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Tell us a little bit about your love for Goya. Goya was a very radical painter in the sense that he really rejected the idea of being a subject of the court.

Meetings - Condo Law for Albertans

And even though those were the subjects of many of his paintings, he was still able to find a way to inject his own sort of internal madness into the painting. And he's so skilful and so technically gifted that I've always just loved his take on portraiture. I was looking at this painting ["The Countess of Carpio"], saying I remember this from the Louvre when I was in Paris, and I wanted to do improvisations on that painting, so I did three of them.

When you say he puts the madness into his paintings, is that an approach that you also adopt in your own work? More or less any form of hysteria and any kind of extreme of human emotion, is what's most interesting to me. Meet the 'accidental' art dealer who made Banksy Was Andy Warhol one of your influences? Andy Warhol was definitely influential to me. The idea of having it seem so easy, it just looked like you know; he just pushed it out.

But when I worked there as a kid infor about 9 months, I saw how much of a perfectionist he was at getting what he wanted out of the paintings. And then I realized there were points where he worked on the surface of a painting with a mop, like on the "Ladies and Gentlemen" paintings, and he would just sort of mop random colors on and then go over it with a black screen.

And so I started to think, maybe I should just paint some really random colors and then go over them with these dark black lines, but then I painted into them. He impacted the way that you start with one thing, and then you move to the next step and so on, to get a painting done. The subject matter [of my paintings] is completely different, which is interesting as well.

I think that one thing that is really important for artists is that you can paint like anyone you want, you just can't paint what they painted.

From Kanye West to Goya: George Condo on the art of influence

We sent a dancer through the streets of Hong Kong. Here's what happened These are definitely artists with a lasting legacy. In your own work, what legacy are you injecting into your paintings? I think the legacy of my painting will be the fact that they maintain a life beyond the artist. That they are alive, that there's really somebody real inside of these kind of abstract figures, that you can feel the soul of somebody.

You listen to music while you're painting. What do you listen to? For example, if an AGM was scheduled for a Tuesday and there were not enough people at the meeting to form a quorum, then it must be adjourned to next Tuesday.

The adjourned AGM must also be held at the same place and time. People present at the adjourned AGM will be entitled to vote, regardless of whether a quorum was formed at that meeting.

Always check your registered bylaws for any further guidance on Quorum. Voting rights All condominium unit owners have a right and responsibility to vote. Anyone eligible to vote can do so personally or by proxy.

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Voting by proxy means a person at the meeting can vote on behalf of a person who is not present but entitled to vote. If an owner owes money to the corporation for example, condo contributions or fees for 30 days or more prior to a vote, the owner loses his or her right to vote.

Check your registered bylaws for any further guidance on voting rights. Voting methods The two most common voting methods are show of hands or poll. A show of hands is the most common voting method. Each person who is entitled to vote has one vote.

Poll voting is a form of voting directed by the chair of the meeting.

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With poll voting, the number of votes that each person has will correspond to their unit factors. The condominium bylaws may outline other voting methods.

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Votes can be given personally or by proxy at a general meeting. A proxy is someone who is authorized to attend the meeting and vote on your behalf. To vote by proxy, you will need to get someone to vote on your behalf and provide a written authorization that the person is your proxy.

Often, the chair of the meeting usually the President of the corporation can cast a vote to break the tie. Check your registered bylaws for any further guidance on voting methods.

Resolutions There are two kinds of resolutions that owners and mortgagees will vote on at meetings. Check your registered bylaws for any further guidance on passing resolutions. Minutes The minutes are a formal record of a meeting. The minutes include a summary of matters reported on, discussions, and decisions made or tabled.

A condo corporation and its board of directors should keep minutes of all meetings and must, by law, make the minutes available to owners, mortgagees, and purchasers of a condo unit.