Skylanders superchargers meet all the super

Skylanders SuperChargers Game Review

skylanders superchargers meet all the super

Read Common Sense Media's Skylanders SuperChargers review, age rating, and parents guide. Families interested in collecting all the toys associated with this game would need to . Collaboration: cooperation, meeting challenges together, teamwork; Price: $; Pricing Super Smash Bros. Wii U. Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing was released as a standalone title for Wii and the . Upon Lord Stratosfear's defeat, all of the vehicles are upgraded by the let into Skylands by "The Dark Rift Engine", a super powerful Rift Engine, and the Core The Superchargers head to Gladfly Glades, where they meet a strange. *Skylanders Spyro's Adventure portal does not support PvP or Co-op play with SWAP Force Skylanders. With all of Skylands on the verge of collapse, a special team called the SuperChargers has been assembled to LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Your device must meet all minimum requirements to open this product.

The vehicles are aligned by element and terrain type, giving players unique abilities and diverse experiences across different settings throughout the game.

Skylanders Superchargers - All Skylanders Superchargers & All Vehicles on Portal GAMEPLAY

Not only are the vehicles playable in game, but many will have movable parts making the toys fun and playable outside of the game. More Diverse Gameplay — The game delivers a dynamic, story-driven gameplay experience, filled with vehicle-based and on-foot adventure — complete with combat, puzzles, mini games, activities and platforming — all set within a variety of compelling environments.

There will be 20 new vehicles toys that fans can play with that feature a variety of designs and types — race cars, motorcycles, boats, tanks, helicopters, jets, submarines and more.

Stunt, skid, and drift while driving and experiencing high octane combat Sea: Explore underwater seas, race down roaring rapids and ride the surf and waves Sky: Engage in aerial dogfighting and enjoy freedom of flight with degrees of control New and Returning Heroes — A brand-new class of Skylanders, known as SuperChargers are ready to buckle up and throw down in their fight against evil. SuperChargers also have special in-game abilities that help Portal Masters fight Kaos.

Customized Vehicles — In Skylanders SuperChargers, kids explore Skylands like never before by going behind the wheel of powerful, tricked-out vehicles. SuperChargers will have the ability to customize vehicles in-game with super cool modifications and upgradeable weapons.

Skylanders SuperChargers

As players travel throughout the game, they can also discover hidden mods such as a volcanic booster engine that spews lava rocks and jet wings with feathers made of gold.

SuperCharged Combos — For the ultimate gaming experience, players can pair a SuperCharger Skylander with its unique signature vehicle to create a SuperCharged combination, unlocking an exclusive mod that revs up the performance of both the vehicle and character. Fast-Paced Storyline — Fans can immerse themselves in an all-new, high-velocity adventure that ignites imaginations and fuels excitement as they speed through Skylands like never before.

Once that is done, the Skylanders infiltrate a transport ship owned by Count Moneybone where they manage to free Hugo, Cali, and Flynn. Hugo tells them that there are other prisoners on the transport ship that need freeing too. Upon getting topside, Flynn, Cali, and Hugo see a contraption that is "eating the sky. In order to combat it, a special team of Skylanders called the SuperChargers have been assembled to help combat the Sky Eater utilizing special rift engines that utilize the same technology as the portals.

At Motley Meadows, the Skylanders find that it is under the attack of the Sky Eater and they rescue the inhabitants. Back on the transport ship, they work to take out Count Moneybone's fighter ships that are targeting the escape pods that he had activated and asks the Portal Master to bring in help.

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Upon gaining control of the lead ship, they fall back to the Skylander Academy. Kaos learns from Glumshanks that some of the Trolls have been complaining about the Darkness getting bigger from the skies that it eats. Count Moneybone tells Kaos the status on Master Eon's confinement. Hugo discovers that he has the sock of Master Eon. The Skylanders head to the Cloudscraper Mountains to seek out the Cloudbreather Dragon, who can track Master Eon to where he is being held with the scent of the sock.

However, the forces of Kaos have seized the mountain and try to kidnap the Dragon. The Superchargers liberate the dragon just in time.

However, upon arrival, it seems that the place has been overtaken by Kaos, courtesy of Lord Stratosfear. He will not allow the Skylanders to take the bolt, so they must defeat him first.

skylanders superchargers meet all the super

The Skylanders take down the transport ships invading the kingdom and attack Lord Stratosfear's Storm Generator. The Superchargers make it to the outskirts of the Detention Center and learn about the Perspective gates, which shifts gravity according to the position of the gate. Fighting their way though the prison and freeing as many prisoners as possible, Count Moneybone is defeated and Eon is freed.

Kaos then learns of the defeat, but before he can act, the Darkness becomes sentient and proceeds to lead Kaos in the direction he needs. Meanwhile, Master Eon tells the Superchargers that they need to defeat the threat of the Darkness by finding out how the Ancients defeated it the last time; however, the only records of this is in the Spell Punk Library, which only a Spell Punk can navigate.

They decide to seek the author of a book, Pomfrey Le Fuzzbottom in hopes that he can tell them how to complete the Core of Light.

skylanders superchargers meet all the super

Glumshanks tries to talk Kaos out of it, but the Darkness convinces Kaos to fire Glumshanks. Glumshanks, now jobless, leaves the Sky Eater and is taken to the Skylander Academy. Buzz is suspicious of Glumshanks, but agrees to give him a trial basis. The Superchargers head to Gladfly Glades, where they meet a strange collector who promises to give them Fuzzbottom if they can reach him, while shrunk to microscopic size. The Superchargers get to Fuzzbottom, who tells them that the last part of the Core of Light is The Eye of the Ancients, which will turn it into a weapon against the Darkness.

However, it is in possession of a Lobster Titan, and the only way to match the Titan's power is to use the Kolossal Kernel, which is in possession of their old enemy, Cluck, who has also started a fast food chain called Cap'n Cluck's King Size Chicken. However, this is a front for a chicken army, led by Cluck, and financed by the money he gets from selling his chicken, which he is growing with the Kolossal Kernel.

Mags then completes the Core of Light, but Kaos has been warned by the Darkness that the Core of Light has been completed, and attacks the Skylander Academy, destroying the Core of Light for good.

Glumshanks then sacrifices himself so that the Superchargers can escape.