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Rollerball is in this list somewhere – but how high did it reach? Set in a near- future Los Angeles (4 July ) as it stands on the brink of some .. One sign that a franchise has lost its way is when they start having to give subtitles to the films. . You've got Meet The Spartans meets a Pet Shop Boys video. Rating:Votes: Movie Name: Meet the Spartans Rated: Runtime: 86 min Awards . Prince Of Persia Movie poster Metal Sign Wall Art 8in x 12in Netflix, Mike Newell . Machete Kills FULL MOVIE Sub English. Available on Prime. Sense and Sensibility () · Available on Prime Captions and subtitles, English [CC] Details. Audio, English. Purchase rights, Stream.

October 30, Format: Prime VideoVerified Purchase I have to admit I'm confounded by the remark from the reviewer who based a poor review on the opinion that this film is "not family-friendly" or "not for children," as I'm mystified why anyone would think that "Wuthering Heights" in any adaptation was a story for children. There sometimes seems to be a general misperception that just because a novel was written in the 19th century and is considered a literary classic, that it's somehow appropriate for all ages.

Charlotte Riley comes very close to my idea of Cathy, at least physically. If she's not as "bratty" as she is in the novel, as other reviewers have pointed out, that's perhaps on the screenwriters, not on Ms. Riley, as there are some scenes in the novel in which kitty definitely shows her claws most notably, flying into a temper and slapping Edgar while he's courting her, leading the reader to wonder why he wants to marry her.

The fact that a few of these scenes have been omitted from the film does seem to result in a Cathy who is perhaps more sympathetic than she should be. Tom Hardy doesn't disappoint as Heathcliff, and plays him very ably, I think, but while I wouldn't base a review on this, he just doesn't look like Heathcliff to me.

It would be awesome to assemble a "Dream Team" of people from a variety of adaptations of "Wuthering Heights" -- my all-time favorite Heathcliff has always been Ralph Fiennes in the TNT TV adaptation, although I would have liked to have seen him paired with someone a little more feral than Juliette Binoche. Michael Keaton plays Jack Frost, a neglectful dad who dies before he has time to prove to his son that he loves him. And now he has to melt the heart of his son before he melts himself.

Sadly a sick bag is not provided. Whether you interpret Mission To Mars as rip-off, homage or subtle piss-take all of which have been proposed there's no way to get round one basic fact: Mission To Mars wants to be a crimson-huedwith a giant face in place of the monolith.

It holds its cards close to its chest and only hints at answers. Well, hey, film studies students, bully for you if you can glean some satisfaction out of the film by deconstructing it that way. The tedious space travel scenes.

Colin Strause, Greg Strause One of the worst nightmares to hit the big screen. Not because Requiem is in any way an efficient horror movie, but because this is everything you feared it could have been; trite, silly, cheap and annoying.

Requiem is totally bereft of ideas — good or bad. The setting this time is one so beloved of cash-conscious SF: As bumbling Riverton security guard John Brown, Godzilla star Matthew Broderick once again plays second fiddle to computer-generated effects. When evil billionaire Sanford Scolex Rupert Everett and his lardy henchman try to steal a top secret invention, Scolex loses a hand and Brown gets blown to pieces.

The comedy is too broad and the extent to which everyone over-acts can be gauged by the fact that Rupert Everett seems positively restrained. Broderick, in particular, misjudges all three of his contrasting incarnations. Stupid, soulless and sick-making.

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There are arguments for going easy on the poor thing: Dog-related puns at every opportunity: The running gag with Underdog trying to come up with a rhyming catchphrase. Donald Petrie The movie equivalent of a drunk with a megaphone telling you a really long and unfunny joke, My Favorite Martian is probably the worst in a very long list of very bad cinematic updates of classic TV comedies.

A comedy in which comedy is replaced by people shouting, waving their eyes and gurning, My Favorite Martian has Christopher Lloyd as a wacky alien for which read, an alien that acts like Christopher Lloyd does in any comedy being taken in by deadbeat journo Tim Jeff Daniels who passes him off as his Uncle Martin. Predictably, said alien initially has no truck with this thing we call emotions, but pretty soon he warms to the world of saliva exchanges and triple-scoop ice cream.

But here they both hit career lows. Instead of the anarchic wit of the Spy Kids films, here we get an overdose of twee wrapped up in cloud of anodyne. When the action moves to the planet Drool, dream logic kicks in. It's like channel hopping gone mad! Richard Kelly You hear that sucking sound? But only after cutting it and recutting it for what seemed an eternity. Set in a near-future Los Angeles 4 July as it stands on the brink of some undefined social, economic and environmental disaster, the film jolts between various random plotlines: With Zardoz he seems to be doing it to try to cover up the fact that this is a very silly sci-fi B-movie at heart.

Not that one look at Sean Connery in a red nappy and porn movie moustache would make you think anything otherwise.

Connery is a savage from the wastelands who hitches a lift inside a giant flying head the savages worship as God back to the Vortex. This is where the Eternals live their decadent lives, knitting lentils, bonking, meditating and no doubt listening to Nana Mouskouri LPs. The film hardly hides anything behind the curtain — certainly not its female breasts — as the rottenness and indolence of the Eternal society is pretty obvious from the start.

Maybe, in the end, Boorman is the wizard, desperately trying to make a naff film look like it means something. It makes the sight of a lot of good-looking naked women look not just unsexy, but disturbing… 24 Thunderbirds Director: Jonathan Frakes The film for which the word travesty was invented. Claims that George Lucas or Michael Bay have ridden roughshod over cherished childhood memories pale into insignificance when compared to the celluloid carnage Jonathan Star Trek Frakes inflicted on Thunderbirds.

Under the mistaken impression that a film for children has to be full of children, Thunderbirds turns a solid gold format into Five Go Hiking On Tracy Island. The older Tracy brothers are turned into a boy band who look about as tough and heroic as the Wiggles and spend most of the film on the sidelines, along with their majestic rescue craft.

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When the familiar theme tune kicks in, it almost seems to be mocking you. The original Spirit tales were humanitarian fables of fate and redemption, the struggles of deadbeat souls seen with a wise, warm eye. The cinematography is sublime, and Miller is talented enough to deliver little sunbursts of beauty. Just watch this clip… http: Instead we got a charmless succession of ever more bloated set-pieces featuring seaside postcard caricatures of The Wolfman, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Frankenstein, et al.

The ghastly CGI revamps of the classic horror monsters. Jeremiah S Chechik The best version of this ill-fated big screen version of The Avengers is the trailer below. It contains clips that never made it into the final film that seem to capture the wacky vibe of the original TV series much better than the final version ever managed.

The plot is incoherent, the action scenes are bungled and the trademark Avengers weirdness is reimagined as slapstick from a Hanna-Barbera cartoon. And you have to wonder about the credentials of any director who casts the eloquent Eddie Izzard in a near silent role. The teddy bear scene. The film is about controlling the weather, so, at a stretch, snowmen might make sense. I'm thinking it must be all the producers of this film know how to do. There's not really a whole lot that can be said about this transfer.

It looks as though it's been shot on high-def video, and designed to mirror the visual aesthetic of an Apatow film.

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And for the most part, the print succeeds. Fleshtones are warm, the image is soft and the palette isn't particularly appealing. The encode itself is fine, with little visual distortion, grain or macroblocking even on the screener disc IGN received.

Alas, there's really nothing here that'll show off the strength of your TV, but the transfer suits the material. While the transfer looks fairly decent, the audio mix is nothing more than a banal, lazy front-loaded stereo experience that hinders the overall experience. Bass is almost never utilized, even during sequences where adding some low-end effects would have made a lot of sense the Grand Theft Auto sequence, for example.

Same goes for rears. There were perhaps a handful maybe four or five times I heard anything from the rear surrounds. What a messy, misguided track. Internet Sex Deity 4 minutes The Teaser: How the Film Got Made 5 minutes Fox provides a few interesting featurettes that actually made me wish the movie were a little better.

Starting things off we've got a general, but well-crafted making-of featurette that explores how the film came together. The interviews are a little canned, but the on-set footage is amusing.