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Two gold awards and one honourable mention for Montreal Math Circle students at .. After 10 years of excellent service and leadership by Henry Kim and Robert a CRM-ISM Postdoctoral Fellow), before joining McGill University as faculty in . Math Circle wins first place in Canada at Purple Comet Math Contest. Download Purple comet math meet the first ten years pdf file: .pw/download? file=purple+comet+math+meet+the+first+ten+years+pdf+file. Three years ago I discovered the Purple Comet contest @ omarcafini.info I had few at the last 10 minutes who had reached their limit for the day . First lets remove the unneeded lines and split the parallelogram in half. omarcafini.info potw//English/omarcafini.info with a fairly.

The Temberley-Lieb algebras are a family of associative algebras appearing in mathematics, for example in the study of tangles and their invariants, and in mechanical statistics where some of their elements capture the Boltzmann weights of several two-dimensional models.

purple comet math meet the first ten years pdf merge

The fusion product has certain characteristics of the tensor product of two representations of a group algebra, but it differs in that the two initial representations and the result of their product are generally the representations of three distinct algebras.

Many hypotheses conjecture that a particular fusion product on Temperley-Lieb algebras should capture the properties of a similar product in algebras of vertex operators and in conformal field theories.

They therefore add a rigorous argument, be it partial, in support of these hypotheses. His Master's in physics, under the supervision of Manu Paranjape, earned him fourth place in the Awards for Essays on Gravitation competition by the Gravity Research Foundation. He shall soon defend his thesis, written under Yvan Saint-Aubin's supervision. Middle school team from Montreal Math Circle wins first place in Canada at Purple Comet Math Contest Posted Tuesday, April 26, Mentored by Ildiko Pelczer at the Montreal Math Circle, a team of middle school students,and a team of high school students participated this month for the first time in the International mathematical contest named Purple Comet.

Congratulations go to the members of the team: Wise is the recipient of the Jeffery-Williams Prize. Wise is widely recognized as one of the top geometric group theorists in the world, and the best of his generation.

His work has had a profound impact, not only in the immediate subject of geometric group theory, but also playing a key role in the solution of outstanding open problems in the theory of 3-manifolds. One of Wise's major achievements is his work on special cube complexes, and quasi-convex hierarchies of hyperbolic groups.

The importance and originality of Wise's work have been recognized through several major awards, most notably an invited address at the International Congress of Mathematicians and the Veblen Prize of the American Mathematical Society, the most prestigious prize that is awarded in geometry and topology -- Wise is the first Canadian mathematician to have received the Veblen Prize since its inception in In he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

Wise received his Ph. Berkeley in and H. Wang Assistant Professor at Cornell University from The Jeffery-Williams Prize was inaugurated to recognize mathematicians who have made outstanding contributions to mathematical research. Congratulations to Allison Tsypin of Pointe Claire: Allison is the first student from Quebec to be admitted into this competitive program. To help defray some of the camp expenses, airfare, U.

A challenging and exciting area of investigation in probability and statistical physics is to mathematically define and study random energy landscapes. As in the case of a river system, an extraordinarily large number of these models turn out to have an underlying branching structure.

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One of the aims of Addario-Berry's research is to investigate the structure and scaling limits of typical and exceptional paths in probabilistic discrete models and in their scaling limits, and in particular in systems containing a phase transition or exhibiting some form of tree-like behaviour.

Addario-Berry received his Ph.

Awarded by the Canadian Mathematical Societythe Coxeter-James Prize was inaugurated in to recognize young mathematicians who have made outstanding contributions to mathematical research. De Koninck has worked to promote mathematics and mathematics education for more than 40 years, both within the scholarly community as well as through many and varied outreach programs engaging students, teachers and the public at large such as SMAC.

Each year the Fields Institute selects a candidate from a group of individuals that have shown great enthusiasm for enhancing the learning environment and displaying novel ways of teaching mathematics.

Our congratulations go out to Professor De Konnck for this outstanding recognition! Twareque completed his doctoral studies in mathematical physics at the University of Rochester in Twareque pursued research in many areas of mathematics, mostly in analysis, functional analysis, and quantum mechanics. He published his work with numerous scientists around the world in over research articles and in a number of books.

He was always studying and preparing lectures, now wavelets, now differential geometry, now group theory. His presentations were structured, lucid, interesting, deep, and, before the fashion of electronic displays, by means of perfectly clear handwriting on the blackboard.

He was himself impressively erudite with an eclectic taste that included history, philosophy and literature, and the mastery of at least five European languages in addition to Bengali and Hindi, and some Farsi and Arabic. He was extremely generous and engendered enormous affection in his students and colleagues. He had an amusing story or anecdote for almost every occasion — often related to other mathematicians he knew from his extensive travels — and had a repertoire of funny jokes that naturally prompted his distinctive laughter.

His inspiring presence and cheerful demeanor will be sorely missed by us all. The ISM's 25th anniversary! It is thanks to the contributions of all members of the ISM, professors and institutions, that we can carry out our mission so successfully and continue to take on new challenges. To mark this important anniversary, we will be organizing several outreach activities to reach a broader public and launching a fundraising campaign.

It has also been central to the resolution of major open problems such as Waldhausen's virtual Haken conjecture and Baumslag's famous conjecture which states that every one-relator group with torsion is residually finite. Over the past 40 years, the works of Thurston and Waldhausen have been central to the development of 3-manifold topology and hyperbolic geometry. The work of Wise followed a totally different direction, which he developed with exceptional insight and virtuosity over more than 15 years, leading to the spectacular results mentioned above.

The profound impact and originality of Wise's work have been recognized through major awards, most notably the Veblen Prize of the American Mathematical Society, which he shared in with Ian Agol Berkeley. He delivered an invited address at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Seoul and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in Canada, also in Arguin obtained his M.

Arguin's research interests lie in probability theory and its applications to mathematical physics and other fields. One of his most spectacular breakthroughs came in a series of joint papers with Anton Bovier and Nicola Kistler on the extreme values of branching Brownian motion.

The impact of the methods developed by Arguin and his collaborators goes beyond probability theory. In particular, Arguin, Belius and Harper have applied this approach to probe the conjecture of Fyodorov, Hiary and Keating stating that the maxima of the Riemann zeta function on a bounded interval of the critical line have statistics similar to branching Brownian motion. In an earlier work with Aizenman, Arguin developed a new approach to a long-standing open problem in statistical mechanics now referred to as the Parisi Ultrametricity Conjecture.

The conjecture is about a large class of interacting particle systems, called spin glasses.

purple comet math meet the first ten years pdf merge

The ideas of Aizenman and Arguin were central to the construction of a rigorous theory of spin glasses, notably in the work of Panchenko, who proved the Ultrametricity Conjecture in the most general case in The circle aims at bringing pleasure and confidence to children while doing mathematics. The induction ceremony will be held in Victoria, British Columbia, on November For additional information, see here.

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Guillaume Roy-Fortin has been awarded the Carl Herz Prize for his contributions to the study of Laplace eigenfunctions on Riemannian surfaces. He investigated the link between the size of the nodal sets and the average local growth of eigenfunctions. Sodin, and Guillaume succeeded to prove an important result that has been announced by these authors. The approach used by Roy-Fortin involved a combination of "hard analysis" e.

Carleman estimates with other techniques, such as the theory of quasi-conformal mappings and integral geometry. The problem studied by Guillaume is closely related to the celebrated Yau's conjecture on the size of the nodal sets of eigenfunctions, which is one of the most outstanding open problems in geometric spectral theory. He will soon defend his Ph. You can congratulate him there in anyone of the five languages he speaks fluently.

purple comet math meet the first ten years pdf merge

She will serve a three-year term. Stancu obtained her PhD in Mathematics in from the University of Rochester with the solution to a conjecture posed by Jean Taylor.

A member of the CRM Analysis Laboratory, her research focuses on convex geometry, curvature flows, and isoperimetric-type problems.

Carl Herz Scholarship nomination deadline: March 30, Posted Monday, March 30, The Carl Herz Prize, awarded annually, recognizes a research contribution to mathematics or statistics made by a doctoral student registered at one of the ISM members universities whose supervisor is a member of an ISM scientific group. The prize is awarded by a committee of internationally renowned mathematicians who are members of the ISM. The 40 awardees in Mathematics for four from Canadian universities and the rest from the United States are distinguished mathematicians at all levels of their respective careers.

ISM Summer Scholarships deadline: Weekly meetings will be organized for Rochester area school-age students for math enrichment and for national math competitions preparation. Topics will differ from meeting to meeting. Each meeting will provide a unique experience for the students, where we will provide different opportunities, including activities, puzzles, lectures, competitions, and guest speakers.

It is suggested that students understand the basics of mathematics add, subtract, multiply, divide, etc before joining any level. Club Levels The information below will help you determine which level to join. Tests have also been created scroll down to help you make a stronger decision.

This level is recommended for elementary school-aged students with a mathematics passion, but have not yet participated in any math enrichment outside of school as listed above.

The next contest will take place April 2 - April 11, 2019.

This level is recommended for elementary school-aged students who have participated in one or more of the math opportunities listed above, or students in middle school who have not participated in outside math opportunities. We will also dive into interesting phenomena that can be explained using math. This level is recommended for elementary school-aged students who have participated in math opportunities and students in middle school who have participated in one or more outside math opportunities.

Hands-on activities will be used to introduce each meeting. This level is recommended for middle school-aged students who have participated in many math opportunities, or students in high school who have participated in one or more outside math opportunities.