Meet the cimorelli family names

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meet the cimorelli family names

And all of them are sisters. They named their band Cimorelli because it is their Family name. They are a singing group that became famous by. I grew up the third oldest in a family of 11 kids. my five sisters and I started a band together, and named it our last name, Cimorelli. the people we've met, the strength and courage we gained from nine years of falling down. Cimorelli Sisters. Up at Night, is the name of the first album written entirely by the band themselves, a collection of songs about things that gnaw.

Co-incidentally, Cimorelli indirectly owes some of their fame to Mr. Bieber and Cimorelli target the same age group of fans, something youngest member Dani referenced in the show when she applauded the fans for being at the Cimorelli gig and not the Bieber gig, laughing to say that she might not have been quite so dedicated to the CimFam had she been given a choice between the two. Outside the queues were long when the doors opened and the fans continued to trickle in right up until the start.

meet the cimorelli family names

A crowd of around maybe plus had decided against Bieber and for Cimorelli. The fans walked in and immediately joined the huddle with each other as close as they could get to the stage whilst my wife and I hung back to take everything in. The passionate crowd was a fair split between American teens and German teens, despite being in the middle of Germany, the American presence in the area is large, owing to the large military bases in the area, for many of these youngsters the opportunity to see a band that tours heavily in the states and visits Europe only once a year is an opportunity not to be missed.

The band have covered many songs and built their fame on their amazing harmonies covering popular pop songs, but this show was about the material they had created and recorded themselves. The album Up at Night out for around 6 months at the time of writing, was written by all of the band using their own experiences and heartaches for inspiration. The lyrics for some of these songs are mature well beyond their years and some force you to identify with the band as you remember what it was like to be a year-old at school.

Things like unrequited crushes, feeling misunderstood by family or friends, or just feeling lonely and helpless. Material that even a year-old guy can associate with, because some of these struggles are universal regardless of age. The concert is an emotional one, with the girls at times visibly moved by the power of their own words and the audiences reactions to it.

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At one point, it definitely got a little dusty in the room as Lisa Cimorelli, belted out a song about family. I quickly laughed at myself for getting caught up in that moment and it is a strong compliment to the skilled song writing of the girls.

We grew up in a small, quiet town on the way up to the mountains. After picking up all the instruments needed to make up a band, we started playing little shows around Northern California. Anything we could get, really — harvest festivals, church events.

Meet the Cimorelli Band

Our proudest gig- the State Fair. At this point, singing covers on YouTube was kind of a newer, pretty unusual idea. We thought it was kind of crazy, but we did it anyway.

From seeing that video, a year-old girl in London whose mom was a successful manager reached out to us. She connected us with her mom, and this gave us an open door into the music industry. We started driving down seven hours to Los Angeles on weekends to sing for record labels. Several months after the cover was posted, we had a record deal with Universal, and our entire family moved down to the L.

We spent five years living there.

Meet the CIMORELLI Family

Countless writing sessions with dozens of producers — big names and up-and-coming ones. Our YouTube channel was getting millions of views and became one of the top 50 music channels in the world.

meet the cimorelli family names

They also have five brothers, who sometimes appear in the girls' videos. The original members of the group were Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy and Lauren, who launched the band in Their covers and original songs feature their signature harmonies and are more often then not acappella. The solos are split up between the six of them on every song.

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Harmony parts are assigned according to vocal range and lyrical age-appropriateness. Because the girls do not swear and have many younger fans, they sometimes change the lyrics of a song they are covering to make it more age-appropriate.

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History Inthe five oldest girls and oldest brother, Mike Cimorelli Jr. Each song was written by Christina and Lauren with the vocal harmonies arranged by Lisa.

It was not officially released under a record label.