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See more ideas about Song Lyrics, Music and Lyrics. Summertime Sadness // Lana del Rey Wallpaper Iphone Quotes Songs, Iphone Wallpaper Tattoo. Fm Bbm Understand this, I'm not looking F# Fm For true love tonight Fm Bbm If you wanna be my little baby F# Fm You can meet me in the pale moonlight Bbm. "Summertime Sadness" by Lana Del Rey ukulele tabs and chords. Free and Kiss me hard before you go B Dancing in the dark in the pale moonlight A.

It's almost like sex — it builds, it builds, there's that moment, and then the afterglow. To go on that journey, the whole thing taken as an experience, is wonderful.

He had written the arrangement and the orchestration, and those didn't change after they got into the studio. The ones that you have to go and beat to death and get clever and do this and that, somehow they just don't have that flow. The drummer, Richard Crooks, played with brushes, not sticks; "we had to get strength without bashing," Lissauer said. The producer felt that a regular bass wasn't a big enough sound to match Cohen's vocals, low even by his usual standards, so he crafted a synthesizer bass part.

We decided to do this modified choir that was not gospel, not children; it was just sort of a people choir. We brought everyone in — the band came and sang, my ex-wife came and sang, I sang on it. In a way we were trying to get it to be a community choir sound, very humble. It got its strength from its sincerity and its focus.

Rolling Stone News on Leonard Cohen - Page 6 -

We just wanted it to be sort of everyman. And I still stand by that being what it was about — it wasn't about slickness or a gospel-y hallelujah; it was about the real hallelujah. I remember Leonard kept asking me to put more and more reverb on his voice. I love hearing the texture of his unadorned voice and I didn't want to do it. So I've never liked listening back to that recording, because I don't like the solution I arrived at. We wanted the song to keep growing bigger and bigger each chorus, but there are limitations of dynamic range on a recording, so the mix was very challenging.

The production hits the goals it was aiming for, but there's a scope, a theatricality to the arrangement that puts it at a bit of a distance — as is often the case, Cohen's work feels a bit sui generis, something that a listener either gets or doesn't, and going back to this original recording, it's difficult to hear what would make the song connect to a universal audience.

For all of its elements, the most striking aspect of the original "Hallelujah" recording, beyond the lyrics, is Leonard Cohen's own vocal performance. Such lines as "I don't even know the name" or "I did my best; it wasn't much" are delivered with a wry, weary humor, creating a real tension between the verses and the soaring, one-word chorus.

Those who know the song only through the covers that followed, many of which don't include this section, would be surprised by the additional complexities in the original.

The singing creates the sense of struggle, conflict, and resignation that then pays off in the song's climactic, closing lines. Blessed is the name. This isn't pop music. We're not releasing it. This is a disaster. His career which is documented in Fredric Dannen's definitive study of the record business, Hit Men, and in his own freewheeling auto biography, Howling at the Moon was marked by such earth shattering triumphs as Michael Jackson's Thriller and Bruce Springsteen's Born in the U.

As Cohen recounted the story, when Yetnikoff told him that he was rejecting Various Positions, he said, "Leonard, we know you're great, but we don't know if you're any good. But the '80s was all bands and MTV, and Yetnikoff might actually have been looking for a way to weed out the Leonards of the world.

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Sony wouldn't put it out, they didn't think it was good enough. So there's a certain mild sense of revenge that arose in my heart.

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In SeptemberLeonard Cohen would turn fifty. Each of his last three albums — covering a time span that reached back a full decade — had sold less than its predecessor, even in the scattered countries around the world where he did have a following. He had never placed an album in the U. Meanwhile, as Cohen was in the studio recording Various Positions, the summer of was perhaps the biggestseason in the history of the record business.

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MichaelJackson's game-changing Thriller was still riding high onthe charts, more than a year after it first came out. Since its launch inMTV had become the dominant force inpop music marketing, with a reach and an impact unlikeanything the industry had seen before, and now the world'sbiggest superstars had figured out how to take advantage ofthe exposure and opportunities that it offered.

There could be no arguing that record sales had become very big business, and were getting bigger by the day. And against that backdrop, it's not hard to imagine that a record company might have had a difficult time knowing what to do with a middle-aged artist, of an elite but very limited stature, at this precise moment in music history. As a teenager, Steiner fixed his friends' radios and would hear a variety of music, which prompted him to spend many hours listening to music broadcasts.

The interest expanded when his aunt Julianna, who worked at a music store, would bring home chipped phonographs for him to listen to, during the era when not everyone owned a phonograph player. One record that made an early impression was the Dixieland Jazz Band. Steiner was heavily influenced early on by Chicago music, partially because of its proximity to Milwaukee; it was more difficult for New York music to make its way to the Midwest.

He later said that Duke Ellington and Bix Beiderbecke were his top favorites. It was in the s that Steiner started visiting the South Side clubs. His first was the Grand Terrace in where he saw Earl Hines. During this time he wrote for Tempo magazine and was also a correspondent for Jazz Information.

In the mids, Steiner moved to Chicago and from he worked at Miner Laboratories, after which he became the Director of Chemical Research Laboratories. Steiner's interest in recording was prompted mostly through the people he knew, such as his next door neighbor Paul Edward Miller, a writer for Downbeat.

Davis worked for Seeburg, the jukebox company, and had access to equipment for pressing records. AroundSteiner and Davis started recording music in the clubs. As part of the new business, Steiner also started a "record exchange" for collectors interested in rare jazz records. Their focus was on new artists as well as reissuing records from the s and s, many of them from Paramount Records.

After Davis' departure, Steiner moved the headquarters to the Uptown Playhouse Theater, where he worked as their promoter and also lived. Steiner also managed New York Recording Laboratories in and became owner in During his time in Chicago, Steiner worked with many musicians and often hosted them at his apartment on Ashland and later at his renovated house on Greenview formerly the Kosciuszko Public Bath for social events and recording sessions. He recorded some of these musicians for the Paramount Records label and over time he also interviewed many of them.

InSteiner met Charles Sengstock and a few years later began the massive project of going through microfilmed copies of the Chicago Defender at the Chicago Public Library to create an index of clubs, venues, performances, musicians, and all instances of jazz mentioned in the paper. Steiner also started teaching chemistry at the University of Illinois-Chicago in In the s, Steiner helped found the Chicago Jazz Institute, which started as a series of concerts at places such as the Field Museum.

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