Meet the yankees players 2015

Subway Series, Yankees at Mets: Eight things to know -

meet the yankees players 2015

Meet Greg Bird, the Yankees' Latest Budding Superstar Kuntz, who left the Yankees last year to become the director of player relations for only Lucas Duda would have a lower ground ball rate among big leaguers. NEW YORK -- The Yankees entered riddled with uncertainty. non-waiver Trade Deadline while the Yankees passed, preferring to keep young players like Greg Bird and Luis Severino. .. Harper, Nats met for 5 hours during holidays. The Yankees made a trade with the Marlins today, so who are the for the team, but the players from the Marlins definitely offer some.

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They'll miss his bat this weekend, no doubt about it. That said, Rodriguez seems to have benefited greatly each time he has had multiple days off in a row in Here are his combined numbers in the five games immediately following two or more consecutive non-starts this season: The Yankees head to Toronto for that huge series with the Blue Jays after their series with the Mets.

meet the yankees players 2015

They won't have A-Rod this weekend, but they will have a rested A-Rod against the Jays, and that's a pretty big deal.

Harvey is approaching his innings limit, whatever it may be. You may have heard about this, but Matt Harvey is rapidly approaching his workload limit for the season. There was a big hullabaloo about it days ago.

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The Mets have devised a plan to ensure Harvey doesn't throw too many innings in the regular season and is thus available in the postseason, and Sunday is one of the final regular season games he will be allowed to pitch. That's a bit of a problem. There's been some speculation Harvey's start Sunday will be restricted, meaning the team will pull him after, say, four or five innings regardless of pitch count.

The Mets are in "get ready for the postseason" mode right now, and if that means cutting Harvey's start short against the Yankees in a nationally televised game, so be it. The Mets rotation has been quietly mediocre over the last month. No team in baseball has as much impressive young pitching as the Mets.

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Remember, they have Zack Wheeler too. He's on the mend following Tommy John surgery.

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Bartolo Colon and Jonathon Niese are tasked with being the veteran mentors. Despite all those impressive arms, the Mets rotation has been quietly mediocre over the last month.

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It's flown under the radar. Their rotation has a 4. Bird was drafted in the fifth round inand even that undersells him: More importantly, Maas was 25 in his debut season and Spencer was The 6-foot-3 Bird, who was drafted as a catcher but moved almost immediately because of health concerns and his height, is still The earlier a player makes it to the majors, the better his long-term outlook. Bird seems focus-tested and tailored to appeal to the get-off-my-lawn subset of any baseball fan base: Bird gives himself a good chance to go deep with a swing that leads to a lot of elevation.

But the shift is less of a threat to him than it is to other lefty sluggers, because only If Bird had enough at-bats to qualify, only Lucas Duda would have a lower ground ball rate among big leaguers. Even after his MVP performance in the Arizona Fall League, only a pair of prominent prospect rankers bumped him up this spring: Tony Blengino, a former Brewers and Mariners analyst who now writes for FanGraphs, generates simple prospect rankings based on statistical performance relative to level and league.

2015 Subway Series, Yankees at Mets: Eight things to know

But with league and division realignment inHouston was placed in the American League West. This season, they finished second to the Texas Rangers in the AL West, clinching the second wild card playoff spot on the final day of the regular season.

This will be the first trip to the postseason for the franchise since they went to the World Series as National League champions.

meet the yankees players 2015

For the Yankees, the postseason is expected every year in the Bronx. When your team has won 27 World Series championships, the fans routinely block out all other October plans for baseball. The one-game Wild Card playoff will mark the 52nd time the Yankees will play in the American League postseason.

They last won the World Series in As for the game itself, Houston will send left-handed pitcher Dallas Keuchelwith the "House of David" beard, to the mound in Yankee Stadium. For the record, the "House of David" was a Christian religious sect in Michigan that was established early in the 20th century.