Meet the players pep rally game

Ohio, W. Va. high schools meet for OVAC All-Star Game Pep Rally | WTOV

meet the players pep rally game

Game Pep Rally held on campus at Wednesday afternoon. The fans and players on hand were all echoing the same theme as well. BROOKE COUNTY, W. Va. — Football players, band members and cheerleaders from Ohio and West Virginia high schools convened tonight at. A great pep assembly not only gets students out of their classes – it gets them fired up for Pep Rally Ideas Cheer Formations, Rally Games, Team Games, Football School GamesAssembly IdeasMeetOlympicsGamesHigh School Reunions .. intact, but also helps pep up the players in performing and giving their best.

The person that goes the farthest wins! If there is a tie, have them do it to the cheerleaders. Give a soda or a candy bar as a prize. Tell them you will be putting eggs all over the floor and they must walk across the gym floor without stepping on them. Let them see you set the eggs out and then blind fold them.


After they are all blind folded, take all of the eggs away. Have them walk across the floor. You can also tell the people they have to step really high or have to walk like a chicken. We had one representative from each class come to the table.

meet the players pep rally game

Not using their hands, they had to get 5 gummy worms out of the pie plate full of whip cream and put them in a cup. The first person done won. Make it "just so happen" that the football captain is in the first chair. Blindfold him first, while explaining to the crowd and other players that they will all be blindfolded, there will be a pie in front of them and in the pie is a starburst. Whoever finds the starburst first, without using their hands, wins!

The catch is you only blindfold the football captain and hes the only one with a pie! Its hilarious to see him going crazy to win when hes actually the only one playing! We took a fishing pole and stuck a gummy worm to it with a string. Then, we blindfolded them. The cheerleaders stood behind them and dangled the gummy worms around. The first person to find the gummy worm with their tongue and ate it, won.

There was a piece of bubble gum under the pile of flour and the first class to have both members blow a bubble won. Fill a baby bottle with Kool-Aid and see who can drink it the fastest. You can also trick some of the people by using lemon juice.

One person out of the two from each grade puts shaving cream all over their face make sure you make it really thick. The object of the game is to throw Cheetos to their partners face. First team to get five stuck wins! Its really funny and a lot of fun. The players and their parents will love it and you'll let everyone know its game day!

Call 10 guys from the senior class down to the gym floor and make them do all kinds of crazy things. Have staff members for judges. Make them do a cheerleading jump, a muscle-showing contest they love that one! For example, one question might be "What is your most embarassing moment? Add up the scores, and the person with the highest amount is Mr. Give them a crown made out of tinfoil and they are King of the pep rally!

One of them would be the person trying to sell the store, and the other would be the person wanting to buy it.

The person buying it would say they need things in the store. These things would be like, a door, shelves, an open sign, a slushie machine, a cash register, a fan. Well, the things the person buying it wants would be made by the players. Like, two people would be the door, and they'd hold their arms out in front of them and when people would walk through, they'd make a squeaky noise or something and swing.

The shelves, well, that's pretty self explanatory. The fan would be a group of 3 or so people spinning around in a circle making noises like a fan. The cash register of course would be someone making a "cha-ching" noise when someone pressed a certain part of their body. The slushie machine would be someone spinning around in a circle, making noise, when someone walked by 'it. Then when all the things have been made inside the 'store', the person buying would say, "Now all I need is candy!

It was fun and brought in a lot of laughs. The students loved it, and the students at my school usually hate pep rallies. We were proud cheerleaders! Have a student from each grade play. The one who stays up the longest wins. This game is called Messy Twister!

They lay down head to toe in a straight line. Using giant rubber balls, have them use their feet to pass the ball up and down the line of people. If someone drops the ball, they have to start all over from the beginning of the line. The first team to pass the ball up and down the line a certain amount of times wins.

Use dresses, skirts, tank tops, bikinis, makeup, the works!

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A lot of times upper classmen will have younger brothers on the freshman or JV teams so that is always fun. The younger players looked ridiculous but the crowd loves it! We allowed 5 football players to volunteer to be a part.

We did not tell them what we were doing. The boys had to sit on a bag of ice the entire pep rally. The last one up won. We stopped the pep rally every 10 minutes to check on them. The mascot kept them cool by fanning them and spraying water on their faces. Have one of the cheerleaders goofing off during the pep rally and in front of everyone have the cheerleading coach yell at her and tell her that if she doesn't stop she can't be a part of the pep rally anymore. She stops for a little bit but starts goofing off again and she gets sent away by the coach!

The student body will think shes in trouble. Have her come back about 5 minutes later with one of the senior football players and he has red kiss marks all over his face!

meet the players pep rally game

The crowd will love it! We randomly chose three guys and three girls. Then we told them that the guys had to pick a partner whom he or she trusted. At this time they got a little scared, but only until we brought out the pants and water balloons.

meet the players pep rally game

The guys had to put on the pants, which were way too big. The girls had to line up straight across from their partners. The girls had to toss the balloons across to the guys who had to catch them in their pants.

We chose four boys from the basketball team and asked them in advance if they would mind taking their shirts off at the next pep rally. We took four t-shirts, rolled them up, wetted them down and froze them overnight.

We took them out the morning of the pep rally and let them thaw out some, so they wouldn't be frozen solid. At the pep rally, we called the chosen guys down and told them they had to take their shirts off and put on the t-shirt we gave them. The first to get their shirt on won. They thought it would be so easy, until they realized the t-shirts were frozen! They had to beat them around on the gym floor and work really hard to get them unrolled!

And then, when they finally did get them on, they were freezing! The crowd loved it! The game we used was kind of funny. Each class was assigned to a part of the gym floor. When everybody got out there, we told them that they had to spell out a word using everybody in their class. The catch was that they had to spell it out so that it was readable and they had to get it done the fastest to win. You divide up into two or more teams.

When your teams are divided up, have them stand in a straight line and hold hands. After that put a hoola-hoop on one end of the lines.

Then they have to get the hoola-hoop to the other end of the line with out letting go of each other's hands. The first to get the hoola-hoop to the end of the line wins. Be sure to include teachers, players, cheerleaders and fans. Have 15 chairs in a circle and have each person sit on a chair.

Then start asking questions. For example, if you have ever had a speeding ticket, move 1 chair to the right. Some will not move and the ones that move either get an empty chair or they sit on the person's lap if the chair is already taken.

This is really funny when guys sit on guys or a teacher sits on someone. You may end up with several people on one chair. Usually we have 20 questions that we go through. Some questions we've used are "if your mom still tucks you in at night, move 2 chairs to the left.

If you ate breakfast this morning move 1 chair to the right.

meet the players pep rally game

If you've been kissed today, move 1 chair to the left. We end it by saying "If you want the Cardinals to win tonight, lead the crowd in the cheer Let's go Cardinals". This is a lot of fun and works well if you choose people who are kind of crazy. We had 3 guys line up in front of three sleeping bags The guys pull the sleeping bags in a race around cones in our gym, the girls have to keep their hands in the air and try not to fall off.

Girls were literally 'flying' off the bags, everywhere. It's called 'chariot racing' and it gives the crowd a good laugh if the boys are aggressive.

Ohio, W. Va. high schools meet for OVAC All-Star Game Pep Rally

The catch was though, their legs were taped together so once they fell they couldn't get up. Whoever had the most people standing won. So all the classes got out there, girls on one side boys on another.

We were just about to start and our cheerleading coach told the boys they had to take their shoes off. It worked great, the girls won. The bad thing was the gym smelled. Have about 4 pairs of teachers try to pair them up with one tall teacher and one short teacher. Then have 2 reps from each grade come down. They all have to empty a roll of Toilet Paper roll as fast as they can covering head to toe. The first grade that wins gets an activity day to themselves so encourage them to cheer them on!

Play music like "Tootsie Roll" and have cheerleaders throw tootsie rolls while all of this is going on.

meet the players pep rally game

Make them take their shoes strings out, too. Place 5 people from different grades at each side of the gym.

The people at the corners have 2 minutes to find their shoes and lace them. The grade with the most people finished, wins! We sold tickets and drew names out of a bucket at the pep rally. We pulled people from the audience and made them do something totally ridiculous. We made guys race to get dressed in girls clothes, we had a toilet paper wrapping contest where the shortest teachers have to wrap the tallest basketball players, a buddy dancing contest where teachers had to get out on the court and dance with their arms hooked we made them do the Tootsie Roll and the Chicken Dancea marshmallow race where you have to twirl a marshmallow on a piece of string around your tongue until it gets into your mouth.

It got the crowd, players, teachers, cheerleaders, and everyone else all pepped up for the game. We had groups of two stretching one layed down and another sat on top and we used a different body with different legs and stretched all kinds of crazy ways.

It's really funny if the person under you makes her legs go crazy! Then we had the cheerleaders put on makeup. One cheerleader was behind a sheet and the other had her hands behind her back so the one that couldn't see put the makeup on. Then we showed them making and eating food using the same makeup contest. People couldn't stop laughing. They especially loved the finale to that pep rally, we had a spirit cake.

A guy from each grade sat on a chair make sure you cover the floor and we poured flour, eggs, whipped cream, milk and sprinkles all over them. The person with the most yells won! Then on the day of the pep rally the cheerleaders dressed up in those clothes and walked out on the gym floor. Once they're finished, it's time to let the varsity team to show their spirit by performing their dance.

If they do it reasonably well, it's a riot for everyone involved, and school spirit will shoot through the roof. What a Feeling from Flashdance I'm So Excited by the Pointer Sisters Footloose from the movie of the same name Get together with your squad to brainstorm song selections, and then make up a set of dance moves that aren't too difficult so it doesn't take too long for the players to learn them.

Pigskin Relays Here's another fun activity for a football pep rally that involves teams from each class. You'll need to select teams ahead of time. Choosing class officers is often a good way to begin, but you could also set up four separate class submission boxes in your school's main hallway and allow students to write their name on a slip of paper and stick it in the box.

You could then draw five to eight names at random for freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors to create each team. Pigskin relays involve transporting a football in a number of unique ways. Here are just a few examples: Tricycle race - Imagine how fun it would be to try to transport a football to a set line and back again while riding a tricycle. This race would provide a lot of laughs, and the winning team is the first to have their last member make it back to the starting line with football still in hand.

Football head race - Every try to balance a football on your head? It isn't easy, but imagine trying to walk fast while you're doing it. This relay works the same way as the tricycle race with the first team to finish becoming the winners.

Three-legged race with a twist - This is a standard three-legged race, but the partners have to hold the football between them at their hips. Now that takes some real coordination, and they aren't allowed to use their hands.