Meet the westbrooks parents

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meet the westbrooks parents

On 'Meet the Westbrooks,' Internet Fame Turns Real [INTERVIEW] We're branding ourselves off of what we see from our father, an. Crystal who is the fifth child in the family, grew up in California with her parents Warren and Candice Westbrooks, alongside her six siblings; two brothers and. Meet the First Family of Social Media; India, Crystal, Bree, Morgan & Brooke While the first season of “The Westbrooks” was airing on BET featuring . Between being a mother to 3 young children, a reality tv show star and.

Though the rumors were not confirmed and she has not disclosed who her new boyfriend is and we hope to find out soon. Instagram India Westbrooks is very popular personality on Instagram, Vine and Twitter and she currently has more than 3.

India Westbrooks has a lot of tattoos all over her body including religious tattoos. Check out 25 India Love tattoos and their locations below: India Love stands at 5 feet 3 inches, slightly below the average height for a typical American woman. Interesting Facts about India Westbrooks Name: India Love Westbrooks Date of birth: You will have friends and enemies that will stab you in the back, so I advise families to stick together. Know who your family is and love each other.

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At the end of the day, that is all you have. For the young women who look up to you all, what is one piece of advice you can give them?

meet the westbrooks parents

Confidence is very important. Nobody cares until you win, so win. As long as you love what you do, then got for it.

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That is what I feel like I did. I just went for it. What is one thing about the Westbrook family that nobody would know about you guys? You see a lot in the show. We are a big Christian family. We pray and go to church. My mom always dabs us on the head with holy oil.

meet the westbrooks parents

Jesus got our family. What was it like growing up as sisters? Was there ever tension in the house? It was really fun. Morgan beat all our a—es. What kind of legacy do you want to leave? I want to empower women a lot more. I want them to see from the show how my sisters and I empower each other. Her oldest kid is already married, while her youngest kid is a school pupil. Candy is a housewife. Candy has been married to Warren for more than 30 years. India Westbrooks siblings Bree Westbrooks older sister https: She is not afraid to demonstrate her curves, and it inspires other women with some extra weight to feel comfortable in their body.

Bree is not married, but she has a son Tyler, born in Nowadays Bree is dating another man. A rumor has it, they have recently engaged.

meet the westbrooks parents

Sisters Westbrooks are compared to sisters Kardashians. That means that their series can become their trampoline to stardom.

meet the westbrooks parents

She advertises apparel and food products through the Instagram account. As for now, Bree has more thanInstagram followers, which makes her a desirable person for various kinds of endorsements. Westbrooks grew up in Corona, CA.

She attended Ottawa University and studied business in the University of California. In her teens Bree was fond of basketball.

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Brooke Westbrooks older sister https: She is not married, but has a long-term boyfriend, with whom she has kids. Westbrook studied business at Los Angeles Valley College. She makes cash as a model and a promoter. Crystal Westbrooks older sister https: According to Crystal, she leads simple way of life.