Meet the skylanders eruptor coloring

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meet the skylanders eruptor coloring

See more ideas about Skylanders party, Coloring book and Coloring pages for kids. Print out Skylanders Eruptor coloring pages kids characters fargelegge. Silver Eruptor information, gameplay video footage and what he looks like in toy form. Supporting himself with his staff, he closed his eyes and let his mind reach out He peered into the wild, shimmering colours, calling the Skylanders by name.

Thanks to this, the Skylanders were able to seal themselves inside the room, which turns out to be a large rocket. The Boom Brothers are holding Hot Dog hostage with a pineapple grenade. Kaos threatened to blow the Skylanders sky-high should they refuse to let him and his troll army back inside the rocket. Even worse, the Boom Brothers recovered from the attack and held Hot Dog hostage, also threatening the Skylanders to surrender otherwise the robots would detonate the whole room using a pineapple grenade.

Terrafin pretended to surrender to the Boom Brothers, tricking them into arguing with one another until one of the brothers forced the pineapple grenade down his sibling's throat, causing them both to explode. With the danger of the Boom Brothers gone, there was still the threat of Kaos ordering the Skylanders to surrender Rocky. Sprocket unintentionally launched the rocket, sending the Skylanders away from Junk Mountain and leaving Kaos and his troll army under what was left of the Explosive Emporium.

Back at the Eternal Archive, the Skylanders discovered that the Earth segment wasn't Rocky, but his singing voice, which was given to him centuries ago by one of the Spell Punks who first split the Mask of Power. They soon accompanied Rocky back to the fair and attended his show, which turned out to be disastrous for Professor Puck when Rocky's true, terrible singing voice was heard.

This caused the audience to turn against Puck as they paid him to hear Rocky sing his magical voice that he lost and proceeded to run Puck out of town, leaving the Skylanders and Rocky satisfied over their victory. However he along with the other Skylanders were defeated by the evil dragon and had their powers stolen. Gameplay Hot Dog's main attack is Firebark, which has him shooting fireballs from his mouth and tail, and he has a primary combo where he shoots three fireballs at once.

His third attack, the Comet Slam, flips him in the air spinning and then slamming down upon enemies for massive damage.

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This upgrade path grants him a more powerful Firebark attack and access to 2 new attacks: Burnin' Bees and Comet Dash, both useful in thinning the crowd. His Comet Slam attack can also be made to unleash fireballs all around him, allowing him to get right into the thick of battle.

This upgrade path grants him increasingly more powerful and more efficient firewalls to attack enemies with. The Wall of Fire can be upgraded into a 'Magmutt Battalion;' a wall of fiery dogs that shoot fireballs whenever Hot Dog does, allowing him to fight from a distance.

Hot Dog is generally a medium-long range fighter with powerful attacks, regardless of which upgrade path is chosen.

Stats These are the starting and maximum Statistics for this Skylander in the Skylanders games. Upon their victory, Gill Grunt begins to sing, much to Eruptor's annoyance.

Spyro versus The Mega Monsters When mega-sized animals started terrorizing around Skylands, Eruptor was sent to Flowering Fields to save it from a five-meter-long caterpillar. But Kaos, who claimed to have renounced his evil ways to battle evil-doers, have chased off the gigantic worm before Eruptor dealt with the problem.

They came upon an expedition of Ents being terrorized by Kaos's Cyclopses lead by Bloodshot and quickly defeated the horde, saving the Ents. During the struggle with Bloodshot, the Cyclops Gazermage managed to escape with a coin of Nefarionthe previous owner of the Mask of Power.

The leader of the Ent expedition, Professor Splinterslead the Skylanders to an underground world that was frozen over. Eruptor then came face-to-face with another version of himself being encased in ice. Eruptor, Slam Bam and Grim Creeper pinned by the cave-in. Master Eon teleported to their location and explained that Eruptor will eventually go back in time and become frozen in ice.

As the old Portal Master recalled the history of the Nightmare King, Nefarion, history began to change around them as Professor Splinters turned into a servant of Kaos. Eruptor was about to attack the evil Splinters when Master Eon teleported them back to his citadel and explained that Kaos went back in time and changed the past.

Once there, the three Skylanders came under attack by the Forest of Fire and were saved by the remaining Portal Master, Wizbit. However they were suddenly subdued by the weary Mabu, who was tricked by Kaos into believing that the Skylanders didn't arrive to help him stop King Nefarion.

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However the evil Portal Master deceived Wizbit by delivering him to King Nefarion and revealing the existence of the Bomb. Kaos then sent a rocky cave-in upon Eruptor, Slam Bam and Grim Creeper to bury them alive before retreating.

meet the skylanders eruptor coloring

Thanks to Slam Bam's ice sculpture, they were able to keep the rocks at bay for a while. Grim Creeper quickly shifted into his ghost form and was able to phase through the rocks to find help at Nefarion's castle. After a series of events, both Eruptor and Slam Bam were teleported out of the cave-in by Wizbit in time to confront Kaos and King Nefarion.

During the struggle, the Skylanders were able to retrieve the Mask of Power and allow Wizbit to scatter the pieces across Skylands. However there was still the threat of the Big Bad Ice Bomb going off. While King Nefarion fled, and Kaos and Glumshanks teleported back to the future, Eruptor sacrificed himself by swallowing the Big Bad Ice Bomb in order to buy his friends time to escape.

With the timeline restored, Master Eon transported the group, including Wizbit, back to the present.

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Both Master Eon and Wizbit then used their power to unfreeze the Eruptor that was first discovered frozen in ice, the same Eruptor who went to the past to stop Kaos. Upon being revived, the lava monster burped up the remains of the Big Bad Ice Bomb which was revealed to be the Fire segment to the Mask of Power. However their victory was far from over, as Master Eon confirmed from the Book of Power that Kaos will indeed succeed in obtaining the full Mask of Power and wear it.

The lava monster's usual red body became blue as his lava veins became frozen, causing him to shiver.

Silver Eruptor Skylanders Figure, Spyro

Eventually the Skylanders were able to defeat Kaos, regain their powers and destroy the Mask of Power. They were few of the Skylanders who witnessed Kaos breaking free of his statue-like form due to his power as a Portal Master. When Kaos noticed the frozen Skylanders and taunted them, Eruptor and the other heroes agreed with Stump Smash when the tree creature angrily declared that if he could move, he'd be 'dropping the hammer' on Kaos right there and then.

Afterwards, the present Skylanders could do nothing but watch as Kaos returned to Skylands with the use of a nearby Portal of Power. Relationships Slam Bam Despite their elemental differences, both Eruptor and Slam Bam are firm friends, united in their fight against the forces of the Darkness.

meet the skylanders eruptor coloring

Avril often tries to talk sense into Eruptor, though seemingly with little success. Likewise, Eruptor thinks that many of Avril's ideas are crazy. The extent of their relationship suggests that they may not like each other at all, like when Eruptor called Avril "frost face" and Avril accused Eruptor of setting a frozen dungeon on fire which he denied.

Gameplay Eruptor has the power to hurl and spew fireballs of molten rock, and unleash a lava plume all around him like a volcanic eruption. BattlecastEruptor can control magma with a larger range of abilities. With energy cost halfway through, he can create a variety of effects by opening thermal vents and heat waves; notably, he can also turn Gear into Molten Metal by using Metalmorphosis and submerging it in lava.