Meet the engineer sheet music

Alumni Meet | MIT-College of Engineering, Pune

meet the engineer sheet music

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HE has various activities under his belt but his most commendable are the entrepreneur activities that include the Chairmanship of Hotel Management Institute in Hinganghat, Dist. Both these initiatives say good about his entrepreneur skills and marketing talent.

Aroh Welankar, Alumni, Mechanical Department. He has been active in cultural activities in college and has received the best actor awards at many state level open competitions. Akshata Jain,Alumni, Dept.

Alumni Meet 2013

After passing out from college she has been in contact with the students and the faculty of Dept. She has also been a great help in sourcing and organization various technical skill related activities in college. She also judged technical events at Telsa, a college event. Besides this she has also been a very active part of the Alumni Council for the last two years. This was followed by Students Council Chairman Ajay Mhalse talk wherein he highlighted the many strategies that the council has thought of for contributing to the college.

This plans include a body for sponsoring B. He felt that it was matter of great pride that even though the alumni is youngand some of them have recently started workingthey are doing work of great responsibility, succeeding in higher studies and more over carrying forward the message of MIT COE. Some of them are also budding entrepreneurs and providing jobs to others as well. He emphasized the need for further strengthening the linkage between the Alumni and MIT COE and current students and happy to know that the council is planning to streamline the activities.

Meet the Team – Greenfield Engineering

Simon Walker Operations Director I believe in addition to the many management qualifications I have gained during my years in engineering that these work hand in hand with my honesty, integrity and respect.

Above all I have a desire and internal drive to achieve everything I can and deliver the best results. My main goal in life now is to take the business onto a higher level and become the very best we can as a sheet metal contractor.

After being involved in all elements of the sheet metal manufacturing process I have the opportunity to create and sustain new business relationships with clients across the different industries we service. Out of work I have a young growing family which is a full time role in itself, so hobbies are on the back burner for the time being, but I occasionally get the chance to enjoy a bit golf and squash.

Adam Watkins Production Design Engineer Lead Everything has the ability to be improved in some way, from the use of different materials, construction to shape and functionality of the finished product. When I look at the project or the component with customers I often see possible ideas on improvements using our advanced manufacturing methods.

We can assess their current design and see if it can be improved or enhanced. Usually looking at the brief from a different prospective than the customer. In my free time, I enjoying cycling and running. I have three young daughters and along with my wife I can never get in the bathroom!! Matthew Gliddon Production Design Engineer Throughout my apprenticeship I gained and developed many sheet metal skills on the shop floor which I rely on and have transferred into designing.

Our clients gain a lot of understanding of sheet metal working through the manufacturing process with us. I have a creative and meticulous character to get the right formula for the completion of any project.

meet the engineer sheet music

In my spare time I play a high standard of football and enjoy competing in motocross. My girlfriend and I have just bought our first house and are in the process of developing it into our first home. I monitor the changing processes within the company and work with the teams to develop the safe working systems and practices.

I do this as an on-going review process with specific staff training covering, awareness of risk through assessment and corrective action for the well-being and general personal safety of all.

With the ability to be self-motivated and work to set schedules and the tightest deadlines with a strong customer focus. Finally, I support manufacturing giving specialist advice and training across all company departments as required. Outside of work I enjoy football and still play to a high standard for a local football team.

Most weekends are spent on the beach, teaching the boys to surf we all enjoy the outdoors lifestyle. I was also interested in all aspects of the design process.

I was selected and embarked on a project to make from scratch a Newtonian Refracting Telescope when I was 13 for which I won a design scholarship.

meet the engineer sheet music

When fully made you could see far into the solar system. Seeing our family business grow made me particularly aware of manufacturing and the way a supply chain works. It also intrigued me how new technology introduced into a business can help the business compete against low wage economies. I now manage operations at the company and head up all procurement for the business.

Outside work I enjoy spending quality time with my young daughter and wife on the beach very near to our home. I have a passion for rugby, surfing, road cycling with the occasional game of golf when I have time. Lee Harris Production Manager As production manager I effectively lead and manage the manufacturing teams across the business to accomplish operational objectives.