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meet the robinsons dvdizzy tangled

[1] It is a sequel to the Walt Disney Animation Studios film Tangled. .. artist on Brother Bear (), wrote a screenplay and worked as a story artist on Meet the Robinsons (), and supervised the story on Bolt ( ). Back in , plans by Disney-Pixar to make a movie about the Day of the Dead, the Mexican cultural celebration, were met with outright. PRODUCER: Roy Conli (“Tangled,” “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”). DIRECTORS: Don Hall (“The Emperor's New Groove,” “The Princess.

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Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. September In the small town of Oakey Oaks, Chicken Little rings the school bell and warns everyone to run for their lives, allowing the whole town into a frenzied panic with much damage ensuing.

Eventually, the Head of the Fire Department calms down enough to ask him what's going on and Little explains that a piece of the sky shaped like a stop sign had fallen on his head when he was sitting under the big oak tree in the town square; however, he is unable to find it.

His father, Buck Cluck, assumes that this "piece of sky" was just an acorn that had fallen off the tree and had hit him on the head, making Little the laughing stock of the town.

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A year later, Little has become infamous in the town for being crazy. His only friends are outcasts and underdogs like himself: His literal "Ugly Duckling" friend — the dorky and supportive Abby Mallard who has a not-so-secret crush on himRunt of the Litter who ironically is extremely largeand a literal Fish Out of Water who wears a helmet full of tap water. Trying to help, Abby encourages Little to talk to his father, but he really only wants to make his dad proud of him.

As a result, he joins his school's baseball team in an attempt to recover his reputation and his father's pride but is made last until the ninth inning of the last game. Little is reluctantly called to bat by the coach even though the coach is certain that he will lose the game for them.

meet the robinsons dvdizzy tangled

Little is able to hit the ball and make it past first, second, and third bases, but is met at home plate by the outfielders. He tries sliding onto home plate, only to be touched by the ball. While it's presumed he lost the game, the umpire brushes away the dust to reveal Little's foot barely touching home plate, thus declaring Little safe and the game won; Little is hailed as a hero for winning the pennant.

Later that night at home, Little is hit on the head by the same "piece of the sky" that he had mentioned earlier at the beginning — only to find out that it is not a piece of the sky but a device designed to blend into the background which would thereby explain why Little was unable to find it last time. He calls his friends over to help figure out what it is. When Fish pushes a button on the back of the piece, it becomes a hovercraft in which Fish rides on.

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It turns out to be part of the camouflage of an invisible UFO. Little manages to ring the school bell to warn everyone, but aliens who have emerged from the spaceship see everyone coming and manage to escape, leaving an orange alien child behind. No one believes the story of the alien invasion, and Little is ridiculed yet again He and his friends discover the little alien whose named turns out be Kirby and a few minutes later, a whole fleet of spaceships descends on the town and start what turns out to be an invasion, which is actually a misunderstanding, as the two aliens are looking for their lost child and only attack out of concern.

As the aliens rampage throughout Oakey Oaks vaporizing everything in their path, Little realizes that he must return the alien to his parents to save their planet.

Despite this, he first has to confront his father and regain his trust.

meet the robinsons dvdizzy tangled

As he begins to tell his father the truth inside an abandoned cinema, Abby bursts in and says they should address the problem, as in the invasion, but because it is a phrase that she used to Little about his issues with his dad, then he begins to explain them. Little talks about what his father was doing and that he had emotionally let Little down by not being there for him and not listening to him enough.

After he and his father reconcile and begin to leave to return Kirby to his parents, Little runs back down the row of seats to Abby and tells her that he always found her extremely attractive and he kisses her, only for her to act silly.

meet the robinsons dvdizzy tangled

Their first attempt to return the child to his mom and dad is aborted when they witness town mayor Turkey Lurkey get apparently vaporized after offering the key to the city, the key to his car and finally Tic-Tacs as surrender terms. In the invasion, Buck, now regaining his confidence and trust in his son, protects him from the aliens until they get vaporized. It is then discovered that the aliens weren't vaporizing people, but the ray guns had teleported them aboard the UFO.

Afterwards, the aliens return everything to normal except Foxy Loxy, whose brain got scrambled, turning her into a Southern belleand as a result, Runt falls for herand everyone is grateful for Chicken Little's efforts to save the town.

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  • List of unproduced Disney animated shorts and feature films

One year later, the townsfolk have made a film about the story, exaggerating it incredibly. In the film, Little is more masculine and Abby is far more beautiful in reality, and Fish can speak properly. After the film finishes, everyone begins to celebrate, Buck lifts Little onto his shoulders as he is applauded, and Abby now his girlfriendkisses him on the cheek.

While in shock, the priest asks them for the rings, only to find them gone. The Queen complains that it was her grandmother's wedding rings and one of the guards says that the kingdom is lost.

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This causes a lot of chaos around the kingdom and explosions start to happen, but it was revealed to be a dream. With more time, they go after the rings only to be launched in 2 directions. One of them lands in a pot of soup and Pascal goes after it. When coming out, he causes chaos around the tables and finally retrieves the ring, only to find his tongue stuck in ice.

Meanwhile, Maximus runs after the other ring, but he runs into shoes, make-up, hats and dresses and he is now dressed as a lady a male horse falls in love with him, but he kicks him and goes after the ring. Pascal finally gets his tongue off the ice, but he lands on a waiter's foot, causing him to drop the lintels on the ice and it launches into the air. Maximus manages to retrieve the other ring, but the ice sculpture lands on a catapult he is sitting on and is launched into the air he passes the windows where the ceremony is.

He lands in a carriage and goes after the ring. Meanwhile, Pascal goes after the ring and it lands on a girl's lantern. He chases after it, only for him to be shocked when he finds out it is in hundreds of lanterns.

meet the robinsons dvdizzy tangled

Maximus manages to retrieve the ring, but his face gets knocked by several frying pans before hitting a giant frying pan. This causes a few residents to think it was the tong and they release the doves and the lanterns. Pascal finally finds the ring, but realizes he is very high. Meanwhile, the carriage Maximus is in finally stops and is launched into the air passing Pascal, but he doesn't know that and looks at the camera.