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meet the crusties

As a skateboarder exploring the streets you meet tons of different types of people that you probably wouldn't get to hang out with otherwise. Spanging, squatting and looking for Hot Dog Jesus with Tempe's street kids. Meet the Crusties | Phoenix New Times. This entry was posted in. MolotovMocktail submitted a new file to the download library: Meet the Crusties - Esquire article about crusties. An article from the.

I have two dogs that eat DOG food that we carry when traveling and I know most kids do the same.

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The majority of crusty kids are far worse than the writer describes and most do not feed their dogs right. Most are quite loose and don't keep regular relationships.

They fuck up legitimate travelers spots and roll non-crusts as well as each other for their gear. Most crust kids are just bored middle classers and runaways who use the crust lifestyle as an excuse to get people to buy their shit for them while they get smashed constantly.

Most leave the scene quickly or die via train accidents or overdosing. There is so much wrong with the crusty kid scene and they're fucking up the whole traveler scene all around.


I'm a crust kid from Canada. I'm also a traveler I have a tall bike of my own that I keep in my home town, and I ride trains accross Canada There's a lot of kids who we call scum fucks or oogles oogle is a joking term, only the scum fucks take seriously and offensively and those are the kids you're talking about. However, the states have a completely different scene then us. Like, the crust kids I know live in punk houses and have a rad community of kids that come in and out of the houses, play awesome music, and do awesome bad ass projects so they stay motivated.

They are normally the ass wholes that you're talking about, and as for overdosing.

meet the crusties

Punks started making stereotypes for them self so that other punks would know what they stand for. So try not to be so ignorant, and judge people so quick. I grew up with a lot of crust punks, but now I go to a preppy university chock full of what I'd call "internet alts. Crust punks live the ultimate low-impact lifestyle and I fucking respect them for that.

On the other hand I really want to be educated at university and have a "mainstream job" if doing environmental work counts because I also really want to convince people to live lower-impact lives and I want to do it from the inside although I am inspired by the way radical lifestyles inspire radical changes in others.

In any case I feel like it doesn't have the be so adversarial. Ya sure, I wear different clothes based on whether I'm in class or moshing at a crust show. I'd pull out my Macbook ya, I own one in a study group but not at a punk house. But that doesn't mean I'm inherently "not being myself" in one of those situations. If we have common goals environmentalism maybe? Man I must be getting old.

Meet the Crusties | Phoenix New Times | David Holthouse

I can't even read half of this article. I still cling to the comfort I find in proper grammer. He is an English literature student and is reading the Canterbury Tales in the original Middle English at full volume. It's a war of words A crust punk eating potato chips takes an interest in the Canterbury Tales and stands near the student, following the reading. Another crusty in bright orange hair joins them and eagerly introduces her newly acquired pet rat to the student.

Christian meet Chaucer with crusties. It is like a family reunion.

New York Daily Photo: Crusties are People Too, Part 1

I become too friendly with the crusties, particularly the one with orange hair. I ask if she minds if we take photos. She grants my wish, and my photographer friend Bill and I go into overdrive, shooting away. I learn that the woman's name is Morgan Maginnis. She is very nice, as is her friend, Hays.

I ask her a few questions and I videotape her.

meet the crusties

They give me their email addresses. I am both warmed and disgusted when she wraps her arms around me from behind and takes my pen to clarify one letter in the email address.

She is cute, cuddly and very dirty. Late that night, I run across Morgan, Hays and a group of their friends several blocks from the park behind a luxury highrise apartment building. I stop, say hello and chat.

One has an iPhone and asks me to take group photos of them.