Meet the beaver


meet the beaver

CORVALLIS – High expectations cannot be escaped these days with Oregon State women's basketball. The Beavers are on a five-year NCAA. Beaver Dam High School is this year's host of the Badger North Conference Cross Country Meet, on Saturday, October 13, Site: Beaver Dam Country Club. Deanna Beaver was a busy stay-at-home mom when she decided to go back to work. She knew she had a knack for helping others get their things in order.

How do you help clients get past this hurdle so you can get to work?

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Many clients are embarrassed about how disorganized their homes have become. We want to let them know that they are not alone and that we do not judge.

meet the beaver

We are there to help them get their homes to where they want them to be. What have you learned from one of your clients? I had a client who had a small coat closet and used a clear, over-the-door shoe organizer for her snow hats and gloves. What are some of your personal favorites when it comes to organizing products?

I love over-the-door hooks. They are great to use in bathrooms to hang robes or towels on. We have them even in the guest bath, which our guests can use for towels or hanging their travel toiletry bags on. I also work with juveniles through protective services.

Starting my day at drop-off with a bright smile and seeing smiles on the campers face, ready to start the day. Elisabeth Guenette, Dance Specialist Education: I am currently student teaching!

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The before, during, and after of camp dance performances. Last summer was my fifth year at Beaver, and I am looking forward to a sixth! When not at Beaver: My favorite camper moment is a time at the pool when a Beaver camper showed a lot of kindness and compassion.

I introduced her to another camper in the pool who I knew would be open to having a third buddy. I am a nice girl! One of my hobbies is making cookies with my little sister, Natalie. Who also works at Beaver! I am a rower, which takes up most of my time, but I also enjoy writing, dancing, and playing soccer! Gathering all the Middle, Upper, and Senior campers into the gym every year for the Fourth of July celebration. I am currently applying to college to become an English teacher!

I teach aerial skills to students of all ages and levels in Montreal and all around the United States through workshops and Master Classes. I have been creating and consulting on solo and group circus acts for more than a decade with Circus Smirkus and other companies, and recently directed a show that appeared in the Montreal Completement Cirque Festival.

Sometimes I still take to the air on my trapeze or aerial silk! Watching what spectacular shows all the other performing arts programs create in such a short amount of time! I graduated from Barnard College pre-med and teach structural anatomy and neuro-muscular awareness as a fully certified Pilates instructor.

I work as a special education teaching assistant at Pierce Elementary School in Newton Favorite camp moment: Watching campers catch huge waves on surfing Fridays Interesting fact: I make very convincing animal sounds. One day while hiking in the woods, one camper asked me to bark, and sure enough a real dog started barking back from a distance.

meet the beaver

We all laughed and got a little frightened. Currently attending Colorado College When not at Beaver: I…Go to school at Colorado College. To welcome our new Jr.

meet the beaver

YSP Beavers for the Scouting Year, these Beavers reflected on their recent Scouting excursions and camps, sharing their adventures to practice their writing and storytelling skills!

We got to sleep in a cabin with all our friends, we went on hikes and ate hot dogs, but my favourite part of camp was the obstacle course!

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It had tightrope walking, big walls to climb and even a swinging rope. I was a bit scared to swing for the first time but it was the most fun and I was really brave after that.

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Me, Mom and Dad walked with the Scouts together. My mom and I built an igloo together. I went through a tunnel built with snow—it was fun! I went skiing on a little hill, and then Mom, my dad and I went to a larger one. My dad went further and further until we could not even see him a little bit.