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Isabel tells Kyle she won't play jokes on Max or dreamwalk girls with him anymore. Isabel finds him crying and he tells her Tess is pregnant. Isabel uses her powers to make snow fall; Michael tells Max & Isabel that he has been helping Maria & Liz then shows them the translation of. Meet The Dupes "With You" - Linkin Park In the very beginning of the episode when "The Dupes" are walking down the streets of New York City. All 8 songs featured in Roswell season 2 epsiode 8: Meet the Dupes (1), Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack on.

Meet the Dupes

Liz and Doug enter the Crashdown on the run from the KROZ crew and into the scene in the dressing room when Maria and the band are introduced to the scout from the record company. The song sung by Maria at the concert near the end of the episode. Song is by Phil Collins. Euphoria - "Delirium" TV song is the same Played: At the beginning of the episode, when Maria and Liz are talking by their lockers.

In the very beginning of the episode when Maria is talking to Liz about sticking together unknown song, unknown artist TV song is Bis - "Detour" Played: When Maria and her mom were talking in her bedroom.

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When Michael arrives at Maria's house in the rain. When Michael is hitchhiking. In the Crashdown in the beginning of the episode when Liz drops the bowl of strawberries. When Liz is talking to Maria about seeing images when she and Max kissed. Maria and Liz are riding in the Jetta and discussing what Liz and Max were doing at Michael's apartment before Maria interrupted them.

Addict - "Youth" TV song is the same Played: At the end of the episode as Max and Liz walk back to the Crashdown to find their parents waiting for them.

Angela Via - "Picture Perfect" Played: In the very first scene of the episode in the Crashdown when Max meets Liz. At night in the jeep as Max and Liz are making out.

During the Michael and Maria scene where they are in Michael's apartement on the coach making out. Tess walks up to Alex and Isabel's table at Crashdown. During the scene when Max, Liz, Michael, and Maria were leaving for their date. During the very beginning scene in the Crashdown when the Sheriff comes for coffee and then Tess walks in and Max starts staring at her. When Max is daydreaming of Tess in science class.

Unknown Song - Instrumental Played: When Max says that Liz is the only one at the Crashdown in the rain at night. When Max, Michael, and Isabel are at the Crashdown discussing the camera that they found in Michael's apartment.

But as I watched this episode, I constantly had to pick up my mouth off of the floor. They were hot and the tension was building and exploding as they were drawn to each other and it was breathtaking. Seriously, I was out of breath.

Being blasted off into space and soaring into nothingness.

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Bright lights and strobes of color opening up your senses. The hilarious thing about this episode is Michael and Maria. And after hearing about it from Max, Michael has to experiment as well. Well, not like Liz. They, of course, fake it as long as possible not to be overshadowed by Max and Liz. Perfect, so, of course, this makes things very interesting. I got my popcorn in hand. Max did steal Liz away from him, after all. The two unlikely fellas bond over their mutual adoration of Liz Parker and get drunk.

Kyle is as oblivious as usual to piece together the strangeness, but seeing Max open up and cut loose is so much fun to watch! The question is, why get swept up in the overwhelming feeling of love? Because why the hell not!

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Also, Liz looked absolutely gorgeous in this episode. All I could think of during the episode was: Of course, these two will be the comic relief!

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One couple would foil the other. What I love about Michael and Maria is that Michael is the outsider and has a tough exterior. He needs someone to challenge him and keep him on his toes.

Maria suffers from word-vomit and is a little neurotic. Their relationship totally tones down all of the drama and brings in the laughs. All of a sudden, Liz has taken over and become something of the dominant female.

From a certain perspective, it just looks like the girls are fighting like normal teenage girls do…even like sisters. What Liz means to her.

She has to open herself up more and trust Liz.

Roswell - Season 2 DVD Music Changes

She has to adapt to this new situation. Liz is just falling in love. She just wants to help, because of her love for Max. For her love of all of them. His foster dad is a real son-of-a-gun and uses Michael as a punching bag. He came from the same place as Max and Isabel, yet he gets the crappy lifestyle. Why is this fair? Michael also finds solace in the arms of Maria in this episode and we get to see her home life with her single mom.

Guys seem to come and go including Sheriff Valentiso Maria is going through the normal emotions of a teenage girl when trying to figure out the guy that she likes and her mom is there to remind her to be careful with her heart.

And here is where I began to love Michael. He goes from being the villain and the guy that you better watch out for to a regular man flirting with a woman. The highlight of this episode is Alex. Max and Liz are falling for each other, Maria and Michael have been getting closer, so that leaves Isabel and Alex. However, Alex is now on the outs as his besties have paired off without him.

But Alex is totally out. I guess they just expected him to just not question them. To not be smart enough to figure out that something has been up with these three new friends that Liz and Maria have been hanging out with. Honestly, in my first watch of the series, I discounted Alex as well. I was wrong, though. See, Alex is the conscience of the three humans. What about the public?

The aliens need to be accountable for their actions, because what if they wanted to invade?