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puddle of mudd meet the band

Puddle of Mudd Rock group The history of Puddle of Mudd's rise to tape, but he liked what he heard and wanted the band to go to Los Angeles to meet him. List of all Puddle of Mudd tickets and tour dates for Puddle of Mudd are a four piece alternative rock band, heavily influenced by grunge, hailing from. Check out Puddle of Mudd tour schedule, live reviews, photos, and details. I got to meet almost all the bands and the line up was great and I got some.

The group gained some notoriety in Kansas City and locally released two CDs—Stuck in and Abrasive in —in an effort to garner attention from a major record label.

The band came up with its name after severe flooding turned the entire first floor of their rehearsal space, which was located next to the Missouri Riverinto one big puddle of mud.

Puddle of Mudd

In the members of the band had decided to call it quits, and Scantlin was ready to move to New OrleansLouisianato manage his girlfriend's career as a stripper and to work in his cousin's bar. But before he headed south, Scantlin decided to accept his friend's invitation to go to the Family Values concert in Kansas Cityfeaturing Limp Bizkit and Korn.

While there, he used a fake pass to get backstage at the show, where he met a security guard for Limp Bizkit.

Scantlin gave the guard a copy of his band's demo tape to give to Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst, who was starting his own record label. After the show, Scantlin continued with his plan to move to New Orleans. He was on his way when he received a phone call from a friend who told him that Durst had left messages trying to reach him.

Durst had not only listened to Scantlin's tape, but he liked what he heard and wanted the band to go to Los Angeles to meet him. Durst's interest didn't convince the former members to regroup, so Scantlin went to Los Angeles alone. Scantlin, with Durst's help, recruited a new group that included bassist Douglas Ardito, guitarist Paul Phillips, and drummer Greg Upchurch.

puddle of mudd meet the band

Ardito, who grew up in Bedford, Massachusetts, had previously played with a band called Cellophane. Up-church, from Kingston, Oklahomahad performed with Chris Cornell on his Euphoria Morning tour and was a former member of the band Eleven.

Puddle of Mudd — American Alt Rock Band

Phillips, from Jacksonville, Floridaknew Durst from the local music scene there and was asked to audition. We clicked really quickly, which was cool. After getting the call from Durst, Paul decided to try out for Puddle of Mudd and was accepted, choosing to leave college in order to join. The band held auditions for a new drummer and selected Greg Upchurchwho was an ex-member of Eleven and had also toured with Chris Cornell.

Puddle Of Mudd - Stoned

Puddle of Mudd released its major-label debut album Come Clean on August 28, The lead single from the album, " Control " was successful. The song was also used in the game Ace Combat 5published by Namco.

The album was certified triple platinum in the U. The album sold below expectations. Although shortly after its release, the record was certified gold and to date, has sold overcopies. Famous —08 [ edit ] On October 9,the band released their third major label record, Famous. The first single, "Famous", was leaked through the band's Myspace page and radio in July before the CD was released.

Another track, "Merry Go Round", was released through iTunes before the official release. In the spring ofthe band went on tour supporting Hinder and Papa Roach on the Door to Dorm tour. Around this time the band recruited Famous producer Brian Howes to begin recording a new record in Vancouver. Prior to the new album's release, band members said the album's name would be called 'Jacket on the Rack'.

Released on December 8, it has gone on to sell aroundcopies. On February 10,a new song, "Shook Up the World", was released. All proceeds from the song went to Team USA.

puddle of mudd meet the band

Jacksonville Burn Season frontman, Damien Starkeytook his place.