Meet the bloggers creed

Blogger Holiday Event at Jeptha Creed - Bourbon, Lipstick, and Stilettos

meet the bloggers creed

Richard Siklos, “Meet Arianna Huffington ,” Fortune, October 29, , Andrew Sullivan, “A Blogger's Creed,” Time, September 27, , p. Smolkin . Meet the Blogger® is the place for social influencers and brands in interior, design, and lifestyle who are at the forefront of online publishing. Meet the Blogger. Meet the Bloggers, sometimes called MTB, is the best non-INTA event at INTA. Read about it at the TTABlog and at the Ant-Like Persistence Blog and at the.

It all started in with a simple idea: Blogging was a hobby for many of us. The first event took place in a small hotel in Amsterdam with Holly Becker from Decor8 as our fantastic key-note. In the past 7 years we hosted more than 25 national and international blogger events in Amsterdam, London, Stockholm, Barcelona and Copenhagen.

In addition to our events, we started to receive requests from brands on how to work with social influencers. We started to help them and discovered a new vertical for Meet the Blogger.

meet the bloggers creed

We have introduced Social Influencer Programs and Blogger Engagement Programs for many brands and nowadays this Influencer Marketing practice is growing rapidly. The future of Meet the Blogger After a great meeting with our team last February we came to the conclusion that it was time for a change of direction for Meet the Blogger.

meet the bloggers creed

We continue to meet the online world offline with Meet the Blogger events. And we will extend our business to connect brands with the best social influencers with influencer marketing programs. Our business model is based on a lean and mean organization with a network of freelancers combined with an ever growing community of social influencers. Whether you are a social influencer or a brand, we hope we will meet you in the near future!

Meet the Blogger helps Brabantia to find the best fit between the influencers and the brand to reach their goals. As requested there will be an optional program on Friday 30 September to explore Amsterdam and mingle with other bloggers.

meet the bloggers creed

You can book your stay at this hotel for a reduced price through this link. Since we started to work with social influencers in different formats.

Blogger Holiday Event at Jeptha Creed

Then this one is for you! Come and join Andres and Joyce for one day and become a Pro! They focus on interior, lifestyle and travel photography.

The best way to describe their photography is visual storytelling, editorial style. An active program where you will work in small groups on different styling and photography sets. You will also build your own with props and furniture in the beautiful showroom of Vitra.

meet the bloggers creed

It all materialized when Mr. I remember meeting Mr.

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That was back when I was in high school. I cleared a couple of his doubts on how to monetize internet assets and that lead to a brief meeting. I eventually got him to start a blog about what he was most passionate about-Politics and Religion. That was around 2 years ago and now his blogs are read by over 10 Million people every month.

The other two members are Aman Dixit and Jatin Monga.

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They have supported me since the formation of the company. The strange fact was that they were actually buying it! So, that is when I realised, if they can sell this crap, I can do it better than them. This lead me to the 4 areas where most bloggers face tons of challenges, a. Technology Most bloggers tend to find their comfort zones in the easy to use third party platforms like WordPress.

meet the bloggers creed