Meet the boyfriend tag questions

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meet the boyfriend tag questions

Then what about some romantic boyfriend tag questions to assess his love? More than tag When did I first meet your family? Which is my favorite ice. This tag is a series of questions that you ask your boyfriend, that are designed to test your If I could meet one YouTuber, who would it be? Boyfriend / girlfriend 30 tag questions. When/where did we meet? When did you meet my parents? Where/when was our first kiss? Who said "I.

Where was our first trip together? Who is the dominant one in our relationship? Which of my hobbies do you find the least interesting?

Who usually wins our arguments? What do we usually argue about? How long do I need in the morning to get ready? Am I a morning or an evening person? If you could change anything about me, what would it be? I am at the zoo. Where will I spend all of my day? Have I ever practiced an instrument? What was my first job? Where am I on a Friday night? How do I spend my vacations? What is my weirdest interest? What will I order?

What did you learn from me? What TV show do I like that you hate? Who is the organized one in the relationship? Who is more jealous? What will I spend it on?

What celebrity would I love to meet the most? If I was an animal, which one would I be? However, the most important thing is that you have fun. So just pick questions that seem fun to you. This boyfriend tag video by Zoella was almost 25 minutes long: If you have more ideas for questions, please put them in the comments! Looking forward to reading about your ideas. Am I suffering from any health hazard lately? What is the meaning of my recent body art?

How many tattoos do I have? Which is my favorite movie sequel? What is the name of my first school? What is the name of my favorite teacher? How many marks did I get on my favorite subject in my last exam?

Do you like my nose? What is the exact color of my hair? Which is my favorite subject? What is my motto in life? Where do I want to see myself within the next few years? Introvert, extrovert or ambivert — what would you call me? Am I a technical person? In which niche, I have a great interest? Have I ever publicly brawled with anyone? Who is the one makes peace, after a long and tiring fall out?

What is the one thing I like in a guy? Which profession would suit me the most? What was my best childhood memory? Which is the most horrific nightmare I often see? Which is my favorite Disney character? Am I a princess in my imagination? Am I a Barbie doll kind of girl? Have I ever pranked on you ever?

Which thing can turn me on? What is one thing I always keep on my wish list? Am I a dedicated person? What is the one thing about me inspire you the most? What is the nickname that I call you by? Do I reveal my age easily? Boyfriend Tag Questions for Matured Couples If you are in a relationship for a long time now, then it is obvious that your relationship is much mature than anyone. So, questionnaires for matured couples would have more depth. Where is our wedding destination located? How many anniversaries have we spent together?

In percentage, how much do you know about me? What is the one thing that scares me the most? Is there anything that I really hate? When was our first drive together? How would you define our relationship?

How many ratings would you give to our compatibility? Is there anything bothering between our relationship? How difficult is it to understand me? What is the one thing you hate about me? Honestly, am I the one whom you saw in your dreams? How would you define our chemistry altogether? Is there anything I have hidden from you, that you found out recently? What is the one food I love more than anything else?

Am I a philosophical person? Do I believe in God? Are there any supernatural incidents that have happened to me? Am I a patriotic person? Who is the more grounded and matured person in our relationship? What is the one thing I can do incessantly? How happy are you to have me in your life? Am I a friendly and social person? Over which matter we fight often? What is the one advice I often give to you? What is the age gap between us?

Who is more complicated between us? Has anyone ever tried to break our relationship? What is the one thing that makes us special? How often do we fight? Which type of cake do I want to order on my birthday? What is the one attribute I am blessed with?

If situation arrives, then can I fight with people? What is the weakness of our relationship? Which online shopping platform I use often? What are the grocery things I buy every month? Do I love my job? What is my favorite hobby? Am I doing my dream job right now? Have I ever been a victim of internet bully?


How do I address you in the morning? What do I prepare for you every morning? Which apps do I use on a regular basis? Am I a fan of social media apps? Where have we clicked our best picture together? Am I a beach lover or mountain lover? Do I check your phone often? Have I ever suspected you over another person?

Do I try to dominate you? Am I a horny kind of person? Do I often criticize you?

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Which thing about you makes me proud? In which place, we often go for an adventure? How many scores would you give my spontaneous mind?

Which is the first horror movie we watched together? Which is my favorite season? So, which is my favorite seasonal fruit? Which kind of beverage can turn me on? What is the shape of my body? Do I have a perfect figure and posture? Am I attached to anything? Which fast food have I taken last night? At night when I do feel cravings for sweet things, what do I eat? Is there anything about me that upsets you often?

Which thing do I like to buy the most? Am I obsessed with anything? What is the best attire I have in my wardrobe? Am I for or against skin lightening treatment? Do I want to lie under the knife to feel more beautiful? What is the one fast food that I eat every week? Who preaches the most between us? When is the time when we first went for a beach walk? Last time, when we went for an awesome lunch together? In which restaurant or place, we went for our second date? What is the most unexpected thing I did on our first date?

Do I have power in my eyes? What is my ring finger size? So, what is my current weight? What is the one quality of yours attracts me the most?

Am I a gamer? Do I love to learn new things every day? Is there anything I do every day to make me a better person? What did your mom say when I met her for the first time? How many cousins do I have? What was the flavor of the cake that I baked for the first time solely for you? Where do I want to live after our marriage? How should my wedding dress look like?

Is there any dream I have that I want to fulfill as soon as possible? Dancing or singing — which thing I do flawlessly? Do I love to watch comedy movies? Last time, when did we go for a stand-up comedy show? Do I love opera? Which is my favorite movie forever? Which software am I an expert at? How do I control my emotions? How many piercings I have on my body? Have we ever fought physically? Which brand of coffee is my favorite?

How many ratings would you give me for my cooking? Have I ever gifted you any soft toy? Have I ever blamed you for anything? What did I gift you on our second date? What is the most expensive perfume I have on my shelf? Is there any makeup item that I have forgotten to apply today? How many best buddies I have in my life? What is the meaning of the nickname that I gave to you? Have you ever felt pissed off with me? At any point of time in life, have you ever thought of leaving me?

Would you rather go for a beach walk or a movie night? When did I lose my virginity? Have we ever become really naughty and dirty at the same time? So, what was the time when I passionately kissed you on your lips? What is the most unique dish I have ever prepared for you?

Have I ever made anything unique? So, what is the name of the dress that I bought recently for myself? Which color is dominating my wardrobe? In which year we celebrated our Haloween together? So, what was the costume I wore on my first ever costume party?

How was my hair pattern when I was at school? So, is there anything daring I did recently? Do I use anything fake? How cool fake eyelashes look on my face? Who is the most dominating one in our relationship? What is the vacation trip I am planning? What is the most unusual talent I have? Have I ever lied to you? How many relationships I had prior to you? When was the day, you met my family members?

Mom or dad, with whom I have a resemblance? Am I over ambitious? Have you ever felt bad to be with me? Where did you first find me? How many kids am I going to adopt after marriage? If we ever land in a haunted house after our marriage, then what would you do? Would you let yourself in danger to save me? What is the web series I am enjoying lately? How long do I take to get ready? How many makeup brushes do I have? Donalds, then what will I order?

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If I suddenly win a lumpsum amount of money, then what will I do with that? Am I a person who loves to do charity work? Do you feel that I am kind of a showy person? What is the one white lie I often tell you, and you also know that? Have we ever been to the nearby zoo? So, Which type of sandwich do I love to eat? So, which type of music do I dislike the most? When did we hug for the first time? How long are we in a relationship tell the exact year, month, and day?

So, which is the sexiest piece of lingerie I have ever bought? Am I enough to turn you on? So, have I ever verbally abused you? What is the emoji I use often? So, what is the brand of my sunglass? Which brand of mobile am I using lately? So, have I ever lost my keys? Have I ever lost any electronic gadget? So, am I afraid of the dark? What is the brand of my laptop? So, what is the smartest thing I have done recently?

Musky, woody or floral — which is my type of fragrance? Am I a body mist or Deodorant loving person? Do I like to wear loud and vibrant colors or soft and beautiful colors? Last time, when did I visit a hospital? Who generally wins between us in a fight? If I take your love taken for granted, then would you like that?

Am I afraid of an insect? In which kind of attires, you wish to see me? Do you feel that I am attractive and seductive at the same time? What is the one thing that can save our relationship from any danger or hurdle? So, how would you describe my complexion? Have you ever felt that I am a racist? So, am I good at keeping promises? Have I ever broken your trust? So, would you ever change yourself for me? Tell 3 good things about me. So, which food do I eat when I am sad? Cereal or Oatmeal — what is my preference?

So, Vegetarian or Omnivorous — which type is me? How long can I stay outside? So, how many times do I call you on an average day? Kids or pets — who do I love the most? So, which salon do I visit quite often? Which brand of shoe do I wear mostly? So, what did I gift you on your first birthday that we celebrated together? Which accessory of yours do I wear on a regular basis? When did I change my job? Are you happy with my work and my colleagues?

If ever, you find some bad people around me, then what would you do to convince me that the influence is bad? What is the difference in our heights? Have I ever done anything humorous that made you embarrassed in public? If a mob of public becomes angry with me, then what would you do? So, whom did I talk last on my phone? Big predators or reptiles -confrontation with which one can surely give me a heart attack? So, how many places have we visited together?

How many hours do I sleep? So, is there any fitness app I use often? Which gadget is my favorite? So, what is the brand of headphone I am using lately? Do I love to eat crispy snacks or cheesy snacks? So, do I love baked food or whole fat food? How many moles do I have on my face? Which spa do I visit often? Is there any skin treatment I am looking for right now? Do I have oily or dry skin?

A pimple prone skin or acne prone skin — what is my skin type? So, what am I planning to do this month end? Silk or cotton — which is my favorite garment material? So, with makeup or without makeup — which one makes me look good?

meet the boyfriend tag questions

Which picture of us have I framed and kept at my office desk? So, which photo of yours I have in my purse? Is there any memento of love, I have still kept with me?

meet the boyfriend tag questions

So, which type of veggies do I love to eat? Frozen foods or fresh foods — what is my all-time favorite? Do I love guys, who have dark skin or light skin? So, in the past few years, how much have I changed? What is the common thing between us?

Am I loyal to any particular brand? Is there particularly anything, that I look for in a person before befriended the person? What is the one thing I like to take on my morning bed? Am I a shy or bold person? What is the sweetest thing my father has ever told you? So, what is the cutest message I have ever sent you? How many ratings would you give to my romanticism? So, how many hours do I spend at my office? Which characteristics were you looking for in your girlfriend?

How different am I from your ex-girlfriends? One food item that my parents used to feed me forcibly because it was good for me? What do I eat when I feel sweety tooth? What is the first thing your parents told me when they met me?

How do you feel when my mood swings aggressively? What is my favorite Thai cuisine? Which cuisine did we try for the first time together? What was my first science project? In which subject, I failed at school? If I were not accepted your proposal, then what could you have done? In which city, I want to celebrate our 25th anniversary?