Meet the robinsons book summary

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meet the robinsons book summary

This review was written for the theatrical release of "Meet the Robinsons." Walt Disney himself is evoked twice in the new digital animation. Movie Review but wet, she's a star," applies perfectly to Meet The Robinsons, the latest and most promising attempt to resuscitate Disney's. Meet the Robinsons has 7 ratings and 1 review. Alexandra said: This book had a lot of words that were difficult/unfamiliar for an early reader. My studen.

However, 'Bowler Hat Guy' has no idea how it works, and the hat whom he calls Dorisdecides they need to find Lewis to figure it out. Going back to the orphanage, 'Bowler Hat Guy' encounters Goob, who due to sleep deprivation, lost the game, and suffered the wrath of his teammates.

meet the robinsons book summary

Goob explains that the orphanage's supervisor said he should move on, but 'Bowler Hat Guy' states that Goob should use that experience, and never forget it After searching more of the Orphanage, Doris calculates that Lewis must have went to the future with Wilbur Robinson, and the two head into the future with a time machine of their own.

Back in the future, Lewis is introduced to more of the Robinsons' house, and how Lewis' father, Cornelius, is a great inventor, having successfully perfected time travel.

meet the robinsons book summary

However, Cornelius' most recent time iteration was stolen by the 'Bowler Hat Guy,' and this explains why Wilbur is trying desperately to set things right. At the same time, Doris infiltrates the house, and attempts to kill Wilbur, but not before finding that 'Bowler Hat Guy' has time-travelled back and forth through time, returning to the future with a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

meet the robinsons book summary

The Robinson family and Lewis manage to take down the enormous beast, and the family is ecstatic. It is then that Wilbur lets slip that Lewis is an orphan, and the family unanimously approves Hurt and upset that he has once again seemingly lost the chance to have a family of his own, Lewis walks away, but is then accosted by 'Bowler Hat Guy' and Doris, who promise that if he helps fix his machine, they'll take him back in time to find his Mom.

meet the robinsons book summary

Wilbur asks Lewis to fix the time machine, but Lewis has another condition: Wilbur has to take him to visit his mother afterwards. Reluctantly, Wilbur agrees and hides Lewis in the garage. Lewis does not stay there for long, however, and ends up meeting the rest of the Robinson family except for Cornelius, Wilbur's father, who is away on a business trip. The Robinsons offer to adopt Lewis, but change their mind when they learn that he is from the past.

Wilbur admits to lying to Lewis about taking him back to see his mom, causing Lewis to run off in disgust. Lewis then discovers that Cornelius Robinson is, in fact, a future version of himself, and Wilbur is his future son.

Because he was kept awake by Lewis' work on the scanner, Goob fell asleep during an important Little League game and failed to make an important catch that cost the game.

Meet the Robinsons Movie Review Summary

Goob became so bitter as a result that he was never adopted and remained in the orphanage long after it closed. He also meets Wilbur Robinson, who says he has traveled back in time to find a man in a bowler hat who stole a time machine from him-- coincidentally, we see the man in a bowler hat steal what remains of Lewis' broken memory scanner.

meet the robinsons book summary

Wilbur takes Lewis to the future to prove that he's not a liar, but when they begin bickering in the time machine, they crash it, trapping Lewis in the future.

Wilbur can't fix the time machine without Lewis' help, so he tries to keep Lewis hidden, to no avail, as Lewis becomes almost like part of the Robinson family.

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Lewis eventually learns that Wilbur's dad is a future version, making Wilbur his son, making Lewis angry at him. Lewis then discovers the real identity of the man in the bowler hat-- it's a grown up Goob, furious at Lewis for ruining such an important moment in his life, so with the help of the bowler hat who is actually a robot named Doris! Lewis is finally able to fix things by confronting Doris, who he finds out is something he goes on to invent, and he vows to never invent Doris, which then causes the hat and its clones to cease to exist.