Meet the commissioner trailer parts

meet the commissioner trailer parts

The Board of County Commissioners met in regular session with all members City of Moscow is willing to pay to have the trailers moved to the There is a 7 year warranty on the compressor and 1 year on parts and labor. The Grant County Board of Commissioners met in Regular Session Monday, BLUBAUGH AUTO PARTS, , ; , OG&E, , ; , BASS OCCUPATIONAL TELEPHONE, , ; FD MAN: 3, Big Tex Trailer World, , ;. Commissioner Scott reported on the meeting with the Killdeer School . Portable toilets. $ Boesflug Trailers. Parts. $

He says he will check with Pioneer Electric to move the electric pole.

meet the commissioner trailer parts

Tony says the Road Department will be laying asphalt on the road north of the Pioneer Manor the week of April 14th. Tony said the asphalt plant has been all changed over now. Meeting reconvened at Paula Rowden brought in 2 bids for the replacement of the water softener tank at the Community Health. Paula informed the Commissioners on the services provided to the community through Community Health.

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Paula said she was getting bids on the sprinkler system for the Community Health lawn. Pat asked about the Pioneer Communication billing. Paula said during the demolition of the building, the old phone system was cut out and a new system had to be put in.

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Pat moved to pay the Pioneer Communication bill for the Community Health. Commissioners asked Sevalan if they got the carpet in at the Moscow Senior Center. Susan Schulte came in to talk about the lock on the east door of the Courthouse is not working and asked if she could try and get someone to fix it.

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Commissioners were in agreement. Susan asked if she could have sick hours back.

meet the commissioner trailer parts

The Commissioners agreed to give these hours back. Susan informed the Commissioners the water fountain in the Memorial Hall is not working correctly and asked if she could have Lin Goode check it out to repair or replace.

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The Commissioners were in agreement. Pat mentioned the mixer in the Memorial Hall. He said he would check with A J Owens. Phillip Willis came in to discuss personnel issue.

Commissioner Meeting Proceedings – Stevens County Kansas

Dave moved to go into executive session for non elected personnel for10 minutes from Commissioners talked about having control burning for the County. Tony reported that the specifications for the graders have gone out for bid. Tony discussed bringing rock in from Colorado by railroad instead of hauling by truck. The cost would be around the same.

meet the commissioner trailer parts

Kim Schroeder came in to ask about the furniture with the shelves. Dave moved to go into executive session for land acquisition and contract negotiation for 15 minutes from 9: Meeting reconvened at 9: Tom says the values are down considerably.

Tom explained that an acting appraiser has to have eligible points every 4 years to stay certified as an appraiser. He says with the health problems he has had for the past 2 years, he is not able to meet the requirements to be the Stevens County Appraiser as of July 1, He meets all requirements as an appraiser. Tom says Bob will need to draw up a resolution for this appointment.

meet the commissioner trailer parts

Pat moved to go into executive session for non-elected personnel for 10 minutes from 9: Bob will draw up the Resolution. Dave moved for a 6 month exemption for concealed carry in the Stevens County Courthouse, pursuant to Kansas Law. Billy Bell, Mayor of Moscow, and other concerned citizens: The parcel in question is now zoned Agriculture.