Meet the medic outtakes redubbed wonder

meet the medic outtakes redubbed wonder

And no wonder - given that 82% of clients manage to lose money on CFD! . Fox News amid sexual harassment claims Farmers struggle to meet organic demand .. however, fresh warnings that investors were setting themselves up for heavy The Post sent a transcript of the video – outtakes from a edition of the. blooming blooms bloop blooped blooper bloopers blooping bloops blossom dualisms% dualities% duality dub dubbed dubber dubbers dubbin dubbing heavier heavies heaviest heavily heaviness heavinesses% heaving heavy meerschaums meet meeting meetinghouse meetinghouses meetings meets . The headline in the New York Times reads: “Sanders and Warren Meet and And they're wondering why Farrow's taped interviews with accusers aren't being [including] a group called Heavy Breathing and another called Sex Stains. While the action, dubbed #DemocracySpring, garnered wide coverage on social.

For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on government corruption and media manipulation. The latest case, which broke on Wednesday, shows the administration taking advantage of a new avenue to go after a potential whistleblower. Instead of using the archaic Espionage Act - the year-old law meant for spies, not sources - prosecutors are pursuing the latest alleged leaker using financial laws.

The complaint contains an interesting allegation, albeit one buried in a footnote: This leak prosecution follows the sentencing of Reality Winner to five years in prison for providing evidence of high-level interference in a US election to the media. Secret recordings give insight into Saudi attempt to silence criticsWashington Post https: Omar Abdulaziz hit record on his phone and slipped it into the breast pocket of his jacket, he recalled, taking a seat in a Montreal cafe to wait for two men who said they were carrying a personal message from Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

When they arrived, Abdulaziz, a year-old Saudi opposition activist, asked why they had come all the way to Canada to see him. In the first, he can go back home to Saudi Arabia, to his friends and family.

The clandestine recordings - more than 10 hours of conversation - were provided to The Washington Post by Abdulaziz, a close associate of the missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

They offer a chilling depiction of how Saudi Arabia tries to lure opposition figures back to the kingdom with promises of money and safety.

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These efforts have sharply escalated since Mohammed became crown prince last year. Khashoggi has not been heard from since he visited the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul on Oct.

meet the medic outtakes redubbed wonder

Turkish investigators have concluded he was killed There is much more than meets the eye on this Khashoggi case. Read this fascinating article for a taste. Turkish officials say that Mr. Khashoggi was slain inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul by Saudi agents on Oct. Saudi leaders have denied harming Mr. Khashoggi, but have not provided a credible explanation of what happened to him. Pompeo to Riyadh to see the Saudi king. California just passed its net neutrality law.

Jerry Brown signed the bill into law on Sunday. The California law would be the strictest net neutrality protections in the country, and could serve as a blueprint for other states. Under the law, internet service providers will not be allowed to block or slow specific types of content or applications, or charge apps or companies fees for faster access to customers.

The Department of Justice says the California law is illegal and that the state is "attempting to subvert the Federal Government's deregulatory approach" to the internet.

meet the medic outtakes redubbed wonder

Barbara van Schewick, a professor at Stanford Law School, says the California bill is on solid legal ground and that California is within its legal rights. California is the third state to pass its own net neutrality regulations, following Washington and Oregon. However, it is the first to match the thorough level of protections that had been provided by the Obama-era federal net neutrality regulations repealed by the Federal Communications Commission in June.

At least some other states are expected to model future net neutrality laws on California's. The original FCC rules included a two page summary and more than additional pages with additional protections and clarifications on how they worked. While other states mostly replicated the two-page summary, California took longer crafting its law in order to match the details in the hundreds of supporting pages.

Read how the Federal Communications Commission's net-neutrality policymaking process was heavily manipulated. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing government corruption news articles from reliable major media sources.

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Abusive media moguls harmed more than just individual women. They shaped a misogynistic culture. The network, after all, is the most-watched in the nation. What if Mark Halperin, for instance, had not been a network commentator during the presidential campaign? James Wolcott of Vanity Fair aptly described him as All these little moments add up. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on sexual abuse scandals and media corruption.

Leslie Moonves, the longtime chief executive of the CBS Corporation, stepped down on Sunday night from the company he led for 15 years.

However, [he] will not receive any severance payment until the completion of an independent investigation into the allegations. He has been under intense pressure since July, when The New Yorker published an article by the investigative journalist Ronan Farrow in which six women accused Mr. Moonves of sexual harassment. On Sunday, the magazine published another article by Mr. Farrow in which six more women detailed claims against Mr.

Moonves is the latest high-powered entertainment figure to be ousted from his perch in the MeToo era. The movie producer Harvey Weinstein has been accused by scores of women of sexual assault and now faces felony charges. Blue and Orange Morality: It turns out that the real reason why the Medic joined the Classic Team was because he needed funding for his experiments a good deal of which he spent on resurrecting the Snipernot because he is genuinely evil.

Granted he is performing said experiment on the Classic Team, but he seems to think that's what his job is. My experiments require funding! Not him, but the Pocket Medic doll in his likeness. However, see Difficult, but Awesome below.

But Not Too Evil: The Medic was around during WWII, is German, has a shady past, is insane like the rest of the team, and generally considers his healing an unintended side effect to his real work. Initially, Robin Walker said it would have been "too easy" to make him one.

Canon explains that Medic's entire family is full of mad scientists, and has been for generations—in fact, they're chased out of their hometown at least once a generation. The Burly Beast cosmetic item reveals that he has a muscular, hairy chest.

Originally, he started out as your typical cold, stoic, mad scientist with lines that were mostly insults directed towards his team. This has been completely phased out ever since "Meet the Medic"; now he's an enthusiastic lunatic who's more crazy than sadistic.

Further supported by the extra Medic voice lines specifically added for the Halloween Scream Fortress event: Coming face to face with a mad magician, the Medic sounds more and more unhinged but at the same time terribly enthusiastic at the prospect of learning actual magic.

This video confirms it ; Robin Atkin Downes is having too much fun as the Medic! His syringe gun and bonesaw never see use as medical tools, and his Medigun is best suited for breakthrough support. There also exists such thing as a "battle medic", a player who would rather fight and often refuses to heal. Woe befall any player that actually tries this with him though. Battle Medics are so despised they tend to get votekicked off even if everyone else on the team are dead.

That being said, however, Medics that both heal and use their weapons as the situation calls for them are much more useful than those that focus solely on healing, no matter what some players might say. Machine, he can actually play this straight and make it damn useful thanks to one upgrade: The shield's main purpose is to block projectiles and to block the movement of the robots, but it has a secondary bonus of dealing low amounts of damage to any robot that tries passing through it, and it dishes it out fast enough to kill anything but a Heavy or a giant.

It's completely viable to use the shield to quickly kill any stray robots or just using it to annihilate the wave that's coming through. Hell, you can even use it on the damn tanks and it would be a considerable help.

Even better, it can deal mini-crits with the help of the Buff Banner or Jarate. Also in Mann vs. With all upgrades applied, the Blutsauger has a DPS that puts the Heavy's miniguns to shame and has clips and ammo reserves so large they can't display properly. On top of that, it will heal the Medic an astonishing average of 11 health per successful hit, which can in turn heal the Medic by more than his entire health bar in less than a second.

If the Medic has max resistances, he will be unkillable even when the entire robot horde is trying to kill him. The best part is that you don't even need to heal anyone at this point with the Medigun; anyone who shoots anything you have shot will get some health back—not that anyone else will be taking much damage anyway, as the robots will prioritize you because they will still Shoot the Medic First even though it has virtually no effect.

Notably, a Medic has a huge chance of winning a head-to-head confrontation against another non-frontline class Sniper, Spy, Engineer given his superior movespeed and health, and his Syringe Gun, while not being a hitscan weapon, outdamages the SMG, Revolver, and ties with the Engineer's shotgun.

Or in the Medic's case, he is the ultimate bullshit artist. Even more incredible than his ability to break the laws of biology is his incredible talent to fast-talk people into giving him what he wants, such as agreeing to let him perform experimental surgery on them, despite the fact they should know better see the "Meet the Medic" short movie, and the comic "Blood in the Water".

He even conned the Devil to send him back to Earth and give him 50 extra years of life on top of it The Cowardly Lion aspect is often played straight by some Medics who will flee in the middle of a push in order to save themselves, but slightly justified since they're also the only class capable of healing teammates and if the push fails then it would end up being a Senseless Sacrifice.

meet the medic outtakes redubbed wonder

He's drawn with these in the comic sometimes. It's subtle underneath his spectacles, but they're there. Most likely due to both long nights of experimentation and a stressful job.

Cut Lex Luthor a Check: The Engineer and the Medic are both explicitly credited with refining and inventing their tech, respectively. Between the two of them, they could turn the world on its ear if they ever started selling their technology, a la Saxton Hale.

Instead, they're content to be mercenaries. Though in The Medic's case, he likely prefers mercenary work since selling his inventions wouldn't satisfy his medical curiosity.

And by "medical curiosity" we mean "savage bloodlust. Machine lines when picking up dropped money are, quite frankly, the most enthusiastic out of the classes who got new lines. It happens to be the Original Team's new Doctor, and is still as unethical as ever. Although his experiments set them back a few billion dollars Zat vas not medicine! Zat vas doktor-assisted homicide!

The Medic already sold his soul to the devil, but grafted his teammates' souls onto his own to keep him alive. He also barters one of his teammates' souls for Satan's pen. Denied Food as Punishment: Or rather, Denied Heal. Players often forget that Medic gets to choose who he heals, unlike a Dispenser.

meet the medic outtakes redubbed wonder

It's so easy for Medics to deny heal to misbehaving teammates and enforcing his will on the team. The adage goes "Never annoy your Team's Medic; you don't want to annoy the guy who decides who lives and who dies. He has no idea what he's doing half the time, but he rarely fails in his operations and experiments sheerly because he refuses to stop until he reaches a solution that satisfies him, for better or worse.

Did You Just Scam Cthulhu? While downplayed, since he actually did sell his soul to Hell, his Deal with the Devil was supposed to be a contract solely to his own.