Meet the author banner stand

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meet the author banner stand

PosterGarden's Retractable Banner Stands, Banner Stands and Double Sided Banner Stands are PosterGarden can meet them — just as we did for Xbridge Systems . A Bamboo X-Banner and an intrepid author get together at Wordstock . Author Archives: newyorkbanner 7) Customize Your Vinyl Banner to Meet Your Needs. New York Banner Stands pro-active, a talented design team will be. Buy VEVOR 10' Banner Stand Adjustable Display Backdrop Lightweight Portable Trade Show Wall for Sharen Sierra author Scared Single (release).

meet the author banner stand

Make sure you know where to go. Drive there ahead of time if you have to. Figure out where parking is and where the tables are. Arrive early and setup early.

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Do not put too many of one type of book on the table. Apparent scarcity makes people more likely to buy. I usually limit myself to one display book of each type and two or three more of that type of book on the table. Use the clear plastic bags as walking advertisements. When people buy the books, I put the book into the bag—cover facing one way and the brochure facing the other, so that whichever way the plastic bag is carried, people passing by see something about my books.

Find a way to pull people in. Often, people will just walk past booths when attending a fair.

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Decide your priorities and consequently, your pricing strategy. Why are you at the fair? Are you there to get your books into as many hands as possible, make as much money as possible, or dump inventory not an unworthy goal My goal, always, was to get books into as many hands as possible, and therefore, I offered discounts.

Basically, the reader makes out with a steal, and I make about the same as I would if Amazon sold the books for me. The Miami Book Fair, however, was a bust.

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And that, my friends, is the final lesson of this excessively long blog post. Some book fairs will work better for you than others. MegaCon draws in the science fiction and fantasy crowds. My books fit in there perfectly. The Miami Book Fair, however, was populated by people looking for steep bargains.

meet the author banner stand

Use this space to highlight the benefits of your product or service, shout about your price or showcase the quality in your goods. It also provides you with an area to reinforce your brand. Create areas in your shop: Banner stands in particular can help you create different areas in your shop that will provide customers with all the information they will need on your goods or services.

Let banners guide the customer around your store and act as a silent salesperson. A final reason to consider investing in banner stands and vinyl banners is their storage benefits. The ease of storing these products and the lack of space they take up make them an ideal marketing tool for seasonal promotions. Are you getting the most from using banner stands and vinyl banner displays in your shop?

meet the author banner stand

Get in touch with our team of experts today to see how Digital Printing can help you create even more impact in your shop. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter and let us know how you are currently using banners to promote your business products or services.

New York Banner Stands. These goodies not only build good will, but also serve as a reminder of your business long after you pack up your convention display stand!

Pass out sales information.

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Stock a good supply of business cards to distribute at your convention display stand. Also consider sales flyers, brochures or even USB thumb drives with product or service specifications.

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Pass out lower-cost versions to all. Save your more deluxe items for those who express genuine interest. Or, use the promise of a better brochure as an excuse to follow-up after the show in person or by mail to keep the sales contact strong.

Create and show a video. Use it to introduce your company, explain your products or services, and demonstrate their benefits. Projection screens or large-screen computers at your custom display will attract attention and help present your story. Serving cookies, chocolates, coffee, soft drinks or water can be a strategic way to attract visitors to your convention display stand.

meet the author banner stand

Bags, packages, candy bars or water bottles labeled with your company logo can satisfy their thirst or hunger — and your branding outreach needs!