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meet the eastwoods cast iron

But Dr. Payne cast me as William. This character “Meet me tomorrow morning at Eastwoods Park,” I said. “What will Some were state landmarks, so old their trunks had split apart and were nailed back together with iron spikes. It was a fine . Eastwood's parents relocated to Washington state in , and Clint worked bodybuilding were relegated to back-alley sweatshops with black-iron plates. .. And that well-oiled machine is the crew -- the cast, of course, you've met a lot of. I actually met Don Siegel when I was a teenager in an elevator in London. You cast him in a supporting role when you did Play Misty for Me. .. I think if you feel like you've got something to offer you should do it while the iron's hot. . His wife was furious because Clint Eastwood's coming by, she hasn't.

Whatever the actual reason, all dialogue in the film was recorded in post-production. Leone, often forcefully, insisted on shooting scenes from many different angles, paying attention to the most minute of details, which would often exhaust the actors. The role eventually went to Charles Bronson. Bobby first of all is an actor, Clint first of all is a star. Bobby suffers, Clint yawns. Negative themes such as cruelty and greed were also given focus, and were traits shared by the three leads in the story.

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Many critics have also noticed the film's anti-war theme. By doing so, Leone managed to stage epic sequences punctuated by extreme eyes and face shots, or hands slowly reaching on a holstered gun. This style can also be seen in one of the film's protagonists, Blondie aka The Man with No Namewhich is described by critics as more defined by his actions than his words.

Leone also employed stylistic trick shootingsuch as Blondie shooting the hat off a person's head and severing a hangman's noose with a well-placed shot, in many of its iconic shootouts. The original Italian domestic version was minutes long, [43] but the international version was shown at various lengths. Most prints, specifically those shown in the United States, had a runtime of minutes, 16 minutes shorter than the Italian premiere version, but others, especially British prints, ran as short as minutes.

The west was made by violent, uncomplicated men, and it is this strength and simplicity that I try to recapture in my pictures. In a negative review in The New York Timescritic Renata Adler said that the film "must be the most expensive, pious and repellent movie in the history of its peculiar genre. The rule is that the ability to see is limited by the sides of the frame.

At important moments in the film, what the camera cannot see, the characters cannot see, and that gives Leone the freedom to surprise us with entrances that cannot be explained by the practical geography of his shots. There is a moment, for example, when men do not notice a vast encampment of the Union Army until they stumble upon it; a moment in a cemetery when a man materializes out of thin air, even though he should have been visible much sooner; the way men walk down a street in full view and nobody is able to shoot them maybe because they are not in the same frame with them.

Showbiz ranked the film 81 on its Best Movies of All Time list. The special features contain 14 minutes of scenes that were cut for the film's North American release, including a scene which explains how Angel Eyes came to be waiting for Blondie and Tuco at the Union prison camp.

meet the eastwoods cast iron

Clint Eastwood and Eli Wallach were brought back in to dub their characters' lines more than 35 years after the film's original release. Other voice actors filled in for actors who had since died. A Reconstruction"; an extended Tuco torture scene; a featurette called "Il Maestro"; an audio featurette named "Il Maestro, Part 2"; a French trailer; and a poster gallery. According to Richard Schickel, [67] Leone willingly cut the scene for pacing reasons; thus, restoring it was contrary to the director's wishes.

Also included were the two other "Dollars" films, and Duck, You Sucker! On 12 Maythe extended version of the film was released on Blu-ray. The sequence with Tuco and Blondie crossing the desert has been extended: Tuco mentally tortures a severely dehydrated Blondie by eating and bathing in front of him.

Tuco, transporting a dehydrated Blondie, finds a Confederate camp whose occupants tell him that Father Ramirez's monastery is nearby. Tuco and Blondie discuss their plans when departing in a wagon from Father Ramirez's monastery. A scene where Blondie and Angel Eyes are resting by a creek when a man appears and Blondie shoots him. Angel Eyes asks the rest of his men to come out all are hidden as well. When the five men come out, Blondie counts them including Angel Eyesand concludes that six is the perfect number.

Angel Eyes asks him why, mentioning that he had heard that three was the perfect number. Blondie responds that six is the perfect number, because he has six bullets in his revolver.

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The sequence with Tuco, Blondie and Captain Clinton has been extended: Clinton asks for their names, which they are reluctant to answer. A scene deleted by Leone after the Rome premiere was also re-inserted: After being betrayed by Blondie, surviving the desert on his way to civilization and assembling a good revolver from the parts of worn-out guns being sold at a general store, Tuco meets with members of his gang in a distant cave, where he conspires with them to hunt and kill Blondie.

Additional footage of the sequence where Tuco is tortured by Angel Eyes's henchman was discovered. The original negative of this footage was deemed too badly damaged to be used in the theatrical cut, but the footage appears as an extra in the DVD supplementary features. She asserted that the money WB pretended they were paying her came from Clint's own pocket and had been laundered through the operating budget for Unforgiven The case went to trial in September ; one juror disclosed that the panel agreed to find for Sondra by a to-2 vote nine votes are needed for a verdict and were only debating the amount.

Clint's legal team convinced him to settle at the eleventh hour, and on the morning jurors were set to begin a second day of deliberation, Sondra announced her decision to drop her suit against Clint in return for an unspecified monetary reward. As Clint walked down the courthouse steps, he told a bank of cameras, "What does this say to young women across the country who work very hard for a living? It was settled out of court in Mayending the decade-long legal saga. While she was bound by confidentiality not to reveal the amount, Locke wasn't shy about disclosing her feelings.

This has been the best day in a long, long time" she told reporters. Though he often smokes in his movies, he is a lifelong non-smoker offscreen. Although he can handle pistols with either hand equally well, he is left-eye dominant, evident when he shoots a rifle as in Joe Kidd or Unforgivenbut is right handed, as seen when he wears or handles one pistol.

He and Burt Reynolds had major influences on each other's careers. It was he who sent a copy of "Sharky's Machine" to Reynolds, which gave Reynolds the idea to turn the novel into a movie, Sharky's Machinewhich went on to garner excellent reviews. A small contingent insisted that Eastwood was a spoiled brat mayor and the town acted just like an indulgent parent. He brought a lot of notoriety that we didn't need," said Jane Mayer, president of the Carmel Residents Association.

He didn't know anything about the issues. People are giving him credit for things that were on the table for years. He also hired a public relations woman and kept an unlisted phone number - he was totally inaccessible.

I don't think that's being a good mayor. Sondra LockeEastwood's cohabiting partner at the time, later acknowledged she "knew he wasn't the dedicated mayor he pretended to be. Turned down the role of Captain Willard in Apocalypse Now because he found the storyline "too dark. He was flattered, but declined, saying that Bond should be played by an English actor. Has a younger sister named Jeanne Bernhardt b. Owns a hillside mansion in Sun Valley, Idaho and a beachfront estate in Maui.

Generally, however, Eastwood preferred unknown women he would not later accidentally meet. In his early 40s, he'd sometimes pick up young ladies from the Carmel tourist shops for quick sex in his truck parked on Dolores Street. Practices transcendental meditation twice a day, and said in that he has been meditating for the past 40 years.

Father was Clinton Eastwood Sr. Stepfather, after his widowed mother remarried inwas John Belden Wooda lumber executive. He was awarded the American National Medal of the Arts on February 25, for his services and contributions to the arts.

He said his only plans to celebrate the occasion would be to go out for a drink with his wife. The genesis of his production company, Malpaso Productions, had a curious origin. When Italian director Sergio Leone approached Eastwood about appearing in what would become the "Spaghetti Western" trilogy-- A Fistful of DollarsFor a Few Dollars More and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly --Eastwood was eager to take it but was advised against it by his agent, suggesting it would be a "bad move" mal paso.

Against all advice, the actor went ahead and accepted the "man with no name" role and his decision turned out to be a "good move". Eastwood never forgot the irony of the situation and adopted "Malpaso" as his production company name.

The idea was reportedly scrapped due to scheduling conflicts with other films, although some rumors state they declined when they heard that their characters were going to be killed off by Charles Bronson 's character in the first five minutes. Havens Elementary School, all located within a short distance of each other in Oakland and Piedmont.

He was held back due to poor academic scores, but in at least one case, delinquent behavior was the reason he left one school to enroll in another. Eastwood was asked to leave Piedmont High for writing an obscene suggestion to a school official on the athletic field scoreboard, and burying someone in effigy on the school lawn, on top of other school infractions.

He transferred to Oakland Technical High School, scheduled to graduate in January as a midyear graduate, although it is not clear if he ever did. Served as President of the Cannes Jury when Pulp Fiction won but the film was not his personal choice: Five of his movies were nominated for AFI's Years Eastwood turned it down and recommended Tommy Lee Joneswho went on to receive a Best Actor Oscar nomination for his performance. He was going to play the villain Two-Face on the Batman TV series, but the show was canceled before the episode began shooting.

Although he has been associated with violence throughout his career, he personally detests it and has carefully shown the horrific consequences of violence in films such as UnforgivenA Perfect WorldAbsolute PowerMystic RiverMillion Dollar Baby and Gran Torino According to Robert Daleythe head of Warner Bros. A former logger, steel furnace stoker and gas station attendant before becoming an actor. Directed two films concurrently in ; High Plains Drifter and Breezy A guest speaker at the Republican National Convention, Eastwood spent much of his speech time on a largely improvised routine addressing an empty chair representing President Barack Obama.

meet the eastwoods cast iron

It generated many responses and a lot of discussion. Old flame Frances Fisher wrote a condemning post on Facebook and insinuated that Eastwood's appearance was a publicity stunt to get more tickets sold for his new movie Trouble with the Curveadding "I've seen this act before. And I didn't buy it. Crazy like a fox.

I saw the same act sitting with therapists, mediators and lawyers. Has played the same character in more than one film three times: He appeared in and directed two Best Picture Academy Award winners: Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby Morgan Freeman also appeared in both films. Had planned to star in Die Hard and originally owned the rights to the novel "Nothing Lasts Forever" on which the film is based, but opted to make The Dead Pool instead.

Ex-significant other Sondra Locke wed homosexual Gordon Anderson in and was legally married to him the entire time she and Eastwood were living together The two were still married in name at the time of Locke's death in While house hunting with Locke in the late seventies, Eastwood introduced himself as "Mr. Anderson," even when he happened to be wearing a Thunderbolt and Lightfoot T-shirt. Locke recalled that the sales agents could barely keep a straight face and always looked at their feet when addressing him as such.

Early in his career he appeared in a "B" western, Ambush at Cimarron Passin which he was billed third and leading lady Margia Dean was billed second. Years later, after Eastwood had become a superstar actor and director, Dean ran into him at a social function and teased him, "Just remember, I got top billing over you". Clint and Roxanne Tunis are great-grandparents via Kimber's son, to great-grandson Clinton IV born and great-granddaughter Penelope born Their existences have never been acknowledged in the press.