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Rob Ford: Think Ukip voters are obsessed with Europe? an abandonment of the Cameron project and more red meat on crime, migration and. She met Bolton at a Ukip Christmas lunch last year. "There was no major initial attraction," she says. "We had a brief chat and a photo. He said. Documentary following the UKIP party faithful in Thanet, Kent.

There was of course no follow-up — an investigation as to what might happen if the staggeringly witless, almost mentally infirm, Greens won a majority. Presumably because Channel 4 think that it would be absolutely marvellous if they did so.

I look forward to Meet the Labourites — a documentary set in a certain east London constituency — perhaps while they are stuffing the ballot boxes, intimidating voters and carrying out the occasional bit of ad hoc female genital mutilation. Then there are the debates, the election debates. Again, Ukip has been carved up. There will be one debate between seven party leaders, which nobody will watch because such a format is close to meaningless.

Nobody south of Gretna Green wants to hear the views of that bizarrely arrogant munchkin Nicola Sturgeon. But the Prime Minister does not have to take part in debates and with the exception of Gordon Brown, all prime ministers previously have refused to take part in any at alland feels himself entitled to call the shots.

It is the connivance of the media that grates a little, frankly. In other words, it is not the regular Tory voters who Farage has won over, but the distrait floaters. My suspicion is that Ukip has taken just about all that it can from the Tory vote and that its most profitable target now is northern Labour voters. That is why Ukip held its last party conference in Doncaster. Second, Marney, several weeks earlier, had drunk-bantered over text with "a Right-wing Tory guy, Iranian bloke, who I considered a friend".

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He was winding her up about Ukip being "Left-wing" and her texts were, she claims, a parody of an ultra-racist Ukipper. The second her relationship with Bolton became public, the texts did too. Marney insists she's not a racist: On any subject her views sound like an off-the-peg provocation. He'll say 'sorry love' and go away" ; harassment in offices "works two ways" "there's always an office flirt and more often than not it's a woman". Wolf-whistling is "a compliment", people who slept with someone for a film part are "silly" although, "obviously rape is an awful thing".

She believes that to celebrate the structure-breaking achievements of, say, Sadiq Khan or Barack Obama, is "putting them on a pedestal". Bolton must be ecstatic - she's basically a bloke from the Fifties with a year-old woman's body. She even undermines herself. One minute she asserts she doesn't want to "portray myself as a victim", the next she's whingeing that she's been called "topless model".

I've got some skimpy photos, but Kate Moss does pictures with her top off and she's not a topless model," she says.

Obviously the racist bit upset her as well. But then I said what was said, so, okay. They care about the racism. If I'd killed someone, I don't think I could've got any more attention.

I couldn't go outside or near windows. At one point Bolton feared she was close to suicide. I'd dread waking up. Every day the Ukip press officers would say: Everyone has phones with cameras," she says.

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Henry went to the supermarket. People thought I was in Disneyland. On one occasion she was smuggled out in a suitcase.

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Other times she disguised herself in heavy coats and hats. We are actually the same size, so I have gone out wearing his suits. Henry's very slim actually. Gradually domestic scenes have overtaken the haughty pouts and poses on her Instagram. But is she mature enough to be in love? They fight "like cat and dog" she says.

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He hates her wearing baseball caps because, "they make me look too young and he feels embarrassed". But they also seem to be inseparable and she sees few other friends. Her mum Jayne 61 is unfazed by Bolton's age, but "there's a few little niggles", Marney admits. I did feel sorry, you've got to as a woman - we've all been there.

Obviously it's harder with kids, but you need to be realistic. We don't live in a fairytale world, people split up. My parents divorced when I was about three. Kids that age, they are very resilient.