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The '59 Sound is the second studio album by American rock band The Gaslight Anthem, raved about The '59 Sound, writing: "Packed full of vivid imagery and storytelling that "Meet Me by the River's Edge", – BCdotWEB Oct 5 '16 at Run me like you would run a river On one end this can mean something like running his fingers through her hair but on the other end this could . I also find it to be a very sexually charged song, especially if you hear her sing it live. In particular, the lyric "when you build your house, call me home" seemed Of course Chevy chose not to include all that "end poverty, help the.

In the book "Conversations With Tom Petty," the ugly-stick-beaten rocker set the story straight. In his words, the story is an "urban legend" and was actually written while he was living in Encino, CA. The in question refers to an expressway that ran outside the apartment he lived in at the time. And unlike the Jagger song, Petty has no reason whatsoever to lie since it pretty much makes the lyrics less cool than people want to believe they are.

You might chalk that up to the crazy drum pattern a presumably coked-up Mick Fleetwood wrote to accompany the song, which Stevie Nicks composed entirely on piano. But what about the lyrics? After all, it would sound like an ordinary everyday love song, were it not for the song being written by a heterosexual woman to someone named Sara.

So what's the deal? Well, one ungodly depressing theory suggests the song is about Don Henley. And if the image of a naked Don Henley flopping his manhood around with Stevie Nicks isn't enough, it gets worse. Some have suggested the mysterious "Sara" in the song is a child Nicks was pregnant with that was aborted. Why would she abort the child? Did you miss the fact that the father was Don Henley?

In particular, the lyric "when you build your house, call me home" seemed to have particular importance as Henley was in fact in the process of building a house.

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And according to Nicks, the original version of "Sara" was minutes-long and featured several verses. Continue Reading Below Advertisement That's got all the makings of someone sharing every detail of their personal life, ill-fated relationships with Don Henley included, and then realizing how bad an idea it was, and scaling it back. At this point, people writing about either musician pretty much take it for granted that the story's true.

Plus, 18 minutes is a lot of song to fill.

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For all we know, there was a verse or two about us in there. By now, most people understand that a song about a Vietnam Vet who ends up unemployed and in jail isn't exactly an endorsement of trickle-down economics. What you might not know is that you probably made the exact same mistake as Reagan about the admittedly less awesome John Mellencamp song "Our Country. Those fucking Chevy commercials need to stop. Since approximately week three of the season, NFL fans nationwide have entered into each and every commercial break paralyzed by the fear that, at some point during the break in action, the words "The dream is still alive" will act as the harbinger that signals the beginning of the 30 least pleasurable seconds of their Sunday football watching experience.

The least pleasurable, that is, until the whole experience is repeated 15 more times throughout the game.

We apologize for the inconvenience...

And the game after that. It's not surprising that Chevy chose the song. Thanks to the ultra patriotic verse from the ad, and the whiff of almost territorial nationalism in declaring the country OURS, you can't help but think of a NASCAR infield full of flag-waving hillbillies.

If that's what comes to mind, you don't know shit about John Mellencamp. The problem is that thetimes you've heard it, the song started at this verse: I'm shyer now, and something's gone. Disguises back on, sew them to the top. But I'll change, I'll change for you. A longing to meet with death and rest with death in the comfort of a grave carved in the dirt. Part of me waits, part of me whispers, At the door to your cave, just let me in. Part of me waits, part of me whispers.

The devil is in the detail if you wait for it, Soaked to the veins. Keep knocking on wood and at the dawn of days We'll be safe in the ground together. Read my map of the ocean, Read my map of the sky. Take your brittle fingers and draw on it all your favourite contour lines. Read my map of the ocean, read my map of the sky. Carve the dirt, 'til we're safe in the ground together. Wandering, wandering eye, Leave for the Winter leave for the Spring.

Carry me home, sharp feathers. Bed for the night for the evening. It matters to me, to see you safe home. Come in and rest your bones, Come in and take good care of us. Good care of both of us. Stick figure sink into snow, falling. Ship yard cracks flint in my icy side. Waterbed rattles with footsteps, of all things lost. I'll come home to you, come in.

And I will take good care of us, Good care of both of us, Balsa drinks in, ghost words, drift above teeth, and I'll meet you in dry heaven.

Where I will take good care of us, good care of both of us. Bring your raft around. Claire discovered that her ancestor died after jumping down a well. This song imagines her sadness and fear in her last days.

Did she feel unwanted, unappreciated, unloved, looked down on? Could her death have been avoided if someone was there to listen to her sadness? And it's breaking you over the side. Dish it up with your red gloves on. You'll be their blue plate for the moment, make a new taste, With a fist in your right hand, And a palm on your left hand side.

Colour stone walls indigo as you let go, make a new shade.

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Figure this in the crisp ever burning light, Stare down cylinder from the top side. Red we glow, we glow. Echelons level tell you it's not quite, Lines carry your blood but you can't fight. Can't stay together, Wish I'd been there to listen. Rest your weight forever. Surface breaks and bodies glisten. A second in time makes another meaning, Deliver it right reach for my hand.

Nobody was there for your final meeting. Not knowing what caused it, not having any cure, even having people tell her it wasn't real and that it was imaginary. They say wait and see take it easily. Another one down for the usual order. They c'est la vie that it's make believe, And split yourself out of your cutting corner. But in the peace and quiet, be the rule every way compliant, Too soon out of body and mind spent.

Too soon for closing up, closing up. Another life spent in the time you wept on fluorescent floor corridors. Penance crept, feed your thumb and you hold it sky high. Let it spin some more. Be as energy take it all from me I'll send it to you Take my eyes to breathe take my lungs to see All of those breathtaking views.

But in the meaner times, lock away keep it all and hide it. Too soon out of body and mind spent. Too soon for closing up, shutting up. Trust is broken, each person changes and they grow apart. On target blind the bull hit, leads me to Pale blue, dead air between lovers where the shapes of us no longer fit.

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A point of detachment suits us very well, Cut holes in my shell, bleed me out. Poles apart razor sharp. Burn your shrine, break all the bells that would ring when we kiss. I shoot in a straight line but over time, you get easier to miss. And in the rust and the rubble that lies in the wake of us, It's cold and it's hush.