Meet the greek menu tribeca

Boulud Sud NYC | Mediterranean Cuisine & Wine by Chef Daniel Boulud

meet the greek menu tribeca

Meet the Winemaker: Wolffer Estate. with Roman Roth. Thursday Jan. 31 / 6: Have a question about a food pairing? Ask our expert presenters – then pass the . We source the finest ingredients around the world to offer a contemporary twist on Greek dining. Join us for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert and drinks. credit: The Greek Tribeca / Facebook These folks come for lunch, dinner, and brunch, craving the food Psilakis The bustling spot is ideal for friends, meet-the -parents meals, and family Oh, and the food's really great too.

If you still have room, order the scallion pancakes, short ribs, and string beans. But inside is a hip, candlelit Mediterranean restaurant with fabulous pita, baklava, and everything in between. We recommend the tzatziki yogurt cucumber sauce with dill, served with pita for dipping and lamb frikasse fall-off-the-bone lamb with fennel and lemon.

Order the fantastic croque madame with coffee for your weekend brunch, or steak tartare with bread and chicken au jus for an intimate dinner.

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The casual environment with line-drawn murals on the wall might encourage you to stay for just one more drink. We recommend the on-theme Two Bridges cocktail with lemon and bourbon. Mission Chinese Food With its subversion of the classic Chinese restaurant experience, Mission Chinese serves innovative ingredients in a nightclub-esque atmosphere.

meet the greek menu tribeca

Pair that with pickled peanuts. For your meal, go for the fantastically savory salt cod fried rice, spicy Chengdu style hot peanut noodles, and thrice-cooked bacon with rice cakes.

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Make a reservation ASAP; spots fill up quickly! Order the Salty Plum Old-Fashioned to start, and count yourself among the few in the know about this Two Bridges treasure.

Try the unsweetened matcha latte and the strong iced coffee if you want something with a bit more zip. Get free advice on planning your group's trip to New York.

Where is Your Group Coming From? And as you sit in the warmth inside instead of waiting on the sidewalk, you can debate the merits of the two restaurants, or Hunan and Sichuan food in general, two provinces that have an ongoing battle about who cooks the spiciest food.

meet the greek menu tribeca

A nice-sized group will start getting its orders fast and frequent. This would be the first of many dishes on the menu that had one to three peppers next to their name denoting spice levels, but ultimately left us desiring more heat. Eventually we had a short conversation about heat levels just to make sure the kitchen was not toning it down, but were assured this is how they prepared foods.

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Probably a product of location, it is recommended to ask for a higher spice level if that is what you desire. And since we are at a Hunan restaurant, why wouldn't everyone desire that?

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General Tso and Chairman Mao were both proud sons of Hunan. Visit the province and you will find a lasting pride in both. The general is Zuo Zongtang, known in the states primarily for the sticky sweet chicken ordered in takeout restaurants across the country, but in China as a Qing Dynasty military leader who suppressed the Dungan revolt in the mid's.

Both of these things are unfortunate, as it was discovered in Sheepshead Bay that Dungan cuisine was so delicious. The dish named after Chairman Mao is a must order though and always tasty.

In Hunanese cuisine, cold sometimes pickled vegetables served milder are important to round out a meal and provide some relief from the spicier dishes. These four were all enjoyed: