Meet the press 12 9 ny times crossword puzzle answers

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meet the press 12 9 ny times crossword puzzle answers

Working correctly will lead you to a four-word phrase with a total of 12 letters. 13, will receive copies of The New York Times Crossword Puzzles working together with his son Ross Trudeau, a digital media producer in Cambridge, Mass. "How I Met Your Mother," as well as the writer/director of two films (to date). Ready to conquer The New York Times Crossword? Here's a At the time it was made, the two constructors had never met face to face! Solve it online | Get 9, Every great themed crossword is based on an original idea. The answer at Across explains this puzzle's shaded squares. This was. Fran Foster, The Newsweekly Published p.m. ET Aug. The Clue: A Vero Beach resident and New York Times crossword constructor (14 letters). Patrick Merrell's passion for puzzles began after graduating and sat down at the computer and prepared to meet my partner. . 28, , p.m.

And this is where it starts to get good. The first themed clue, in the upper left corner, makes use of a very strange pattern: The first space, occupied by 4-down, is just three letters: This is the point where my stunned brain floats off into outer space, never to return.

The New York Times crossword puzzle

In the print and web versions, unlike the Across Lite version I used, there were little arrows to indicate the direction of movement here. It makes a repeating spiral, one in which three different boxes are utilized twice. And of course, those rogue letters on the side have to fit in with the across clues: Advanced degree in math? Instead, maybe Chen is the Robert Johnson of constructors, and he sold his soul to Satan to create this puzzle, and in return Satan demanded that Chen honor him with a clue.

This is all speculation. He had to have so, so many, and the crazy SOB found them: The northern hemisphere theme answers: Now the clue rotates clockwise around the black space!

Things spin the other way! This is the point where my still-stunned brain decides to come back to Earth just to check in, sees this new development, and dives into the ocean to spend the rest of its life hiding with the creatures of the deep.

meet the press 12 9 ny times crossword puzzle answers

But the amount of pleasure this act of brilliance gives me is difficult to describe. And the amount of creativity and brainpower it takes to actually conceive of and create it is astounding to me. The last theme clues: Texas Lone star state, S-T-A around the R, lone-STA-r-STA-te One more thing about the degree of difficulty Chen was dealing with—crossword puzzles have rotational symmetry, meaning that if you do a degree spin, the black spaces are in exactly the same place.

Based on the way he constructed, every clue had to be either 10 or 12 letters long.

New York Times Crossword Puzzle Answers -

That takes a hard concept and makes it totally unfair and impossible. It gets even more complicated: A full specification sheet listing the paper's requirements for crossword puzzle submission can be found online see "External Links" or by writing to the paper. Aside from increasing in difficulty throughout the week, the Monday-Thursday puzzles and the Sunday puzzle always have a theme, some sort of connection between at least three long usually Across answers, such as a similar type of pun, letter substitution, or alteration in each entry.

Another theme type is that of a humorous quotation broken up into symmetrical portions and spread throughout the grid. For example, the February 11,puzzle by Ethan Friedman featured a theme quotation: Notable dates such as holidays or anniversaries of famous events are often commemorated with an appropriately themed puzzle, although only two are currently commemorated on a routine annual basis: Christmas and April Fool's Day.

The maximum word count for a themed weekday puzzle is normally 78 words, while the maximum for an unthemed Friday or Saturday puzzle is 72; Sunday puzzles must contain words or fewer.

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Nearly all the Times crossword grids have rotational symmetry: Rarely, puzzles with only vertical or horizontal symmetry can be found; yet rarer are asymmetrical puzzles, usually when an unusual theme requires breaking the symmetry rule. This rule has been part of the puzzle since the beginning; when asked why, initial editor Margaret Farrar is said to have responded, "Because it is prettier. For example, the December 6, puzzle by Jeff Chen featured a rebus theme based on the chemical pH scale used for acids and bases, which required the letters "pH" to be written together in a single square in several locations in the puzzle in the middle of entries such as "triumpH" or "sopHocles".

Thus a plural clue always indicates a plural answer and the same for singulara clue in the past tense will always be matched by an answer in the same tense, and a clue containing a comparative or superlative will always be matched by an answer in the same degree.

Unlike in some easier puzzles in other outlets, the number of words in the answer is not indicated in the clue itself—so a one-word clue can mean a multiple-word answer.

meet the press 12 9 ny times crossword puzzle answers

Shortz apologized and said the term would not appear again. Times style is to always capitalize the first letter of a clue, regardless of whether the clue is a complete sentence or whether the first word is a proper noun. On occasion, this is used to deliberately create difficulties for the solver; e.

It could be topical, humorous, have rhymed definitions or story definitions or quiz definitions.

Will Shortz

The combination of these two would offer meat and dessert, and catch the fancy of all types of puzzlers. Kingsley, who is credited with inventing the puzzle type, and continued to write the Times acrostic until December 28, Middleton for a period of over 30 years, until August 15,when the pair of Cox and Rathvon became just the fourth author of the puzzle in its history.

meet the press 12 9 ny times crossword puzzle answers

Records and puzzles of note Fans of the Times crossword have kept track of a number of records and interesting puzzles primarily from among those published in Shortz's tenureincluding those below.