Meet the mormons dvd plan

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meet the mormons dvd plan

Meet the Mormons examines the very diverse lives of six devout members of The I think it's so cool that the DVD comes with a SEVENTH featured person!!!. Buy Meet the Mormons (DVD) (Enhanced Widescreen for 16x9 TV) (English/ Spanish) online and read movie reviews at Best Buy. Get unlimited DVD Movies & TV Shows delivered to your door with no late fees, ever. Shop Meet the Mormons [DVD] at Best Buy. . Have faith in that plan.

She met the sister missionaries there, and she was baptized within a week, she said. Nezhati, who uses her maiden name professionally, created and sold paintings to save money to serve a mission, which she did in Italy.

After finishing her mission, she had plans to move to Rome, but with the help of one of the sister missionaries she knew, she instead moved to the United States.

When she met her husband, Iranian-born Bardia Nezhati, she found they had different perspectives and backgrounds regarding religion. Their family grew to include a son and two daughters, and they had challenges figuring out how they were going to raise their children.

meet the mormons dvd plan

She was asked not to talk about her faith. She would go to church when she could, and she said she did her best to keep her covenants, especially the Word of Wisdom. After about 10 years, she reconnected with some of her Mormon friends from Italy on social media, which helped strengthen her faith. Her daughters were 9 and 11 when they were baptized, and their baptism was on Oct. Dinner on Us A little more than four years ago, Nezhati woke in the middle of the night with an idea to serve a gourmet meal to the homeless.

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It would be a community event with healthy, gourmet food. She stayed up for hours typing, moving to the kitchen after waking up her husband.

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This takes place inside an LDS chapel during sacrament testimony meeting. Randy, a teenager, tries to gain his father's approval by excelling in sports. Randy wants more independence, but his father feels the need to be firm in his guidance as long as he is providing for his son.

When he develops a brain tumor, he gets surgery and is told he may never run again. After that he is determined to regain his balance and focus as he's struggling to run with the students.

meet the mormons dvd plan

Meanwhile, another student, Cindy Duncan, is crippled and confined to a wheelchair, but is determined to be able to walk on crutches and then walk without them. A blind man is going to have eye surgery but his wife is worried, thinking she'll look ugly to him. Takes place in the s era.

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Music is composed by Merrill Jenson. Lilies Grow Wild 15 min. A timeless feature set in the s. Depicts the unusual way in which a rural school teacher's class learns about self-esteem and the importance of every person including a troubled boy named Jeddy. Begin with the End in Mind 29 min.

As a result of an argument between a father and his son, the father is motivated to increase his effectiveness as a teacher in the Church. By getting help and by using meetinghouse library materials, he improves both his teaching and his communication with his son. Christmas Snows, Christmas Winds 28 min. One man reminisces of warm Christmas memories from his childhood.

But he cannot forget one Christmas experience that still brings him regret as he remembers his unkindness to a German girl at the Christmas concert. The story of a first-year college student who needs help and of a teacher who takes time to be her friend.

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Points out that feelings of inadequacy are extremely common in human experience, and can be overcome. Depicts a father's struggle with bitterness toward the teenage driver of a car that killed his young son. One day the father sees a sign made by his son that says "Love One Another.

Greater Love 14 min. A young boy needs a blood transfusion to survive after a car accident.

meet the mormons dvd plan

Because he has a rare blood type, only his sister can give the blood immediately. When the boy is out of danger after the transfusion, his sister reveals the depth of her love for him. The Man 9 min.