Push stars meet me at the fair lyrics

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push stars meet me at the fair lyrics

Lyrics to Keg on My Coffin by The Push Stars from the Paint the Town album shows in Boston, then released their first album, "Meet Me at the Fair" in More details regarding Chris Trapper and his notable career as a prominent singer-songwriter. There is a smart, honest quality to the lyrics that never panders. and self-releasing their debut CD "Meet Me at the Fair", The Push Stars. Written by Chris Trapper Transcribed by Gerrit (omarcafini.info) As performed by The Push Stars on Meet Me At The Fair Well I thought about you all last.


A trio of non-threateningly scruffy alterna-pop minstrels, singing songs about love and loss, hope and heartbreak, joy and despair — the lyrics humorously literate, the vocals pleasantly ragged, the production lightly polished.

On the musical spectrum, they fall somewhere between, say, The Replacements and mid-period Goo Goo Dolls — not as sloppy or cynical as the former, not as uneven as the latter. Though their cast of characters is similar — hard-drinking, well-meaning losers who live in small, forgotten towns, clinging to childhood dreams and days gone by — Push Stars frontman Chris Trapper gives them a wry sense of humor and fills them with fragile hope.

The result is a sort of uneven beauty that is rarely less than enjoyable, and is often quite moving. Trapper is a gifted songwriter, blessed with equal helpings of empathy and wit, and he seems to be just warming up.

push stars meet me at the fair lyrics

Two of these labels, Interscope and Giant, were hugely successful right off the bat; of those two, Interscope remains a big player. The rest of the major indies faded pretty quickly. Hey, I've been thinking of a song this whole day and I can't find it anywhere, its kinda slow and it goes something like this: Best I recall was that it was on debut album by an up and coming guitar wiz.

First stanzas be like: You can tell me the news, that we were born to lose But when she calls my name you know I can't refuse I don't mind You can sit and stare, as if you didn't care But when she calls my name it's like a love affair I don't mind The "I don't mind" is repeated throughout and that is actually what's written on the label of a cassette with this song taped off the radio, but that was just a guess at the time.

Emillie Rolland 03 January Song starts with these lyrics: I'm feeling good today posted up in the upper lane? Why can't we feel, like this forever. That's all I could understand and its crazy how google is not helpful. They released their third -- and most popular -- CD "Opening Time" during the spring of Trapper's indie work ethic was evident and the touring was relentless.

Push Stars fans were devoted, loyal, growing exponentially and most importantly, organically. The Push Stars embraced the opportunity and successfully won over thousands of stadium fans across North America. There are no gimmicks. There is no marketing scheme. These are the caliber of people who genuinely feel and play from the heart. It is no surprise that devoted fans had come from far and wide to see them.

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The solo CD's exist as a natural byproduct -- unique in their conception and execution. They belong as part of The Push Stars repertoire and the fans make the transition with ease. Trapper's first solo effort released on the artists' own Starlit Records "Songs from the Drive-In" displays his talent for making radio-friendly music that treads the line between Top 40 rock and grassroots folk.

push stars meet me at the fair lyrics

Beneath the sunny melodic surface, there is a darker side to the songwriting. The result is a much more personal-sounding collection of songs - a throwback to his days as a lone folkie on the Boston scene.

Trapper spins small-town tales of death, joy, and remembrance in stripped-down, mostly acoustic arrangements that put the focus on his formidable storytelling talents.

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As in true folk music, the charm is in the details. For many years, throughout Boston and southern New England, the Wolverine Jazz Band has been entertaining devotees of traditional and Dixieland jazz.

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Their musical contribution to Chris Trapper's "Gone Again" is remarkable and instantly memorable. The CD was recorded "live" without computer technology and is infinitely better for it. Trapper's pop leanings, which are so boldly in the forefront in his usual outfit, the Push-Stars, are here couched in the sensitive and swinging accompaniment of banjo, tuba, clarinet, trumpet and trombone.