Meet the spartans penguin quotes humor

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meet the spartans penguin quotes humor

At one point in the film, he even fights a penguin after eating a Subway sandwich. No memorable quotes necessarily exist in the film, and the ones that people do Meet the Spartans does have some amount of positive humor but, a very. Well, how about reading some quotes from the movies instead. We have listed Charlie: I have to take a pill every six hours or I feel funny. No big deal. Meet the Spartans () Messenger: . Private the Penguin: Skipper. Shouldn't we. Meet the Spartans Funny Images, Best Funny Pictures, Dragon Ball, Meet, Funny Funny As Hell, Funny Memes, Funny Pics, Jokes, Hilarious Quotes, Hilarious Dank Memes - Detective Pikachu Memes, Club Penguin Memes, The.

Why, what have you heard? Part Deux Ramada Rodham Hayman: I was married before you and I ever met. I'm still married today. You've got to be.

If I was joking, I would say: The bartender says, 'Why the long face?

Meet The Spartans (2008) Movie Script

Knocked Up Alison Scott: Helen said that you needed to see me. I wasn't expecting company. Just doing my workout. Tuesday's arms and back. Well, you asked me to come by, sir. Ohh, it's the deep burn. Oh, it's so deep.

Meet the Spartans

Oh, I can barely lift my right arm 'cause I did so many. I don't know if you heard me counting. I did over a thousand. It's a young woman And she is wearing high heels.

Perhaps a bit too formal for the afternoon. And she has on Is there anyone with you? Are you carrying a pair of high heels in that bag? Not even a small pair of pumps? I'm Yuri, the trainer. And what is it you do, Yuri the trainer? So, you are Yuri the trainer who trains. I think everything must go back to the fact that I had a very anxious childhood. My mother never had time for me. You know, when you're - when you're the middle child in a family of five million, you don't get any attention.

Pinguin VS. Leonidas (from Meet The Spartans)

I mean, how is that possible? Zoolander Derek Zoolander: Why do you hate models, Matilda? I think they're vain, stupid, and incredibly self-centered.

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But how do you feel about male models? Oh that sounds good; melted chocolate inside the dash. That really ups the resale value. I think you'll be okay here, they have a thin candy shell. I think your brain has a thick candy shell. Your brain has the shell on it. International Man of Mystery Vanessa Kensington: Powers, I would never have sex with you, ever!

If you were the last man on earth and I was the last woman on earth, and the future of the human race depended on our having sex, simply for procreation, I still would not have sex with you. What's your point, Vanessa?

meet the spartans penguin quotes humor

Dawn of the Dinosaurs Manny: Guys don't talk to guys about guy problems. To a guy that's like six months therapy! Okay, not funny, but at least it's over After the credits seem to be over, deleted scenes are shown simply to make the movie more than 70 minutes. During the deleted scenes, Dane Cook, George W. Bush, Tom Cruise, and Ellen Degeneres are also knocked in the hole. The joke is done 10 times over. The two extremely untalented writers of this mess want to include every movie possible, and mention every celebrity they can, and include any show they can cram in.

There are 3 instances of celebrity panels judging the Spartans in this, and it's not like it was a running joke either. It was just lack of ideas. Much of the celebrity humor was just the celebrities pointing out their character traits.

meet the spartans penguin quotes humor

Paris Hilton, who is in a few scenes, but ultimately disappears with no point, talks about her jail time. Brittany Spears acts crazy. Lindsey Lohan gets out of rehab. Tyra Banks shows her cellulite. And every other celebrity that is made fun of, has the exact same role.

Also, there is a joke in poor taste. When Leonidas is going to be killed by a talking penguin, it says, "Say hi to Anna Nicole Smith for me. References to TV were thrown around, usually making no sense and totally pointless. Ugly Betty is the oracle. The movies were also thrown about all over so people in the audience could say, "Duh, I know what they're referencing. It made no sense why it was thrown in here. That's how I felt about pretty much every part of this movie though.