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Ph.D. in Cinema Studies (Department of Media Studies, Stockholm . Assistant teacher at the royal academy of fine arts in Copenhagen ( - ). . Founder of the Danish chapter of Meeting of Design Students () and .. Chairman of the board and Founder of Wave Dragon ApS, Wave Dragon Ltd. and. I'm living in Copenhagen for almost three months and I met a lot of international If it was a person I'd met recently that I liked I'd be fine with it. .. about living as a foreigner here, I'd be up for going for some coffee some afternoon. .. REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. DFINE, Inc. was an American medical device company with headquarters in San Jose, California. It was known for its development of minimally invasive.

This slot is tight, so once the boom is placed it will stay put. Perhaps if one slot becomes worn and a bit looser after years of constant use, moving it to the other earpiece will yield additional years. The boom is fairly rigid, with a slight curve to go around the cheek. The curvature can be adjusted by gently bending it between the fingers of two hands.

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A clear sweat bead on the boom helps divert any moisture rolling off the face and toward the mic element. A thin, flexible mic cable is connected to the mic boom at the headset end, with a hidden connector at the base of the boom allowing cable or boom replacement if it is ever necessary, and with a small threaded connector on the other end.

This connector will thread into optional adapter ends, so that the headset can be used with a variety of wireless bodypack transmitters or with a standard XLR for wired applications. A discreet spring clip can be slid to any desired location on the cable, securing it to clothing for additional security.

All in all, the headset design is well thought out, extremely flexible, and so lightweight that it can barely be felt. Performance Impressions In operation, both the omni and directional headsets sound natural even before any equalization, and deliver impressive level without feedback, even when the user is positioned relatively close to a loudspeaker cluster.


There are some differences in audio performance between the two polar patterns, and one may be preferable to the other in given applications. The mics were put through their paces through a smaller system in more of a studio environment, and then in a mid-sized sanctuary featuring an overhead loudspeaker cluster, a wide stage area, and an extension for the pulpit.

The omnidirectional headset gave the more natural sound without EQ—very close to the sound of an unamplified voice.

With the user wearing the headset on the pulpit extension, which is directly under the cluster, a very slight low-mid-frequency pre-feedback ring was apparent when the level was brought up fairly high—beyond what would have been necessary to fill the space during a service.

Taking out a few dB around Hz was enough to counter this effect. The directional headset also sounded well balanced and natural, though with a slight proximity effect emphasis in the lower frequencies. A minor EQ adjustment centered around Hz was useful.

Because of the more directional pickup pattern, the positioning of the mic boom is more critical to the audio results in terms of level and frequency response, and there is more level difference than with the omni when the mic element is placed nearer or farther from the mouth.

The boom is stable, even with movement, once the earpieces are properly placed.

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Work experience in trading, treasury or risk management may be an additional advantage. Only apply if you are: Educated at minimum to a Masters level in a subject with a high mathematical content and with excellent grades Possess significant IT knowledge coupled with programming experience Proficient in English Click on the link above to start your application process.

Please note that you need to submit your CV with the d-fine application form as well as a cover letter explaining why you would like to work for d-fine Ltd. What it is like to work for d-fine Capitalise on the skills and extensive experience of one of the leading risk management consulting firms in Europe, specialising in strategic quantitative and technical problems.

You will get to work on a wide array of challenging technical and quantitative problems within a variety of different teams, delivering concrete solutions for a diverse range of clients across Europe. A selection of our clients and postings to date can be seen in our list of references. You will find that at d-fine you may assume real responsibility for work from the very start.

You will begin as a Consultant working on demanding and detailed tasks, before progressing to Senior Consultant, when you will have the chance to lead a project team as a recognised expert for complex issues.

Finally, at the level of Manager and Partner you become increasingly responsible for management and strategic matters for the firm as a whole.

Review: DPA d:fine Headset Microphones

To find out more about your careers steps and the respective responsibilities click here. You will be involved in a range of projects, where you will manage a variety of challenges: From small projects, in which two or three consultants work closely with the client's own specialists to solve specific problems within a limited time frame, through to major projects where ten or more members of a project team might spend one or two years establishing complex infrastructures for clients whose operations span the globe.

Besides the broad range of business and technical issues that have to be tackled, our employees are expected to work with client contacts from a range of fields and cultures, as well as help organise and manage large project teams. Whether you are helping an industrial company to set up a global treasury system, or advising a financial services provider on how best to adapt its rating procedure to meet regulatory requirements, over time you will build up a unique wealth of experience.

Indeed, the wide range of skills you will develop, covering technical issues, project management methods and business professionalism, would otherwise be very difficult to acquire in such a short space of time. As a consultant in finance, you will receive the usual benefits: