Meet the parents proposal scene in eclipse

meet the parents proposal scene in eclipse

I won't give your father another reason to hate me. .. SIDE OF THE RAVINE – THREE GIANT WOLVES LEAP onto the scene and take up the chase after Victoria. .. Jacob: Technically, you're a Council Meeting crasher. See. It was actually seen in "Eclipse" when Edward proposed, but this is the sharpest In the books, the ring was supposedly Edward's mother's ring from the like a big piece of Honeycomb cereal that's met with a Bedazzler, or else a . Reportedly the wedding-night scene involves Edward biting through the. Chapter 20 of Eclipse, "Compromise" -- the proposal chapter -- from Edward's POV! . Until I met Bella and tucked such things into it as a certain lemonade I still had vague recollections of my mother speaking of that day.

He asks that the Volturi will grant him his wish: Here, the Volturi tracker Demetri stands over him. A female fan kisses a poster showing the face of actor Robert Pattinson before the presentation of his new film, "The Twilight Saga: Summit Entertainment Share Back to slideshow navigation Finding love in the 'Twilight' Though Edward finds Bella's scent intoxicating and dangerously irresistable, he can't help but be drawn to her in "Twilight.

He's considered Edward's brother in the film and books, but in reality, the young vampires aren't related -- they were brought together by an older vampire and present themselves as a family to the outer world. Lutz bulked up for the films, but insists it hasn't interfered with his addiction to gummy bears, gummy worms, chocolate and other sweet treats.

Carlisle, a doctor, managed to gather his small band together as a family and convince them to kill only animals to slake their bloodlust. They occasionally clash with other vamps who aren't quite as compassionate where humans are concerned.

Billy Burke plays Bella's father, Charlie, and serves as the chief of police in their small rainy town of Forks, Wash. The Cullen vampire clan resides in the damp town because it's low on the bright sunshine that would reveal their non-human identities. Vampires in the "Twilight" universe sparkle brightly in direct sunlight. When Bella's relationship with Edward puts her father in danger, Billy and his community protect Charlie.

Instead of being horrified, she confesses her love for Edward, and wants him to change her into a vampire as well, something he tries to resist doing. Summit Entertainment, Getty Images Share Back to slideshow navigation This sister's trouble Nikki Reed plays Cullen sister Rosalie, a gorgeous vampire who resents her status and takes some of her anger out on Bella. My mind flooded with a vision of my hands slowly removing each garment she wore, revealing each inch of beautiful pale skin.

I shook the image away with a barely perceptible tilt of my head. I'm just saying not tonight. Her breathing was settling back into its normal pattern. You just promised to marry me before you do any changing, but if I give in tonight, what guarantee do I have that you won't go running off to Carlisle in the morning? I am — clearly — much less reluctant to give you what you want.

Would she believe it? She huffed in frustration. To show her that it wasn't that I wasn't interested — the tightening in my groin that had yet to fade was proof of that — I leaned down to kiss her again.

My lips brushed over hers gently now, but I hoped I still conveyed the depth of my feeling. She was breathless again when I pulled away. Her brow creased with her irritation. I thought I was holding my own tonight — for once — and now, all of a sudden —" "You're engaged," I grinned.

Please don't say that out loud. And to remember that she'd already agreed. That it was just this one institution she had an inherent problem with, not me.

Are you happy now? I was rewarded with the sound of her heart racing again. Traditionally, shouldn't you be arguing my side, and I yours? Frustrated, perhaps, but not hurt. I shared her frustration, but there were other matters of more importance right now. My body had survived this long without that kind of release, I was pretty sure hers would, too. Or at least that's what I was going to keep telling myself. And the twitching somewhere below my belt line. I bent to kiss her again.

If I was going to torture us both, why let up now? Within a few minutes, her heart was racing again and her skin was flushed a delicious, rosy pink.

It was almost enough to make me say to hell with morality. Because to be perfectly honest, that was my secondary concern, after her safety: It would be disrespectful to Bella to consider her worthy of anything less. If you want, I'll sign a contract in my own blood. This was my second favourite place to take in the full effect of her tantalizing scent.

You know me better than that. So there's really no reason to wait. We're completely alone — how often does that happen? It hadn't been my intention when I'd purchased it, but I would be lying if I denied that the thought hadn't crossed my mind since.

I wasn't sure I wanted to try and explain my continued reluctance to do what we both wanted. She was nearly a hundred years younger, born in a different age.

I didn't know if I could make her understand. No, that was the truth. If it was something she wanted while she was still human and Alice remained convinced it wouldn't result in a fatal injury, I would grant her request. After you marry me. Now she had it exactly. Our eyes met briefly and I was afraid of what she saw there. I quickly tried to deflect by ducking to press my lips to her collarbone. I knew she wouldn't understand.

She was from a different era. And she'd been raised by Renee. A quick scan of her thoughts when I'd first met her had revealed her to be quite the liberal. She had actually assumed Bella and I were already sleeping together and wasn't the least bit perturbed about it.

If anything, she had been annoyed Bella wouldn't tell her all the details. I turned my face into her shoulder, unwilling to let her read anything else from my expression.

I'm trying to protect yours. And you're making it shockingly difficult. She took a breath and shifted so that she could see my eyes, then reached to take both of my hands in hers.

meet the parents proposal scene in eclipse

She stared at me for a long moment, melted chocolate boring into gold. I know there are significant differences between the way you would have been raised and the way I was raised, especially with Renee as a mom.

Over the last ninety years there's been a fundamental shift in the way people look at certain things…especially this. I could have probably found somebody to…do it with, if I'd really wanted to. And it certainly wasn't because I wasn't married to any of them, or that I felt that I needed to wait until I was married," she continued. I wasn't even attracted to any of them. But you…" she smiled a little and squeezed my hands with hers. Like life-altering, I'll-give-up-everything-I've-ever-known-and-every-person-I've-ever-met-to-be-with-you stupid crazy.

And I'm as committed to you as I can possibly be…as anyone can possibly be, to anyone. That should be obvious from the choice I've made. But it's not going to make me love you any more, or want to be with you any more. Both of those things are already at full capacity. We love each other, we're fully committed to each other…we're engaged, for heaven's sake…" Her nose crinkled slightly at the word, but at least it wasn't a grimace.

I just love you so much, Edward. I want to be yours. In every way there is to be yours. She drew her lower lip between her teeth and gnawed at it. Her next words were so quiet no one but a vampire would have heard them. She had never said anything like that before, never so clearly conveyed exactly what she was thinking.

She really loved me that much. She was really mine. She didn't doubt it one bit. How could I not show her how much I loved her, too? I let go of her hands and slid my arms around her waist, pulling her flush against my bare chest once again. She crushed her mouth against mine at the same time, kissing me frantically, winding her hands into the hair at the back of my head as she held my face to hers.

I had to remind myself to remain gentle with her while I kissed her back, both my lips against both of hers, then against each of her lips separately, drawing first the top then the lower between mine.

She still wasn't close enough. In a single swift movement, I lay back on the comforter and pulled her down on top of me so that gravity would eliminate any space between us. I lifted one hand to cradle her head in place as our mouths continued to move together desperately. The other palm pressed against her back, sliding up and down over the silky fabric of her blouse.

MEETPARENTS Proposal Scene

Tentatively, I tugged at it a little, hoping to untuck it from her jeans so that I could have access to the skin of her back. I didn't need to breathe but I was already panting, overcome now by the warm tension in my belly. Bella quickly lost patience with my careful but inept manipulation of the back of her shirt. Sitting up on her knees suddenly, she pried open her top two buttons and yanked the blouse over her head without bothering with the others.

She tossed it aside and fell back against me before I even had a chance to see what the rest of her bra looked like. All I knew from earlier was that it was edged with white lace. The seventeen-year-old in me wanted to see it, wanted to see her in it.

With barely a flick of my wrist I flipped her onto her back and pulled myself up beside her so I could look down at her. I gasped quietly, unprepared for the sight before me. Her long chestnut hair had fanned out around her shoulders. Her pale, porcelain skin almost gleamed in the light from the lamp beside the bed. It was so smooth, so flawless it hardly seemed it could be real. The bra she wore was a vibrant bright blue, trimmed with white lace and a small white bow between the cups.

It fit her perfectly, lifting her breasts just enough that they swelled over the lace. I couldn't help noticing that her breasts were larger than I had expected…even with my vision, the clothes she wore were normally so baggy that it was impossible to tell for certain.

I knew I was staring — gawking, in fact — but she didn't seem to mind. She simply watched me as I drank in the sight of her, her fingers clutching at the comforter beneath her. Gingerly, slowly, I lifted the forefinger of my right hand and pressed my fingertip to the white bow on her sternum. Just as slowly, I let the same fingertip trace up and over the swell of one breast where it peeked over the white lace. She drew in a sharp breath and closed her eyes. I spent a long few moments carefully exploring the flesh exposed beneath me.

The pads of my fingers skimmed every inch, over the curve of each breast to her collarbone, down her sides, over her ribs to her waist, back up over her flat stomach.

I could hear her heart racing, feel it beating under my hands when I passed over the left side of her chest, but apart from the occasional twitch she didn't move — she simply permitted my exploration. When I got back to my starting point, the white bow at her sternum, I couldn't resist cupping my right palm over her left breast, squeezing gently just to see how it fit in my hand. Her eyes snapped open but her only movement was to arch her back slightly, pressing herself further into my palm.

The sensation of her nipple hardening through the delicate fabric caused a similar reaction in my own body, and I could feel myself starting to strain against the zipper of my jeans. Bella reached up to grab the sleeves of my open shirt, tugging at them to show me that she thought it was time it came off. I slipped it off quickly, and her palms flattened against the hard lines of my chest, tracing over them in an exploration of her own before she let her fingers trail lightly down my arms.

If my flesh had been capable of goosebumps, I would have been covered in them at the deliciousness of her touch. When she got to my hands, she pressed the one that was already on her breast more firmly against it, and took the other to place it over her other breast before pressing that one down firmly as well. She sighed when I took the hint and squeezed both breasts gently. I bent down to kiss her again, alternately brushing my lips back and forth over hers and pressing our mouths together.

With the tip of my tongue, I slowly traced the outline of her lower lip, then kissed her again. My hands boldly searched for her bra straps and pushed them down her shoulders so that I could more easily slip a finger inside one of the cups.

With a single stroke I brushed over her tightened nipple and then back again. She gasped and deepened the kiss, going so far as to part her lips in a silent plea for me to do the same. We'd never actually done that before. While I was confident that my venom wouldn't harm her unless it entered her bloodstream, in the past I had always pulled away and broken our kisses off before we got to that point, always afraid of losing control and letting things go too far.

Tonight…control was still an issue, but so far I was managing. So far, my expanded mental capacity apparently meant that I could focus on the sensations while still concentrating enough to keep my touch gentle and not hurt her. I had never really tested it before. But tonight…I was ready to do just that. I parted my lips as she had and let my tongue enter her mouth, sweeping against hers.

If we did it this way, it would keep her away from the razor sharpness of my teeth. God…It was as if we'd never kissed before at all.

This was so much more intimate, so much more sensual. And the taste of her, especially when she sighed into my mouth…indescribable. It made me want still more. I hadn't seen the rest of her yet. Suddenly I needed to — it was beyond want. With some reluctance and a last breathless tug of her lower lip between mine I broke off the kiss so that I could see Bella's eyes. I was about to take the next step, and needed to be sure she was still willing.

Watching her carefully, I trailed my hand to the waistband of her jeans and reached for the button. I paused, searching for the right words to ask for permission. I should have known she would be way ahead of me. In the moment I hesitated her hands flew to my waistband and yanked open all four buttons with one swift movement. I shifted so that she could push my pants down my hips, chuckling softly.

Since hers were 'skinny' jeans and therefore considerably tighter, it was a bit more of an effort to get them off than mine had been. By the time we finally managed it, we were both laughing at the awkwardness of it. The laugh quickly died in my throat when I got a look at her, however. Blue lace boy shorts matched the bra she now wore half down her shoulders, fitted snugly over her slim hips. Slender, shapely legs tapered to delicate ankles and small feet, toes painted a soft pink.

I was surprised for a moment, never having figured her for a pedicure and matching lingerie sort of girl…until I stupidly realized that she just might have put some forethought into this evening.

The idea sent a fresh wave of warmth into my belly, radiating down into my groin. Thankfully, the boxers I was now left wearing were a little more forgiving than my jeans had been in terms of allowing space for what was steadily becoming a rock-hard erection. God I wanted her. I drew in a breath to stave off the urge to tear the remaining scraps of lace from her body and just plunge on into her like a Neanderthal. She blushed at my words, the lovely rosiness spreading from her breasts up to her cheeks.

It had never occurred to me before that her blush extended all the way to her chest, too. I'd never look at it the same way again. I bent her knee and drew her foot to my lips, softly kissing the top of it near her ankle. As I had with her top half, I intended to explore every inch of her lower half, too. This time I used my lips, trailing them over her ankle, across her shin, behind her knee and up her thigh. When my mouth was a few inches from the hem of her panties I lifted my face and moved to kiss the soft skin of her stomach, allowing the tip of my tongue to trace around her belly button.

I was lingering here, getting used to her scent — not exactly a new scent, since I had smelled her arousal before on nights in the past when I let our kissing go a little too long, or when she was sleeping and had a dream that had her panting my name instead of simply murmuring it.

Those were nights that had me sprinting for the shower in the morning at an even faster pace than usual. No, it wasn't a new scent, but it was definitely more intense. I was personally inexperienced, but the thoughts of others had taught me more than enough to know exactly what that meant. While still alternately kissing and licking her stomach, I couldn't resist tracing two fingers downward, over the lace to the spot directly between her thighs. She jumped slightly, but not before I felt the dampness of the fabric.

I suppressed a groan and murmured, "I'm sorry," against her stomach, not really sorry at all. I had thought I couldn't get any harder but apparently I was wrong. I probably shouldn't be quite so proud of myself for causing that sensitivity. Emboldened by her body's very apparent positive reaction, I leaned up on one elbow and gestured toward the blue lacy bra. As beautiful as it was, I was ready to see what was underneath it. I slid the straps the rest of the way down her shoulders and tossed the flimsy garment aside.

Again, I was stunned by what I saw. Her breasts were perfect soft mounds, each capped with a rosy nipple the colour of her lips. Both nipples were tight, elongated, and she gasped when I took one between my thumb and forefinger to feel its pebbled texture. I needed to taste it. Without even thinking to pause and ask permission, I ducked my head to suck it between my lips. I rolled it and teased it with my tongue and she gasped again, arching her back off the bed.

Encouraged, I turned my attention to the other nipple and was rewarded with another gasp. I teased and tasted her skin for a while longer, moving from one breast to the other and back again, up to her collarbone and throat, up further to her mouth, then back down to her abdomen. I realized I had neglected her other leg and set about to rectify the situation, starting once again from the top of her foot and making my way up to her thigh.

By the time I reached the spot below the hem of her panties near the crease of her hip she was writhing against the mattress, hands tugging at my hair urgently. While I was quite content with what I was doing and in no particular hurry, Bella seemed to have other ideas.

She gave up tugging at my hair and reached instead for my shoulders, trying to pull me back up her body. I need you…I can't take any more…" I swallowed heavily as I leaned over her on one elbow, my other hand cupping her face so that I could stroke her cheek with my thumb. She was flushed, chest heaving with her breath, eyes shining with excitement and need. God…could I really do this? My phone was still silent in its spot across the room. Alice seemed to think so. Sensing my hesitation, Bella twisted her body so that her thighs clamped around my leg.

Eclipse Chapter Compromise Revisited, EPOV, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction

She arched her back so that the damp center of her panties was against my skin, searching for friction, her hip bone grinding against my erection as she did so. The sensation made me suck in a sharp breath at the throbbing I now felt below my waistline. A second, even sharper breath followed when she tentatively reached down with one palm and stroked my length through the fabric of my boxers, firmly from base to tip. I took a deep lungful of air in through my nose and reached for the top of her panties, gently tugging them down as she took hold of my boxers and pushed them over my hips.

I felt myself spring free from the confining fabric, almost comically at attention. Bella was looking down at me and her eyes widened. I didn't know it would be so…" Her hand reached out to touch me.

I was totally distracted from any such thoughts, however, when the skin of her fingertips made contact with my erection.

She barely touched me, in fact only carefully circled the head with the pads of her two forefingers, but it was almost enough to make me orgasm on the spot. Since I knew from the thoughts of others that that would be downright embarrassing, I nudged her back flat onto the bed with my knee, the angle forcing her to draw her hand away.

I focused on her again, gently allowing my palm to trace its way from her stomach downwards, over the patch of soft curls and between her thighs. My breath caught in my throat and I felt myself get impossibly harder at the feel of her delicate folds under my fingertips. So warm…so unbelievably wet… She jumped a little when I skimmed her clitoris with my middle finger on my way further back, searching for her slick opening.

When I found it, I circled it a few times, making her squirm. She grabbed my wrist and thrust her hips forward a little, surprising me when the motion drew my finger inside her. She moaned in response and tightened her grip on my wrist, pushing my finger deeper inside her as she ground her sensitive bundle of nerves against the heel of my palm. It feels so good, Edward…" I managed to slide a second finger inside her, getting a whimper in response.

I was fascinated by the sight of her body writhing against the comforter, her eyes squeezed tightly shut, teeth pressing into her lower lip in a way that looked like it should be painful.

I moved my fingers in and out a few times gently but knew I couldn't keep this up much longer — my erection was starting to ache with the need to be inside her.

After a few more minutes, I steeled myself and garnered as much of my self-control as I could still muster. She whimpered when I withdrew my hand from her, opening her eyes to see what was going on, but ceased quickly when she saw that I was pushing her legs apart so that I could settle between them.

She drew her knees up and spread her thighs further to accommodate me. I leaned on one elbow and bent to kiss her, long, slow, deep, taking my erection in my other hand. Experimentally, I brushed the head over her clitoris and further to her opening, then back and forth a few times.

When I paused there, I broke the kiss so I could look down at her face for any sign of hesitation or reluctance. If we do this…it changes everything. We belong to each other. With excruciating slowness, I shifted my hips so that I could push inside her, just a few inches.

My eyes rolled back in my head, but snapped open when Bella gasped. She nodded again vehemently. I didn't…I didn't know what to expect…" Encouraged, I shifted forward again and steeled myself to push a little further inside, fighting the urge to lose myself entirely in the sensation. I had to pay attention to what I was doing, but it was difficult. The warmth, the tightness, the wetness It threatened to undo me completely. I stilled when I met her body's natural resistance and heard her gasp once again.

Now her eyes were wide. She spoke before I could say anything, her voice a low whisper. Don't stop unless I tell you to," she murmured softly. The idea of harming her was too much, too contrary to everything that had been ingrained in me over the months since we'd met.

meet the parents proposal scene in eclipse

Bella's nails were suddenly digging into my backside, trying to hold me in place. Of course she was right. I knew, logically, that she was right. Although every physical instinct I had begged me to proceed, causing her pain was such an anathema to me I wasn't sure I could. I froze where I was, agonizingly half inside her wet heat and half out. Once again she pressed her fingertips into my ass. I felt the membrane break easily under the pressure of my stone body, and didn't stop until my pelvis was pressed flush against hers.

We had both gasped and now simply stared at each other for a moment, acclimating ourselves to the sensation of our bodies being joined this way.

I couldn't remember the last time I had felt so warm, absolutely everywhere. I reached up to smooth the hair away from her face, searching her expression for even the slightest sign that she was hurt and wanted me to stop.

'Twilight' engagement ring sparkles like Edward

She squeezed her eyes shut tightly and slid her hands from my ass to my lower back, hugging me against her. Despite my weight on her she managed to shift her hips, causing me to move inside her a little. I groaned shamelessly at the slight friction. She seemed to smile at the sound, and shifted to do it again.

Experimentally, I drew my own hips back a little and slid forward I was going to want to do this with her every day for the rest of eternity. I briefly wondered whether it would be possible never to stop, now that we had started. Team Edward" aspect of the film. Eclipse opened in 4, theaters and IMAX screens. New Moon in danger of being broken. The two-disc special-edition DVD and Blu-ray discs include special features such as: There is also a "gift set" two-disc collector's edition which features a unique packaging and six collectible photo cards.

It is the third-best opening day ever in Italy; in the Philippines, Eclipse topped Spider-Man 3 for the best opening day ever, and was the highest opening day ever in Belgium. The website's critical consensus reads, "Stuffed with characters and overly reliant on uninspired dialogue, Eclipse won't win The Twilight Saga many new converts, despite an improved blend of romance and action fantasy.