Meet the adebanjos cast of big


meet the adebanjos cast of big

Meet The Adebanjos. Bayo Adebanjo (Wale Ojo). Bayo has a way of getting her onside with all his big plans and dreams, but it's always left to her to pick up. The Award winning comedy series Meet the Adebanjos follows the day-to-day life Aunty Funke goes on a diet to lose weight for a big gala. behind the making of Meet the Adebanjos and interviews with the cast and crew. Popular UK/Nigerian TV Comedy Sitcom 'Meet The Adebanjos' To Air On Supporting cast includes a radical Pentecostal pastor, a reggae.

Here are their 5 steps to success in the TV business without mainstream support: Make very good niche content where you can easily find a community online to help you promote it: You could do the same by doing a show for gamers, single dads, women trying to lose weight etc.

Undertake a crowdfunding campaign to source funds.

meet the adebanjos cast of big

Take your time developing the show concept so that the script is amazing and then make the show for as cheap as possible without compromising on quality. You want as many people to see it as possible.

  • Producers of hit UK-African sitcom ‘Meet the Adebanjos’ share their secret to success
  • Meet The Adebanjos

Have a budget for marketing and promoting. Work on your sells pitch. Andrew says once your show has been able to generate a lot of buzz you will start getting a lot of interested from niche broadcasters, online platforms, media platforms, advertisers who think their audience will love your content.

Episode Review | Meet The Adebanjos

This is where you need to be on top of your game selling your concepts for future seasons. Love him or hate him, all he wants is to make sure there is love and harmony in the family. Even if he is often the one that disrupts it! Yetunde Oduwole Gladys is the 40 year-old wife of Bayo.

Meet the Adebanjos

She is an extrovert, and quite sociable. She is concerned with what everyone outside will think of her and her family. She comes from a higher social class background from Dad and never lets him forget that.

meet the adebanjos cast of big

As a mum she is confident, bold and loud but she commands a lot of respect from the kids. Bayo has a way of getting her onside with all his big plans and dreams, but it's always left to her to pick up the pieces when his plans inevitably fall through!

Gladys has now got to the stage in life where she is fed up of playing second fiddle to Bayo and putting up with his shenanigans. She wants to be loved, romanced, wined and dined and taken on short haul holidays to Venice Sade Adebanjo Played by: Andrea Ama Aboagye Sade is the 17 year-old daughter in the Adebanjo household.

A typically self-absorbed teenager, she's focused on making sure her father's old-fashioned values do not mess up her social life.

She is frustrated by her parents' over-protectiveness and longs to be allowed to go to more parties and events with her friends. She is single and craves a boyfriend, but has not had much luck in that department.

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Being brought up under her parents' strict ways has made her naive to things that happen in the real world and, like her father, she can be quite gullible. She is desperate to be friends with the most popular girls in college and will do anything to get in their group.

Tobi Adebanjo Played by: Daniel Anthony Tobi is the 15 year-old son of the Adebanjos.

meet the adebanjos cast of big

He's not too academically gifted but is very good with his hands and picks things up very quickly. He is a great salesman and good at hustling money out of his Mum and Dad.

meet the adebanjos cast of big

Tobi is going through puberty - voice, hair, girls and wet dreams. He considers himself some kind of ladies' man, even though has yet to kiss a girl he is just at the holding hands stage at the moment.

meet the adebanjos cast of big

As with his sister, there is a lot of pressure for him to be good at school. He tries his best but it just does not quite click, which drives his Dad nuts. Tobi mostly enjoys winding up Bayo, who he has a love-hate relationship with.