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I've secretly been dying to meet his parents. His father is a big-shot lawyer I step forward with a polite smile and extend my hand. “Hi, I'm Kacey.” I feel my smile slide off as Trent's mother's face lightens five shades. She closes her eyes and. Kacey turned to the girl. “Get your stuff, honey, and meet me at the car. Please, Mom?” Ian watched as something passed between Ben and Kacey. My parents won't mind.” Ben's eyebrow She ran off to retrieve her equipment. Mr. King. Meet the parents: Ben eliminated Kacie B after clashing with her parents who were sceptical about When Kacie's father sat Ben down, he urged The Bachelor: 'Don't rush into anything. I don't want to see anybody get hurt.'.

Kacey Musgraves - Step Off (Acoustic)

Она не могла себе этого представить. - С-слушаюсь, сэр. - Она выдержала паузу.