Meet the top 20 most beautiful celebrities without makeup

24 Photos Of Celebrities With And Without Their Makeup

meet the top 20 most beautiful celebrities without makeup

Check out these 24 female celebrities who look incredible dolled-up, but doesn 't mind getting caught by the paparazzi without makeup on. . Sofia Vergara: She's hands down one of the most beautiful somethings in Hollywood. Katie Holmes: Being in the business since her late teens, we've. Look at the top 50 all time most beautiful women in the world. She is one of the highest paid actresses in the world. .. Date of Birth: February 20, ; Place of Birth: Saint Michael Parish, Barbados; Height: m; Profession: Singer .. [ See: Top 10 Latest Pictures of Sonam Kapoor Without Makeup ]. Who is the most beautiful K-Pop idol without makeup? . and she is also announced to be the first Korean female celebrity to reach over one.

She is a living goddess. Just by simply looking at these pictures, we can easily tell that Sandara is a natural beauty.

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Since she became a rising star in the Philippines, until she became a member of the girl group, 2NE1, and up to now, her face doesn't seem to age. She perfectly maintained her smooth skin and healthy-looking face. Even without wearing makeup, she is still beautiful. When it comes to entertainment experience, Sandara deserves recognition for being a true idol.

Not only a popular icon in Korea, she is also popular in Asia and even worldwide. She is seen as one of the most influential icons in the Philippines, not only for her beauty, but even more for her talent.

She has a very smooth and flawless skin, and her smile is simply captivating. There is no big difference in her makeup face and no makeup face. Yura is also confident in her skin, as she bravely appeared on some shows while revealing her fresh and beautiful bare face. My skin is the only feature that I feel confident about. While some of the new K-Pop groups are suffering from negative stories about their pre-debut life, Jisoo is definitely not among them.

It is revealed that during middle school, Jisoo was good-natured, nice, and pretty. She did fall asleep a lot in class and had good relationships with classmates. She is bright and funny, and she smiles like a puppy, which is super cute! It's almost impossible not to fall for this adorable and sweet lady, especially when she smiles. Actually, her naked face looks sweeter and lovelier!

Just by simply looking at her face, you'll know that Jisoo is a beautiful lady inside and out.

meet the top 20 most beautiful celebrities without makeup

She is also seen as a role model for many girls around the world. Who wouldn't inspire everyone with her beautiful look and intelligent mind? Her face is as pretty as a doll - her skin is so clear, and her eyes are round and big which makes her face so irresistibly cute. Besides her position as the lead vocalist of the group, she is also labeled as the face of the group because of her attractive beauty. But Hani is not just popular because of her face alone.

She is also known to have a brilliant mind. She has an IQ score of and aspires to become a Psychologist. She is also a competitive swimmer since elementary, who specialized in butterfly, backstroke and fin swimming. Yoona Girls' Generation Probably one of the most famous, most popular, and most beautiful female icons in the world of K-Pop is Yoona of Girls' Generation.

Labeled as the prettiest and the goddess of the group, Yoona is seen as the ideal girl by many fans. As we can see, Yoona is definitely beautiful with or without makeup, as her bare face doesn't look very different from her camera face.

Even her pre-debut photos shows that she is free from plastic surgery and she is a natural beauty. She is also nicknamed as the 'CF Queen' due to her numerous commercials. Krystal fx Another natural beauty of K-Pop is Krystal from the girl group, f x. She has a fierce but sweet looking face that gives an impression of a lady who used to grow in a rich and exclusive environment.

Her elegant beauty can also be transformed into cute and lovely. Her natural face doesn't seem so far from her makeup face, which proves that Krystal's beauty is not fake. Her pretty face runs in the family, as it is also seen in her sister, Jessica.

Apart from being the lead vocalist of the group, she is also known for her talent in figure-skating, while being praised by Kim Yuna as a natural 'ice dancer'.

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She is also an actress, playing various supporting roles which is hard to forget, such as playing the spoiled Lee Bo-na in The Heirs. Apart from her group activities, she is also popular as an actress. Her immense success brought her several awards and recognition, and she is also announced to be the first Korean female celebrity to reach over one million followers on Twitter.

meet the top 20 most beautiful celebrities without makeup

At a young age, she had proven herself talented in the entertainment world by being a popular icon not only in Korea, but also in Asia and even around the world. She has plenty of it from everyone else.

24 Pictures Of Famous Women With And Without Makeup

Her natural self shines through. Without the makeup, I feel she really stands out in all the best possible ways. When Rihanna wears makeup, she focuses heavily on her beautiful eyes and draws attention to them with dramatic eye makeup.

She often pairs that dramatic makeup with a bold lipstick. Because her eyes and her lips are her strongest features. Why not make them stand out? Jessica Biel Jessica Biel is kind of weird.

Justin Timberlake is a very, very lucky man. Ciara Ciara is a beautiful woman and that beauty is there with makeup and without it. I think her confidence is really what makes her most attractive though and in the photo without makeup she looks every bit as confident as she looks with makeup. Demi Lovato Demi has gone through some things, to put it mildly, since she rose to fame but she has come through it beautifully.

She looks stunning in both photos. She is just as beautiful without makeup as she is with makeup. This woman is the definition of natural beauty — looking every bit as beautiful without makeup as she does with it. There was no way I could make this list without putting Isabel on it. The same cannot be said for the next lady on our list.

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