Meet the cast of star wars force awakens spoilers

The best thing about ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ is also the worst thing about it – BGR

meet the cast of star wars force awakens spoilers

Rey Finn Kylo Ren Star Wars Episode 7 Force Awakens Characters for Star Wars 7 spoilers, check out our Biggest Force Awakens Spoilers and .. Finn, Rey , and Poe Dameron will meet a diverse host of alien inhabitants. Everything you need to know about the release of Star Wars: The Last 15 — nearly two years to the day after the debut of its predecessor, The Force Awakens — and will continue the story of Is it someone we've never met before? .. Laura Dern and Benicio Del Toro are joining the cast as Dameron's. Below is the full plot of Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens. Finn and Rey meet Han solo, and get to see what BB-8 is carrying, an incomplete map of.

Sarco Plank must wear a specialized mask that keeps his native atmosphere circulating through his alien lungs. Tasu Leech - Tasu Leech leads the notorious Kanjiklub gang, an intergalactic criminal organization.

Guavian Gang - The security soldiers of the Guavian Gang wear high impact armor that makes them stand out from other deadly criminals. Constable Zuvio - A vigilant law officer on a mostly lawless world, the tough and humorless Constable Zuvio keeps order in a frontier trading post. Unkar Plutt - A Jakku junk dealer. As indicated, this is only a partial list - based on official announcements and reveals. Did we miss anyone?

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  • The best thing about ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ is also the worst thing about it
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Sound off in the comments - and we'll update the guide with new information, images, and characters right up until the release of Star Wars: Finn and Rey hide underneath and decide to trap the gang members by shutting the doors down.

They push the wrong buttons and as a result trophy beasts that Han Solo has locked up are released and eat members of both gangs alive. One of the beasts grabs a hold of Finn and drags him to be eaten.

Chewbacca, Han Solo, Finn, and Rey all head to the Millennium Falcon, where escape and head to a green planet where Han Solo has a person that can help them deliver the map of Luke Skywalker to the resistance forces. Once there Han offers Finn a job to be his co-pilot, but she declines wishing to go back home.

'Star Wars 7': Major Character & Twist Spoilers Revealed

In the meantime, the first order has their new death star ready and the master overlord fires at a resistance planet, destroying it completely. This new death star draws power from stars and shoots four lasers to completely eliminate planets, and is multiple times bigger than the original death star.

They head to a temple that has a bar inside, similar to the cantina in previous star wars films.

meet the cast of star wars force awakens spoilers

Once there, they are spotted and both the resistance and the first order know where the drone BB-8 is and send forces to the planet. However, once she touches to grab it she sees her childhood along with Kylo Ren. She falls down and Han Solo, Chewbacca, Finn, and the contact find her.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Spoilercast [Spoilers] - Rooster Teeth

They tell her to grab the light saber but Ren runs into the woods. The contact then gives the light saber to Finn. The temple is quickly surrounded and they surrender. But not before Finn kills a storm trooper with a lightsaber, the first time we see it in battle.

Kylo Ren finds Rey and put the light saber to her head.

meet the cast of star wars force awakens spoilers

However, the resistance forces are spotted and Kylo Ren uses the force to knock Rey unconscious and takes her aboard his ship. Meanwhile, Finn runs after the fleeing ship and vows to get Rey back. As the resistance forces land, General Leia appears and engages in banter with Han Solo. They then fly to the resistance base headquarters, filmed in the UK.

As the rebel forces prepare to attack Leia and Solo embrace, and quickly talk about Kylo Ren, their son. Han still believes his son can be saved. Solo, Chewbacca, and Finn take the Millennium Falcon via hyperspace warp drive to avoid detection by the first order. They get out of hyperspace right before hitting the surface and crash land into the snowy planet. Solo asks what Finn did while he was in the first order.

He says in sanitation, and Solo gets agitated that Finn lied to the resistance command. Finn says he has an idea.

meet the cast of star wars force awakens spoilers

In the meantime, Rey wakes up from her unconsciousness and sees Kylo Ren. She taunts him and as a result he puts his mask down and reveals his face. He then tries to read her mind like he did with Poe Daemeron.

However, she discovers the force and calls him a coward, forcing him back and talk with his master overlord, who orders him to bring her to him. Meanwhile Chewbacca, Solo, and Finn sneak into the new death star and trap Captain Phasma and compel her to lower the shields of the new death star. The resistance ships then attack, but produce limited damage and are chased back into space by the first order tie fighters.

Suddenly you didn't care about your main character anymore. Abrams was named director in Januarywith Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg as project consultants. The first draft was completed in six weeks.

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Kennedy admitted that "we haven't mapped out every single detail [of the sequel trilogy] yet", but said that Abrams was collaborating with The Last Jedi director Rian Johnsonand that Johnson would work with Episode IX's then-director Colin Trevorrow to ensure a smooth transition and that "everybody's got a say in how we move forward with this". I don't like that. Actors testing had strict nondisclosure agreements, preventing them, their agents or their publicists from commenting on their involvement.

Jordan[] and Lupita Nyong'o [] auditioned for new characters; industry publications reported Jesse Plemons was considered, possibly for Luke Skywalker's son; [] Adam Driver for an unnamed villain; [] and Maisie Richardson-Sellers for an unknown character.

The announcement was originally planned for May 4 Star Wars Daybut was announced early for fear of media leaks.

In FebruaryAbrams said filming would begin in May and last about three months.