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meet the secular missionary

Feb 26, The Secular Missionary (Std). The Implacable Detective asks for a meeting. 'A lady has approached me in need of help,' she says. 'Seems to. In my work with the secular community I have heard many stories from people who and missionaries, and his parents became missionaries when they retired. This category contains all uses of Intimate with a Secular Missionary: Cards A clue about the Secular Missionary's husband. D Meet the Secular Missionary.

Darrel Ray In my work with the secular community I have heard many stories from people who consulted a mental health professional only to find out after several sessions that the professional was spiritual or religious or had new age ideas.

Investigating, I soon learned that it is quite difficult to find a therapist that is actually secular or will only use evidence based methods with a client. Secular therapists don't advertise that they are humanist or atheist because that might alienate the churches and ministers who often make referrals to them.

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It might also drive off religious clients. Too many people have told me that they simply cannot find a therapist in their community who is not religious.

On the other hand, I know that there are thousands of secular therapists, so how do we get these clients together with therapists. That is the task that Han Hills and I decided to tackle in We went live with the site in April of and are seeing clients and therapists finding each other and hopefully engaging in productive, life enhancing work.

This entire effort was done with no budget and a lot of time and talent, especially on Han's part.

You can support this effort and help us grow in one or more of three ways: Tell any secular therapist to register with us. Tell people in the groups you attend, blog about it or write on Facebook or Twitter about it so that people in need of these services will know where to go. Please donate any amount to help us maintain and grow.

Ray is author of four books, two on organizational team issues, The God Virus: How Religion Distorts Sexuality. We hope you enjoyed learning more about them. If you, or someone you know, is interested in an internship at OMS, email go onemissionsociety. Summer Intern Grows in Christ June 30 "I definitely knew about the Bible, grew up with it, [and] was familiar with it, but it wasn't until the end of high school that my faith became personal.

Sierra grew up in a home that put God first, but it took her years to recognize that she wasn't fully putting her identity in Christ. On the evening of her high school graduation, she found herself looking at her pictures, plaques, and trophies, everything she had put her identity into in high school, and she felt empty. She k new she needed to place her identity into something, or more appropriately someone, who was permanent.

She counts herself fortunate that she grew up in a household where she knew that Jesus was the answer. Jesus was who her identity should be founded in, so it was on that night that she gave her life to the Lord. When she felt God calling her to Purdue, she was surprised because it wasn't the type of school she had previously considered. But, God had a plan that involved getting plugged into a good youth group.

She reflects on this calling with a laugh now because it has given her "A lot of opportunities to witness to people on campus.

meet the secular missionary

She wanted to achieve bigger and better things, but she had to come to terms with the fact that God was calling her home for the summer. He led me home and closed some doors to make it very clear that's where he wanted me. Looking back, it's so neat to see that he needed me home that summer. Summer Intern Relies on God June 23 "I had prayed for a long time that God would just open the right doors and shut the wrong ones.

I prayed for God to put me in situations where I would have no other choice but to trust in him. Having gone through her own trials and hardships over the years, she found herself wanting to pour into others who were going through similar things.

Maranda shared how important it is to have someone to lean on because "it was very evident when I was lacking those people to cling to. God recently revealed in her a passion for missions, for reaching the lost and the broken. Nearly a year ago, she and some friends were provided an opportunity to visit Greece on a mission trip. Maranda felt herself being called to this mission trip, but she had to acknowledge that she was struggling with various personal issues.

meet the secular missionary

She shared how contradictory her emotions were in these moments. She was deeply happy for her friends and the good work they would do, while equally disappointed that she couldn't help serve others. She knew, however, that she first needed to explore where her anxiety and depression were coming from, and learn how to give them up to God.

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But this desire to serve in Greece was placed on her heart for a reason, and she didn't let it go. With hard work, dedication, and prayer, she was able to serve in Greece just two months ago. The mission trip to Greece "changed my life and wrecked my world. They are truly happy to have me here serving with them, and it has been very encouraging knowing that. Summer Intern Fits in June 15 "I always knew I had a heart for international people, for helping others, nurturing them and loving and caring for them … that's when I really found my faith and my identity in Christ …" Devondra Wakefield is taking her passion for people and applying it in the Human Resources Department of One Mission Society.

She is serving as a mobilizer this summer, a job that compliments her major of Missions and Ministry at Kentucky Christian University. Devondra grew up in a home that wasn't always focused on Christ, but she was fortunate enough to have an aunt who always invested in her spiritually.

Devondra reflected on her search for Christ, "I didn't really grow up in a household where Christ was the center … where we talked about Christ, [or] where I learned anything about Christ, so anything outside of the prior knowledge I already had, I had to go seek.

Upon graduating from high school, she made the decision to seek a nursing degree at Kentucky Christian University, but God had other plans about her future career. After spending two years in the nursing program, Devondra noticed God closing doors that led to her becoming a nurse.

As a result of this, she made the split-second decision to change her major to Ministry with a focus in Missions. Every ministry student at KCU is asked to fulfill an internship before graduation. She quickly saw that there were many organizations who were not keen on giving Devondra information on what she would be doing, except for one.

meet the secular missionary

Devondra talks about how throughout the entire day she just kept bumping into Heather, one of OMS' Mobilization workers, and it made an impact on her.