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Frankie Background information Feature films Meet the Robinsons Video games Meet the Robinsons Voice Bowler-Hat Guy then discovers them, and comes up with the plan to take over one of the frog's minds in order to kidnap Lewis. The game's plot expands Wilbur's efforts in trying to get the stolen time machine back from Bowler Hat Guy. When arriving at the Science Fair though, he. With the help of the wonderfully wacky Robinson family, Lewis learns to keep Game: Take Aim And Save the City Of the Future From the Evil bowler Hats Stephen J. Anderson Bowler Hat Guy In magical Toyland, Mary Contrary and Tom Piper prepare for their wedding, but the wicked Barnaby kidnaps Mary for himself!.

However, in one of Lewis' timelines, after he missed the winning catch, his fury became uncontrollable as he was constantly in a bad mood.

Once the orphanage shut down, as time progressed and as he grew uphis resentment of Lewis grew.

Temporal Anomalies in Meet the Robinsons

As a result of shutting himself from the world for three decades, Goob never properly matured as an adult as his anger caused a stunted mental development. His childlike attitude suggests that he dropped education after finishing middle school, given that he lacked knowledge and common sense for many things in life as a side-effect of his self-destructive obsession of destroying Lewis.

He has displayed extremely childish mannerisms, such as running on the table in the meeting room of Inventco. He also has a habit of committing childish mischief as evil deeds in his terms which greatly crippled his attempts for revenge before meeting DOR and even during his partnership with her. It took many of his misdeeds to fully wake him back to his senses when Doris takes over the future and betrayed him to his death which was erased by Lewis later.

Ultimately, Goob represents a side of Lewis that refuses to let go of past failures in life, as evident in his behavior and outdated outfit. He serves as a parallel to Lewis, as the genius boy would not have given up his intention to find his biological mother had Wilbur Robinson not intervened. Physical appearance Goob is a pale child with black hair, although he has black eyes due to sleep deprivation. He wore a green baseball uniform with white pants, a jacket, and cap. As an adult, he is a tall, skinny man often seen wearing a bowler hat and suit.

He is commonly dressed in black as an adult, but underneath the suit, he still wears the same baseball uniform from when he was a child.

Role in the film Goob as a young boy. Michael Yagoobian is Lewis's roommate and is kept up all night by Lewis working on his memory scanner. As a member of the local Little League team, the Dinos, Goob never really takes an interest in his roommate's inventing.

The last game of the season occurs on the same day as the Science Fair. During the 9th inning, he falls asleep and misses the winning catch. The players beat him up and he never lets it go. No one wants to adopt him since he is so angry. He also believes that everyone hates him, despite a few that are willing to become a friend, he is too angry to notice.

Eventually, the orphanage is closed down and he is left behind. He spends the next 30 years in the orphanage, never changing out of his baseball uniform and listening over the radio tormenting himself listening to Lewis's successes. He finally decides that his current situation is Lewis' fault, reasoning that if Lewis did not work on his project keeping him up all night, he would've caught the ball and could've been adopted. He threw eggs and toilet-papers Robinson Industries as a pathetic attempt at revenge.

She says that she is capable of more things, but Cornelius did not see her as anything else she was capable of doing. Realizing his simple plan was inferior to what Doris had in mind, Goob added in the sabotage of the Science Fair to the hat's scheme. The two joined forces, and Goob took on the identity of Bowler Hat Guy. He ruins the science fair where Lewis is presenting his memory scanner, then steals the device and takes it to Inventco.

Since he doesn't know anything about the scanner, he is thrown out, and at Doris' suggestion, they start to track Lewis for help.

Meet the Robinsons

Checking at the orphanage, Goob runs into his past self, who had just returned after being beaten up by his baseball team. After being reminded that Lewis likes to hang out on the roof, future Goob decides to go up there, but not before telling his past self to nurture his hatred and resentment for Lewis.

Goob sees Doris being destroyed after Lewis promises he will never invent her. Lewis then shows Goob the industrial, smog-filled future that Doris would have created, which fades after a few seconds thanks to Lewis' intervention in the past, restoring the original, peaceful future. As Wilbur is restored into existence, he attacks Goob on sight, until Lewis pulls him and tells his future son of his association with Goob.

Then Goob leaves, wondering what to do next despite Lewis getting Wilbur to offer to have the Robinsons adopt him. He leaves his binder behind with his checklist and one unchecked box that has a question mark next to it, feeling extremely remorseful for his past actions against Lewis.

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Upon returning to the past, instead of going straight to the Science Fair, Lewis heads to the ball field where young Goob is sleeping. Lewis yells at him, waking him up and Goob catches the ball he missed before, winning the game and negating the events that led to his transformation into the Bowler Hat Guy.

Goob is shown as a much happier person afterwards, no longer having a reason to be so furious. He is seen carrying around his trophy and getting adopted by the Hendersons, a couple that had previously interviewed Lewis and having an amicable goodbye with Lewis when he leaves the orphanage.

meet the robinsons bowler hat guy kidnaps

It's completely unknown what will happen with Goob in the future, but given thanks to Lewis that he won the baseball game and was saved from became evil, he never transformed into the Bowler Hat Guy and surely became a more nicer and succesful person. Disney Parks Upon the release of the film, the Bowler Hat Guy made meet-and-greet appearances throughout some of the Disney theme parks.

He usually appeared alongside Lewis and Wilbur. Why are you doing this to me? I never did anything to you! You still haven't figured it out! Let's see if this rings a bell - Father of the future, inventor extraordinaire, "Keep moving forward"? That's not me, that's Wilbur's dad! Bowler Hat Guy stares at him expectantly.

Frankie (Meet the Robinsons)

Lewis' eyes go wide in realization: Are you saying that Oh, Give the boy a prize! You grow up to be the founder of this wrenched time So I planned to destroy your destiny! Easy-peasy, rice and cheesy! Bowler hat guy removing his cloak revealing his tiny, filthy Little League Baseball uniform Yes! Yes, it is I, Mike Yagoobian! Lewis gasps I know, I'm disgusting. But one learns to love it. How did you end up like this? Well it's a long pitiful story, about a young boy with a dream.

We lost by one run because of me. Goob wakes up and finds himself surrounded by his teammates as they began to beat him up Baseball kid: Goob angrily telling his day at the orphanage to many parents: If I hadn't fallen asleep, I would have caught the ball! And we would have won!! For some reason, no one wanted to adopt me.

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Reporter over radio as Goob listens: Whiz kid Cornelius Robinson graduates from college at age 14 - This year's Nobel Prize goes to a young Cornelius Robinson Goob walks through the hallway as students greet him but was too angry to notice Student 1: Cool binder Student 2: Hey Goob, wanna come over to my house today?

They all hated me. Eventually, they closed down the orphanage and everyone left Years go by as Goob listens on the radio of Lewis' successes and comes to a realization. It was then that I realized it wasn't my fault. If you hadn't kept me up all night working on your stupid project, then I wouldn't have missed the catch, So I devised a brilliant plan to get my revenge.

Then, just as I was on the brink of destroying Robinson Industries, I met 'her'.

meet the robinsons bowler hat guy kidnaps

We retreated to our villainous lair, where Doris spun a tale of deception and woe. Apparently, you invented her to be a helping hat, a slave to humankind But Doris knew she was capable of so much more!

Doris' eye turns red and pulls herself over the lab assistant's eyes and controlling him However, you didn't see her true potential So you shut her down Doris reactivates herself, breaks free from the glass incasing and secretly escapes from Robinson industries We both had a score to settle with you, and while my plan for revenge was brilliant, Doris' was Showing her the Science fair flyer Together we made the perfect team.

On a stormy night, Goob and Doris arrive at Lewis' home with Doris putting her night vision goggles, spying on Wilbur Franny: Wilbur, make sure you shut that door tight, or else the alarm won't engage. Wilbur leaves without closing the door all the way I went to your house, snuck in the garage, and stole the time machine.

All thanks to that pointy-haired little kid who forgot to lock the garage door. Mike Yagoobian laughs maniacally as the flashback ends And now, all that's left is to return to Inventco, where I'll pass off your little gizmo as my own. But you have no idea what that could do to this future! I just want to ruin your life! Anderson, director of the film as well as providing the voice of Bowler Hat Guy, also did the voices of Bud and Tallulah Robinson.

He was originally supposed to be voiced by Jim Carrey, who rejected it because he was going to star in the film The Number In the film, there is no confirmed explanation of what became of Goob in the altered timeline created by Doris, though it is likely that Doris either enslaved him or killed him.

The former, however, is extremely unlikely, as the only use that Goob had for Doris was that he was the only one who could present the memory scanner to Inventco because Doris was not going to be able to do so as it was a robotic hat.