Meet the cast survivor philippines rc

Meet the cast of Survivor: Philippines |

meet the cast survivor philippines rc

Survivor: Cagayan · TV Wednesday: Survivor returns with Cagayan edition · Protesters from South Korea wear masks of Dennis Rodman and a pig, symbolizing. S25 R.C. Saint-Amour Survivor One World, Survivor Philippines, Hot Bikini, Amazing. Read it. R.C. Saint-Amour. Survivor Philippines Meet the Cast. Survivor . Photo Gallery - Meet the Cast of Survivor: Philippines! Roberta “RC” Saint- Amour (27). This investment banker from New York, NY, is no stranger to athletic .

Annoying people and inefficiency. Outgoing, headstrong and exuberant. A good book that I could read over and over again. A puppy, so I can have at least one loyal friend. A radio to listen to music and news. None - I'm an original. There's no one like me! I have been a huge fan of "Survivor" since the beginning.

I want to be on the show to win sole survivor and prove to myself that I can do it. I would be a great physical asset for the team. I am mentally tough and very little bothers me. I have the perfect combination of physical and mental strengths. I'm an athlete and have been a competitive swimmer since the age of 5. I hold a masters All-American title, earned 12 Top 10 national master's records in the last four years, held numerous college and high school records.

I ran a half Boston marathon without training and swam the English Channel. As an investment banker, I'm very analytical and have survived Wall Street and the fall of Bear Stearns. Artis Silvester 53 Tribe Designation: Computer Engineer Personal Claim to Fame: My ex-wife - she's my light, my strength, my everything.

I pray everyday that we are brought back together. Martial arts, motorcycle riding and bowling. Traffic, know-it-all people, bullies or people that prey or pick on those weaker than themselves. Spontaneous sometimes explosiveopinionated and competitive.

meet the cast survivor philippines rc

I'm a combination of Rudy, Rupert and James. I have Rudy and Rupert's cunning leadership and likability. I have James's physical appeal - even at The million-dollar prize and the chance for the experience of a lifetime. Plus, I'm tired of yelling and screaming at my TV about how the contestants are playing. I have physical and mental strength, creativity, adaptability and a sense of humor.

I'm an incredible manipulator and I have an uncanny ability to remain calm in stressful situations. When the odds are stacked against me that is when I shine the most. Although I'm definitely no angel, I believe I do have a guardian angel watching over me.

meet the cast survivor philippines rc

No one has been more persistent than me to be on the show, and it is because I know I can win if given the chance. Denise Stapley 41 Tribe Designation: Cedar Rapids, Iowa Occupation: Sex Therapist Personal Claim to Fame: The decision to leave the safety and stability of my previous job to open my own business is without a doubt my proudest accomplishment. It took planning and preparation to make that transition smooth and successful.

It also took some serious courage to risk the financial security I had. At this point in my life, I struggle to identify any one hero, but a hero in my eyes is someone who follows their passion. Life is what you make it, folks Determined, energetic and goofy.

meet the cast survivor philippines rc

A seriously sturdy jogging bra - no one needs to see my 40 year-old ta-tas dangling out. This is for function, not fashion. My baseball cap or pink do-rag - sheer comfort and a reflection of who I really am. My favorite picture of my husband and daughter for motivation and connection with them. I really like Stephenie from "Survivor: She has sheer willpower and determination.

That is what drives me. Believe it or not, for the experience! At work, I have to be able to engage and connect on some level with every person who walks through my door. I'm also a worker bee who will seek out ways to help camp life run smoothly.

I have a job that requires the ability to engage people to share very personal information and gain their trust to know it will remain confidential. My motto in business, life and now "Survivor" is "keep it simple, keep it smart. Carter Williams 24 Tribe Designation: I motivate and inspire. Personal Claim to Fame: Graduating college while running all four years. I see what he has done for me!

The guy has a heart of a champ! Surfing, running and eating meals with friends. Ambitious, inspiring I'm a dreamer and lighthearted.

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Journal - to document my thoughts. A rope swing - because a rope swing on your own private island My mom - she would dominate!

'Survivor: Philippines': Meet the Cast! |

I want to play in challenges with a lot of heart like Ozzy did, but I think I have a personality that is more similar to Erik Reichenbach or Fabio. All the people in my generation who say, "Oh I could win that show. I bring people together and make them laugh. I'm a leader, and I'm probably one of the best tree climbers. I'm competitive but down to earth. I won't slack off and I'm physically built, like a lot of past winners. Peter "Pete" Yurkowski 24 Tribe Designation: Engineering Graduate Personal Claim to Fame: Graduating with an engineering degree and putting it on the back burner.

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Got to do what you love. Going to bars and meeting girls, going to the gym and making beats. Stupid people definitely sit at No. But, here goes the list: Crazy, funny, manipulative and intelligent. My stuffed pillow pet turtle named Hambone. He is coming, because Hambone goes where I go. He will be an icon for the show. Plus, how can girls not melt when they find out that one of the things I brought was a stuffed animal.

A bottle of rum. Grandpa would be proud. Abi-Maria Gomes and Roberta "R.

Meet the cast of Survivor: Philippines

Michael recognized her right away, but she told him that her child star past would probably hurt her in the game, so she's not saying anything. Michael may have the experience, but he is also accident-prone.

Already, he gave himself cuts on the foot, fingers and head. Each team was split into pairs. The first pair would have to race into the jungle while connected to their partner and climb up a cargo net to retrieve paddles that they handed off to the next pair, who would canoe out to a safe in the ocean that they had to bring back to the beach, so that the last pair could solve the puzzle inside to win.

Have you seen this exclusive sneak peek from Glee?! Starting off last, Kalabaw shocked everyone by winning first, giving them immunity and a fire-starting kit. Tandang, who had the lead, got second, also getting immunity and flint. Unfortunately, Matsing had to go to Tribal Counsel. Zane threw himself on the chopping block, which seemed strange, but it was all part of a tactic. It seemed to be working.

Everyone begged Zane to stay.

meet the cast survivor philippines rc