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meet the morgans movie

A decent romcom with Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker. By Peter Bradshaw . ship immediately. Amazon's Choice for "did you hear about the morgans" .. I like this movie, it's a joy to watch, I like their sense of humor. I would recommend . Did You Hear About the Morgans? is a American romantic comedy thriller film directed and written by Marc Lawrence. Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica.

Paul Hugh Grant and Meryl Sarah Jessica Parker have separated, but during a perfunctory rendezvous they happen to observe a gangland killing. A witness protection programme yokes them back together and sweeps them from the madness of Manhattan to the timeless wilds of Wyoming. There, the earthy guidance of rustic sages, contemplation of starry skies and suchlike well-tried instruments restore the sacred bond that folly has threatened to dissolve.

meet the morgans movie

You might have guessed from the film's critical and box-office maulings that this scenario fails to convince. The Morgans are presented as having been driven apart by the pressures of modern life. That's why enforced togetherness in a wholesome environment is all it takes to resurrect their marriage. Cinemagoing couples with troubles of their own might be expected to assume there's nothing wrong with their own partnerships that they couldn't put right by witnessing a mob slaying.

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Unfortunately, throughout Lawrence's film, another, more persuasive story runs in the background, countermanding its official line. A supposedly proximate cause is supplied for the couple's split. Paul has committed adultery. This is treated as an unfortunate consequence of that growing apart, but it actually feels fundamental rather than catalytic, as it probably would in real life. At one point Meryl tells Paul: I'm so disappointed, and I don't trust you any more.

Did You Hear About the Morgans?

He's shattered irreparably something she considers an essential component of their relationship: The couple's plight is commonplace enough. Marriage's paradigm demands the suppression of desires that conflict with the arrangement's requirements.

meet the morgans movie

Unfortunately, nowadays, self-indulgence tends to be considered an inalienable right. Once the initial joys of coupledom have faded, it therefore often prevails.

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If its consequences break the marital spell, the compact must be abandoned or replaced. That means divorce, or a remade partnership maintained for reasons other than romantic fancy. In its subtext, the film can be heard to allude to this unhappy truth.

meet the morgans movie

Grant and Parker play the eponymous Morgans, Paul and Meryl, a super high-flying couple in Manhattan: But they are separated, due to Paul's infidelity, which he now desperately regrets. Walking away from a restaurant after a stilted would-be romantic dinner, which Paul has staged in the hope of a reconciliation, they witness a mob hit in a back alley. As state witnesses, they now have to be relocated to rural Wyoming under an assumed identity — and forced to share quarters as a couple — under the benign protection of local married cops, amiably played by Sam Elliott and Mary Steenburgen.

And so the time-honoured procedure of troubled city slickers learning hometown values gets underway. It's silly and zany and, as so often, Grant gives the impression that he could give slightly less than a monkey's about the whole business.

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But that never stops him being a very watchable comic actor, and there's a very funny joke about the respective sizes of the cops assigned to the couple's personal protection. There's also an excellent sight gag about a wealthy family in a nearby block silently suspending their breakfast to watch Meryl escaping her assassin by climbing out of her window on to her neighbour's balcony.

Grant also has a very funny mannerism of walking self-consciously along while goofily rolling his shoulders, as if he is miming "walking" in some street theatre play.

meet the morgans movie

So what can I say?