen, Aragorn's mother, is killed "off-screen", making Aragorn an orphan. This is possibly done to intregrate him more fully into his adopted elven family. This means that while Aragorn may moon over Arwen from afar, she is rarely included in the actual story.

The situation looks similar for Legolas.

Aragorn & Legolas Friendship

Tolkien never mentions his mother and fanfiction authors generally follow him there. They assume that his mother has either sailed or was killed by orcs.

This includes many canon characters based in Rivendell, such as Elrond, Elladan and Elrohir or Glorfindel. It can also mean that authors invent original characters to populate Mirkwood or Aragorn's ranger camps. Many stories are set in a time period preceding the War of the Ring.

They concentrate on a younger Aragorn and how a friendship between an elf and a man might have worked or not worked. Often, authors will come up with scenarios of how Aragorn and Legolas might have met - these stories are usually called first meeting stories.